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Chapter 941 - Who Exactly Was Her Mother? (1)

Chapter 941: Who Exactly Was Her Mother? (1)

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So… it was just to ask this.

Mr. Si wasn’t perplexed and was instead relieved. Looking at her for a few moments, he replied, “I’ll send you the address in a short while.”

“Okay,” Zhuang Nainai answered, and silence fell between the two of them once more.

They had never experienced an awkward situation like this before.

Si Zhengting decidedly turned his head and strode away.

It was only when his figure had vanished into the room that Zhuang Nainai heaved a sigh of relief.

The sky had fully darkened by the time Zhuang Nainai arrived at the dingy little house.

Exhausted, she switched on the lights. Picking up her cell phone, she realized that she had two missed calls from Cheng Sizhe and decided to return his calls.

After the line connected, Cheng Sizhe excitedly said, “The Royal Hotel decided to give us a fair chance and they’ve allowed us to bid using our design drafts! The bidding is going to be an open one this time, and the project will go to the party whose design drafts are the best.”

Zhuang Nainai’s eyes brightened upon her hearing this.

The Royal Hotel project was a lucrative one, one that the whole design industry was keeping its eyes on.

But how was she to make her design the best one out of the lot?

Zhuang Nainai was enthusiastic. “Tomorrow, I’ll go to the off—”

But she stopped short all of a sudden, remembering that she had told Xu Dazhi that she was never going to step foot into the office again!

Before she could finish what she had to say, Cheng Sizhe cut in and continued, “I’ve got another piece of bad news for you. Your trusty assistant Xu Dazhi has resigned, and he won’t be coming in for work from tomorrow on.”

“Huh?” Zhuang Nainai had not expected him to resign.

Dazed for a moment, she then heard Cheng Sizhe continue, “Come to the office tomorrow so that we can work overtime and discuss the project. This project is just too important for us!”

Zhuang Nainai nodded. “Alright.”

Zhuang Nainai went to the office the next day. Everyone spent the whole day in meetings, and it was not until six in the evening that they got off work.

After clocking out, Zhuang Nainai didn’t head to see her sons. Instead, she headed toward the address of the villa that Si Zhengting had sent over previously.

She had not seen Ding Mengya ever since her accident, but it wasn’t because of a lack of concern that she hadn’t visited after so long. She had heard from Zuo Yiyi that Ding Mengya was fine, and thus, she had ceased worrying.

More than that, though, she felt that she was too ashamed to see Ding Mengya.

Having misunderstood her for five whole years, Zhuang Nainai bore a great sense of guilt toward her.

Now, she could kill two birds with one stone — other than going to talk to Ding Mengya, she could also see if she was really fine.

Perhaps due to Si Zhengting having preemptively informed the guards about her visit, Zhuang Nainai faced no trouble in getting into the compound.

She successfully entered the villa’s premises, but just when she was about to walk forward, she heard a voice coming from behind her. “Hey, Miss!”

Stunned, she looked around her, only to see no one. But when she turned toward the entrance, she spotted a middle-aged man in a suit waving at her.

Zhuang Nainai had no idea what to say.

She did not know who this man was.

Ignoring him, she continued walking. The man’s voice rose again. “Are you going to the eighth floor?”

Zhuang Nainai paused in her footsteps, raising her brows. She turned to face him.

Ding Mengya lived on the eighth floor.

She stared squarely at the middle-aged man, sizing him up. He looked strong and presentable in the suit that he was wearing, and while he didn’t give off a domineering aura, there was a refined air about him.

Why did he… look a little like Si Guangsong?

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