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Chapter 879 - Let Mi Nuo Jump Across a Pit! (5)

Chapter 879: Let Mi Nuo Jump Across a Pit! (5)

The female designer who had knocked down Mi Nuo went by her English name, Vivi. She was the Design Director of Fengshang Design Studio, known to be hard to please and harsh within the industry.

After bumping into Mi Nuo, she turned around immediately and looked at her. Without offering to help her up, she said in a peculiar tone, “Oh no! I’m so sorry! How did I not notice someone here? A good dog doesn’t stand in the way. Why were you standing here? You are just obstructing the pathway.”

After she finished speaking, she looked down at Mi Nuo. “Are you injured from the fall?”

Mi Nuo was indignant. Did she just call her a dog?

Vivi continued, “You aren’t injured, are you? Your skin is so thick. How can you possibly be injured from a fall, hmm?”

Everyone around them shut their mouths as if on cue. They could not bring themselves to laugh out loud even if they wanted to. Right now, everyone had the same thought: This Vivi is beyond annoying usually, but who knew… she would be so endearing today?

Mi Nuo wished she could find a hole and crawl into it. Having embarrassed herself publicly, her face was burning red as she bit her lip in humiliation and anger.

Vivi wasn’t ready to let her off yet. “Hey, isn’t this Mi Nuo? I’m so sorry. I didn’t recognize you just now. Oh right, which company is lucky enough to have you work for them now? Wait, I’m sorry. My question was way too… Judging by the state you are in right now, which company would want you?! Haha!”

After Vivi finished speaking, she finally felt like she had let off her steam. She scoffed and walked away to chase after Si Jingyu. However, when she turned around, Si Jingyu had already vanished.

Frowning, Vivi searched for her subordinates in the entire event hall. After a while, she finally spotted that Pockmarked-Face eating dessert in a corner naively. She walked over immediately and slapped his shoulder. “Xu Dazhi! Why do you think I brought you here? How are you going to get useful information while eating here?! Seriously! You are so dumb! Why did I bring you here?!”

After saying this, Vivi could not help but scold, “If I had other subordinates, the first thing I would do is to fire you! Did you leave your brain at home? Or were you born with a loose screw? Don’t embarrass me by telling others that you are my disciple!”

Xu Dazhi shoved the cake into his mouth hurriedly. When Vivi saw this sight, she asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Dazhi answered, “Director, I’m finishing my food as fast as possible so that I can go listen to what everyone is saying.”

Vivi: “…”

After receiving this humiliation, Mi Nuo stood up. At last, she could not stand everyone’s criticisms anymore. Hence, she bit her lip, lowered her head, and walked toward the side of the hall.

When she arrived at the entrance, she headed straight to the underground carpark because every second in the event hall felt like torture to her.

However, just as she arrived at the entrance of the carpark, she heard two voices, which belonged to Zhuang Nainai and Si Jingyu.

“Sister, although Si Zhengting and I have split up, I am still the twins’ mother. You can’t possibly sever blood ties! So, for the sake of the children, tell me the signature color for this season.”

This voice… belonged to Zhuang Nainai!

Mi Nuo’s eyes lit up. She hid herself quickly and pricked her ears to listen to their conversation.

Si Jingyu sighed. “After what you did to my mother, I shouldn’t be telling you anything. But since you put it that way… Forget it. It’s better that my mother lost her memory. She can forget all the unhappy events in the past. This year’s international fashion shows were leaning toward red colors. So, we intend to have red as the signature color for this year’s summer collection.”

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