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Chapter 645 - Ugly People Like to Do Strange Things (4)

Chapter 645: Ugly People Like to Do Strange Things (4)

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They had sold off their car, and Xue Rong had sold off her luxury products to a discount store, but the debt had still been too large to pay off entirely. It was a whopping three million dollars — even if they stopped eating and simply worked from day to night, it was still inadequate.

To add on to all of this, the previous day saw Shi Haoyu find out that Xue Rong was pregnant. At his wit’s end, he had then decided to come to Zhuang Nainai to beg her to let them go.

They had made a mistake, yes, but their mistake shouldn’t be borne by their next generation.

But little did he expect that he would be stopped by security officers once he arrived at the entrance to the company building.

Later on, he had bumped into Director Mi Nuo, and she had been the one who had managed to get him into the building.

If Shi Haoyu hadn’t come to her, Zhuang Nainai would have forgotten all about the meal at the resort. Seeing the state that he was now in, Zhuang Nainai was taken aback — was the Xue family unable to cough out even three million dollars?

 Just as she thought this, the expression that crossed her face was caught by Shi Haoyu, and he took it to be a sign that she didn’t want to let go of the matter.

Flames of anger began growing in Shi Haoyu’s heart.

It was just as what Director Mi Nuo had told him earlier: Zhuang Nainai wanted to see him go bankrupt, and she would not stop until he was down and out.

A day earlier, Xue Rong had told him that she was intending to abort the child because they were simply going to be unable to provide for it!

 Ever since he was fired from the Imperial Group, many employers had shunned him, and he was now working in a small firm with a meager salary. With the few thousand dollars he was now getting per month, the basic living expenses of life in Beijing were already weighing him down!

They had moved from their villa to an apartment, and now they were in a small house in the suburbs.

It was true — they would be unable to provide for the child.

But were they really going to do this? Did they really have to abort their own flesh and blood?

Shi Haoyus’ eyes reddened instantly at the thought of this. He had let Xue Rong down in the past, and now he was about to let his own child down!

His gaze swept across Zhuang Nainai’s stomach. Unable to resist it, he said, “Zhuang Nainai, why are you so vicious? Why are you so insistent?”

Choking, he then continued after a few moments, “Let me tell you… if you won’t let my child be born, I won’t let yours be born either!”

He was at his wit’s end, and this was the only thing he could come up with!


 Zhuang Nainai didn’t pay much attention to this.

Ever since their university days, this man had always been a showy person, with all talk and no action. If he had really wanted to cause her to lose her child, he would have leaped at her a long time ago.

Staying where she was, she was about to say something when she heard a figure violently leaping toward her from the side!

Dazhuang hurriedly grabbed hold of Zhuang Nainai to protect her. With that, the two of them stared in disbelief as they watched Mi Nuo sprint over, grab hold of Shi Haoyu, and say, “Zhuang Nainai, go, quick! Don’t let him hurt your child!”

Mi Nuo had taken action, and Shi Haoyu retaliated by giving her a hard push.

Mi Nuo fell onto the ground.

 Mi Nuo’s actions had truly agitated Shi Haoyu. He turned around, his crimson eyes fixed on Zhuang Nainai’s stomach!

With that, he rushed forward. But midway through his run, Mi Nuo came leaping forward once more, holding onto his leg this time. “No! Zhuang Nainai, go quick!”

 Zhuang Nainai was flabbergasted.

Dazhuang, who was already poised to defend Zhuang Nainai, was absolutely stunned.

So… what was going on?

Also, what was this comical scene supposed to mean?

Did s**t get into Mi Nuo’s brain?

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