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Chapter 1345 - Inferior Skills

Chapter 1345: Inferior Skills

“Lawyer, you must have a way, right?!” Luo Jialan looked at Cai Shengnan hopefully.

Ever since Cai Shengnan bailed her out of the Special Operations Forces detainment, Luo Jialan had been completely in awe of Cai Shengnan.

The corners of Cai Shengnan’s mouth twitched.

Did she think she was her savior?

She could only do her best…

“Jialan, let me see what’s going on. Don’t get anxious.” Cai Shengnan tried her best to comfort Luo Jialan.

Luo Jialan grabbed her arm and said anxiously, “You even had a way to get me out of the Special Operations Forces. This definitely wouldn’t be a problem, right?!”

“This is different.” Cai Shengnan patiently explained to Luo Jialan, “You were captured by the Special Operations Forces and held for 48 hours. If they can’t charge you within 48 hours, they can’t continue to hold you for no reason. That’s why I was able to bail you out.”

Luo Jialan’s pursuit of Gu Nianzhi involved a lot of security information, so the Special Operations Forces were temporarily unable to hand her over to the judicial authorities for prosecution.

In addition, she had already been charged with murder, so they couldn’t find any other reason to keep her in custody.

She was going to appear in court soon anyway, so keeping her in custody would only give rise to scandal.

All they had to do was monitor her closely and not give her a chance to escape.

That was why Cai Shengnan was able to bail her out.

However, Luo Jialan’s passport was still confiscated, and she was restricted from leaving the country. She was also monitored 24 hours a day by the secret service.

Cai Shengnan knew that because Luo Jialan was closely monitored, everything she did when she was with Luo Jialan had to comply with the law. She had never told her that she was looking for American hackers.

Luo Jialan had always thought that it was all thanks to Cai Shengnan’s extraordinary skills that she was able to get out of a place like the Special Operations Forces. She didn’t expect that she simply took advantage of a loophole in the law.

For a moment, she looked very dejected.

Cai Shengnan glanced at her in a hurry. She was in no mood to continue comforting her. She stood up and packed her things, then said, “I want to go back and carefully research this matter. You should rest well. If you’re not happy, don’t go online and look at those things.” After saying that, she left Luo Jialan’s villa in the West Mountains and returned to her office in the center of the Imperial City.

She rented an office in a high-rise commercial building in the capital’s top CBD area, hired a secretary and an operator, then started to act like a small boss.

When she returned to her office, Cai Shengnan immediately contacted Mike in New York.

“Mike, what’s going on? Didn’t I tell you to use the proxy IP?!” Cai Shengnan contacted Mike with an encrypted email.

Mike received Cai Shengnan’s email, but he couldn’t open it no matter how hard he tried.—— Because the internet speed is too slow = …

He also knew that since Cai Shengnan had suddenly sent him an email at this time, it must be something serious, so he directly dialed her phone number internationally.

As long as he didn’t use an IP phone, the internet speed was alright, because the phone line that was directly connected wasn’t limited by the internet speed.

Cai Shengnan’s phone rang a few times. She picked it up and saw that it was Mike’s nmber, so she quickly picked it up.

“Mike, what’s going on? Didn’t I tell you to use a proxy?!”

Because the internet speed was slow, Mike didn’t know what was happening on Weibo in China. He said in puzzlement, “Yeah, I did use a proxy. It was an Australian IP. The other party definitely wouldn’t find out my real address.”

Cai Shengnan felt choked for a moment.

Yes, she wanted him to use a proxy IP, but she didn’t want him to use it so randomly!

“Are you an idiot? Have you seen the Weibo content that I asked you to post?” Cai Shengnan’s face darkened as she scolded Mike without restraint.

The two of them were quite familiar with each other, so it didn’t matter if they scolded each other sometimes.

Moreover, words like “idiot” and “fool” were also their daily insults.

Confused, Mike blinked. “I’ve seen it. What’s wrong?”

But he didn’t take the insults to heart.

Because he was born and raised in the United States, his mother tongue wasn’t Chinese. His Chinese was self-taught.

“You made such a mistake even after seeing it?!” Cai Shengnan was furious. “I asked you to post content with a proxy to make it seem as if you live in the Imperial Procuratorate! But the IP you used was an Australian IP!”

Mike recalled the Weibo content that Cai Shengnan asked him to post and stood up in shock. “How could that be? ! How did you know which proxy IP I used?!”

“How would I know?!” Cai Shengnan sneered. “Now everyone on Weibo knows! Everyone is laughing at you!”

Mike’s face suddenly turned pale. He lowered his head guiltily and whispered to Cai Shengnan, “I was careless and made a mistake…”

He should disguise his proxy IP as the IP of the Imperial Procuratorate of the Huaxia Empire and send it again.

But why would Weibo show the posting IP?!

That didn’t make sense!

He had been stirring up trouble on Weibo in the country for a long time but had never encountered such a situation.

Could it be that Weibo had just been upgraded?

It was really detestable!

At this juncture, their network provider actually had a problem…

Mike said sincerely, “Miss Cai, I’m really sorry. There’s a problem with my network and I can’t log in to Weibo normally. I can’t see the IP display you said. Wait for my network to be ready…”

“What are you waiting for!” Cai Shengnan scolded him in disappointment. “Hurry up and find a place where you can access the Internet normally and fix your mistake! Otherwise, not only will I not pay you the rest of the payment, but I will also ask you to compensate me for my loss!”

Mike was shocked, but he suddenly understood and said with a smile, “Hahahaha! How could I forget! The internet speed here is slow, but not all of America’s internet speed is slow. I will find another place to surf the Internet!”

He excitedly picked up his wallet and phone, put his laptop into his laptop bag, and then picked up a simple travel bag. He drove to the small town in New Jersey nearby.

It was already night in the United States, so there were very few cars on the road.

In less than twenty minutes, he drove to a four-star hotel in New Jersey and stopped to check-in.

There was no problem with the internet there.

After Mike checked in, he immediately connected to the internet in his room and began to check the situation on Weibo in the country.

Sure enough, there was an IP post on Weibo, and under his Weibo post, which he posted and then deleted, there were already hundreds of thousands of derisive replies…

The retweets and comments supported by the troll army had already been drowned in the ridicule of many netizens, and the scathing comments were all scolding him for spreading rumors and fueling the flames!

Spreading rumors? Fueling the flames?!

Hehe, what’s wrong with him spreading rumors and fueling the flames?

They weren’t as skilled as him, so all they could do was watch!

Mike quickly logged into his own account, disguised the login IP as the general IP of the Imperial Procuratorate, and then posted another Weibo post.

# Hoho! The family of a high-ranking military official was indeed powerful enough to be able to manipulate Weibo #

[ I used a proxy IP to post, for fear of her retaliation, but in the end, I still underestimated the extent of her shamelessness! — kindness limits my imagination, power makes me speechless! ]

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