Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 386 - WAKING UP


Hula ~

In the innermost area of ​​the League of Defender’s base, this is the place where the stunned upgraded Winter Soldiers were locked. Now, two Winter Soldiers who were all seriously injured by Lin Rui have already awakened. One of them is Tom.

Hula ~

The awakened Tom found that his equipment has already been removed and now his hands and feet are locked by the Adamantium alloy chain, even now Tom can’t break free no matter how hard he tried. However, Tom, who had woken up, did not break away, but just looked around calmly. As for the Winter Soldier who woke up two minutes behind Tom, he calmed down a little after trying to break free. It seems that he realized his current situation.

Because Lin Rui let Jerry pay attention to Tom’s situation before leaving, Jerry had informed Lin Rui the first time they woke up and then hid to observe those people. Jerry knew that these people were Winter Soldiers from Hydra, and they were perfect super soldiers.

However, for Jerry, this perfect super soldier is not perfect. If you only consider the value of force, these Winter Soldiers are enough, and their loyalty is 100% without question. However, these Winter Soldiers have an obvious shortcoming, that is, weak self-awareness.

Although the flexibility of this upgraded version of Winter Soldier has been greatly enhanced compared to the rigid soldiers who have completely brainwashed before, it is impossible for them to achieve the level of full self-thinking similar to Captain America. After all, Hydra needs some obedient super-soldiers so they would lose something.

However, compared to the other five Winter Soldiers, Tom’s self-consciousness seems to be much stronger. In the previous battle, Tom used Lin Rui’s concern for himself to attack Lin Rui. Maybe, in Tom’s memory, he still remembers some previous things, but he is being controlled by Hydra after brainwashing.

Huh ~

After Tom and another Winter Soldier woke up, the remaining Winter Soldier also moved. Seeing this, Jerry realized that they will all wake up in a few minutes. Jerry, who was quietly observing these people in front of him was quite afraid.

Dī Dī~

“Mirage Knight is here!” As Jerry watches the Winter Soldier slowly waking up and getting nervous, the computer behind him rings two times and Mirage Knight arrived.


The next second after Jerry turns around, a figure rushes in from outside the League of Defender base. It is Mirage Knight. Without a hurry to see Tom and the Winter soldiers, Mirage Knight stops in front of Jerry.

“Jerry, how’s it going?” Mirage Knight asks nervously as he pauses in front of Jerry.

“Two of them are already awake, and the others are about to wake up. The two who woke up didn’t overreact and just stayed there.” Hearing Mirage Knight’s words, Jerry answers quickly.

“Did you find out the other people’s identities?” Mirage Knight asked after sensing the situation of the Winter Soldiers in the back.

Before Mirage Knight left, he asked Jerry to check the real identities of these Winter Soldiers. After all, Tom was deceived by Hydra, so the rest should be in the same category and Lin Rui would also know how to deal with these people. However, that was something that Lin Rui had to do after he let them recover their memories.

“Except for Tom Smith, there are three other people whose identities have been found. However, I didn’t found any information about the remaining two people. And, according to the information you gave me about Winter Soldiers, I think they all seem to be young people, but there may be a big age gap between them.” While answering Mirage Knight’s question, Jerry tapped on the keyboard.


“This is the profile of the people who have been identified.” Pushing the computer screen in the direction of Mirage Kight, Jerry pointed to the information of the three people on the screen.

Looking at the information of the three people on the computer screen, Lin Rui also had to admit that Jerry’s talents in this area are still very strong. The identity information of the three people displayed on the computer shows that the oldest of them is already 65 years old. It seems that Hydra has spent decades studying the upgraded version of Winter Soldier. During this time, it is not known how many of them were frozen. They are all innocent people.


“Ok, good. Why don’t you check on Deadpool first, and I’ll take a look at this side.” The clenched hands crackled as Lin Rui spoke to Jerry with a final push of anger.

“Okay.” Knowing that Mirage Knight wanted to communicate with those Winter Soldiers alone, Jerry nodded and went towards Deadpool’s location. Although Mirage Knight guarantees that Deadpool is not dead, Jerry has not yet seen any signs of Recovery in Deadpool. Jerry really hoped that he can really wake up.

Hula ~

After Jerry left, Lin Rui walked towards the back and reached the position of Tom and other Winter Soldier. As Lin Rui walked over, the remaining Winter Soldiers also woke up one after another. They simply broke free of the simple chains and leaned in the corner like Tom with their hands and feet tied with Adamantium cuffs.

Call ~

After finding someone approaching, Tom and others raised their heads and looked forward. At this time, the upgraded Winter Soldier brainwashed by Hydra were all prisoners of Lin Rui. However, they did not have the slightest fear and looked coldly at the coming Lin Rui.

Da ~

Seeing Tom looking at him with cold eyes, Lin Rui felt guilty for Tom’s encounter with Hydra. However, Lin Rui only sighed for a moment. He knew that it was not the time to be weak. He needed to rescue Tom and these innocent people.

“Tom Smith, Denny Williams, Jay Henry, Ben Frank, and two other Anonymous, do you know what is happening right now?” Holding the identity information of these people compiled by Jerry, Lin Rui looked at the Winter Soldier in front and said quietly.

When shouting Tom and the few Winter Soldiers whose name he knew, Lin Rui paid special attention to their expression changes. However, Lin Rui was disappointed that their eyes did not change at all and they did not respond to their names at all.

Faced with the silence of Tom and others, Lin Rui was not surprised at all. This is not the first time that Lin Rui had dealt with Winter Soldier. The Original Winter Soldier Bucky was the prototype of these upgraded Winter Soldier, and Bucky was about to remember. Therefore, Lin Rui must be patient at this time.


After a few clicks on the tablet, Lin Rui threw the tablet directly towards Tom. Tom, who had been paying attention to Lin Rui’s movements, had his hands locked, but still caught the tablet.

“Look at it.” Lin Rui said quietly when Tom took the tablet. Then, without waiting for Tom’s answer, Lin Rui had turned and left.

After Lin Rui left, Tom looked down at the tablet on his hand, and several photos were now displayed on the tablet’s screen. At the center is a family portrait of three people, they are parents and his young son and this son is Tom.

Looking at the photos on the tablet, Tom’s cold eyes gradually showed some other expressions.

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