Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 205 - We Should Be Frank

Chapter 205 We Should Be Frank

Xia Ning sees Dai Zhongheng walk away with the doctor. She feels nervous.

Dai Zhongheng has known that she is here. Soon, Yi Yunrui will get the information. She has to leave soon.

However, …Dai Zhongheng is Zhenzhen’s father. What will happen to Li Baoer?

“Sister, what are you thinking about? Why do you frown?” Zhenzhen holds out her little hand and gently strokes Xia Ning’s eyebrows.

Xia Ning holds Zhenzhen’s hands. She feels very depressed.

Should she tell Li Baoer the truth? Or should she hide it from her now?

How can Dai Zhongheng be Zhenzhen’s father?

“Sister, I may go to look after my mother now.” Zhenzhen gently pats on Xia Ning’s hand, “It seems that Daddy wants to talk with you.”

Xia Ning is shocked. She has made no response when Zhenzhen has run to her mother.

“Mrs. Yi.” Dai Zhongheng speaks, “Sorry…”

“Wait.” Xia Ning interrupts, “Don’t say other things now. Can you explain to me about your marriage? What about Baoer?”

“My marriage?” Dai Zhongheng is surprised. Then, he smiles, “Mrs. Yi, you misunderstand. I haven’t got married yet.”

“Haven’t got married yet?” Xia Ning is confused, “If so, why does Zhenzhen call you daddy?”

Dai Zhongheng takes out a cigarette. He wants to light it. But as if he remembers something, he puts it back to the box. He thinks for a while and says, “Zhenzhen’s mother has cancer in the bones. She has only a month to go.”

Xia Ning is shocked, “What?” Only a month!

Dai Zhongheng nods, “Zhenzhen’s mother is called Yu Hua. We knew each other in the army seven years ago. We had a crush on each other and wanted to go further. But later, Yu Hua complained that I had to leave for everywhere. She married a rich man. We had no connection for seven years. Until two months ago, Hua called me and told me about her illness…So, I came. Zhenzhen is not my daughter. But she is a nice kid. I came here several times and she started to call me Daddy.” Dai Zhongheng gives a sigh, “Mrs. Yi. Hua has only a month to go. She is divorced and her ex-husband is nowhere to find. I am worried about Zhenzhen.”

Xia Ning glances at Zhenzhen. She can’t help feeling that life is too cruel to Zhenzhen.

“Didn’t you explain to Baoer about this issue?”

“I plan to tell her. But I also plan to take care of Zhenzhen. You may think about it. Baoer is a good girl. If I suddenly bring a kid to her without any reason, what will she think? In addition, it is not easy to raise a kid. Baoer doesn’t have the duty for that. I don’t want to bring the burden to her.”

“That is why you keep some distance from Baoer recently. Isn’t it?”

Dai Zhongheng’s eyes turn sad. He nods, “Baoer is expected to find someone better than me. I don’t want to cumber her…”

“Dai Zhongheng, are you insane?” Not waiting Dai Zhongheng to finish his words, Xia Ning angrily interrupts, “You don’t tell Baoer. How do you know she doesn’t like children? Don’t you understand how much Baoer loves you? You just leave with no explanations. Do you feel you do the right thing for her love? In addition, it is the end for you after you leave. How do you know she won’t wait for you forever?”

Dai Zhongheng is shocked blankly by Xia Ning’s series of questions. He scratches his hairs and doesn’t respond.

Xia Ning curls her lips, “Anyway, Baoer is my best friend. Even if you don’t say, I will tell her frankly. When two people are together, they should be frank. You are an army man, but you are so coward when facing this kind of problem.”

Dai Zhongheng blinks his eyes. He asks unbelievably, “Mrs. Yi, you said I was coward?”

“Yes, you are. Baoer told me one week ago that no matter what had happened to you, she would wait for you. But you, you choose to escape.” Xia Ning sees Dai Zhongheng want to explain. She waves her hand, “You don’t speak. I will shut up after I finish. Look. Zhenzhen is cute and clever. How do you know Baoer doesn’t like her? And, it is not a big deal. Baoer will understand. On the contrary, if you leave Baoer in this way, I think it unfair to Baoer.”

“Mrs. Yi, Baoer…really loves me so much?”

Xia Ning stares at Dai Zhongheng. She has the desire to slap him, “How do you know if you don’t try? It is no use for you to guess. I have known Baoer for many years. I am clear about her personality. Don’t worry.”

Dai Zhongheng’s eyes brighten. It seems that he is restraining something. He glances at Zhenzhen. He says, “Mrs. Yi, to be honest, I really don’t know how to take care of children. If Baoer really can understand. I will be truly very kind to her!”

“Do you mean you were not kind to her before?”

“No. No. I don’t mean that. Well, you know. I am too happy to speak rationally. Hehe.”

Xia Ning smiles and shakes her head. She sees Lei Buyang walking to them. She greets him, “Mr. Lei, thank you for your help.”

Lei Buyang waves his hand, “Don’t mention it. It is nothing. Well, Ning, I want to tell you that I am leaving tomorrow. You may stay at the villa as long as you like, for free. But the rent you have handed in is not to be returned. Hehe!”

Xia Ning is shocked, “Mr. Lei, the villa is…”

“All the villas in that area are mine. Hehe, I am a real landlord.”

“…No, how can I live there for free. Mr. Lei, you may reduce the rent, but free of charge is really too much for me to take.”

Lei Buyang strokes his hairs, “How much do you think is suitable? Five hundred? Then, five hundred. OK?”

Five hundred? God. Such a good villa asks for the rent of only five hundred?

Lei Buyang sees Xia Ning stunned, he says, “Then, three hundred, well, two hundred…”

“No, no. Five hundred, let’s make it five hundred. Mr. Lei, you should not make any further reduction. Five hundred is cheap enough.” Xia Ning hurriedly stops Lei Buyang. The man is frank. If she doesn’t stop him. It will end up free.

“OK. Five hundred. Well. Who is this?”

“Oh. Sorry. Mr. Lei, this is my friend, Colonel Dai, Dai Zhongheng. Colonel Dai, this is the famous President Lei, Lei Buyang.”

Lei Buyang?

Dai Zhongheng looks over Lei Buyang. He holds out his hand, “President Lei, nice to meet you.”

“Colonel Dai, nice to meet you. Well. I have other things to deal with. We will talk later. Ning, this is my business card. We may meet again when you have time!” Saying this, Lei Buyang puts his golden name card into Xia Ning’s pocket.

They chat for another while and Lei Buyang turns to leave.

Dai Zhongheng frowns. He turns to Xia Ning, “Mrs. Yi, do you really want to stay here permanently? What about Brother Yi?”

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