Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 206 - I Only Want You All My Life!

Chapter 206 I Only Want You All My Life!

When Yi Yunrui is mentioned, Xia Ning feels her heart tightened. She lowers her head a bit, “He is an Army Commander of the military region. What can happen to him? There are plenty of women clinging to him. Hehe…”

“Mrs. Yi, you see Brother Yi in this way. I don’t agree with you.” Dai Zhongheng says seriously.

Xia Ning stands up, “Sorry. It is your business to disagree with me. I don’t need to explain to you. You may take good care of Zhenzhen and her mother. I am going to leave now.”

“Mrs. Yi!” Dai Zhongheng hurriedly stops her, “I am sorry. I am not a good talker. If I said anything wrong, please forgive me. Didn’t you say that when two people are together, they should be frank with each other? Mrs. Yi, Brother Yi loves you very much. After you left, Brother Yi almost dug up the ground in C City in order to find you. Brother Yi can’t live without you. Mrs. Yi…”

“Stop.” Xia Ning shouts in a low voice. She turns to him, “Colonel Dai, the problem between Rui and me is not as simple as you think. Please don’t interfere.” Xia Ning pauses here, “Colonel Dai, I hope that you will tell no one about our meeting tonight.”

Then, before Dai Zhongheng says anything else, Xia Ning hurriedly leaves the hospital.

She orally warns Dai Zhongheng not to tell Yi Yunrui, but she believes that Dai Zhongheng will definitely tell Yi Yunrui.

It seems that she can’t stay here any longer.

Seeing Xia Ning leave, Dai Zhongheng frowns seriously. He thinks for a while and takes out his phone.

Xia Ning goes back to the villa and packs her clothes. It is lucky that she didn’t bring much luggage with her when she left. In less than an hour, she has finished the packing.

But the problem comes.

The town is isolated. There is no transportation available at night!

When she left Yi Yunrui, she left the car to prevent from Yi Yunrui’s tracking.

Ah, if she had known what would happen, she would have bought another car. So, it will be convenient for her to go whenever she wants.

Wait, Lei Buyang hasn’t left yet. She can check whether President Lei can do her the last favor.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes out her phone and is going to dial Lei Buyang’s number. But she is shocked when she sees her phone.

There are no signals at all!

Damn. It is an isolated place, but she can use the phone normally before. Why are there no signals at this critical moment?

Xia Ning is anxious. At the time, lightning flashes in the sky and thunder is heard. Soon, it rains cats and dogs.

Xia Ning looks at the rain and feels helpless. It is a critical moment, while God doesn’t help her.

In such bad weather, how can she ask the favor of Lei Buyang?

Xia Ning strokes her forehead. She sits down and looks annoyedly at the luggage she has packed.

Wait. She may call a taxi. There might be no problems if she offers more money…However, in such weather, on such a night, if the driver has bad intentions…

Thinking of this, Xia Ning can’t help shivering. Anyway, life safety is the most important thing.

But if Yi Yunrui comes here…

Well, though Commander Yi is very good at tracking, he is not likely to come here so soon.

In addition, Colonel Dai is worried about Yu Hua and Zhenzhen at present. He might not tell Yi Yunrui so soon. As long as she can get over the night, she will find the next place to stay.

Xia Ning gives a sigh. She lies on the sofa and grasps a coat to cover herself. Listening to the rain outside, unconsciously, she falls asleep…

When Xia Ning wakes up, the sky has turned whitish and it has stopped raining.

Xia Ning glances at the clock on the wall. It is past five in the morning.

She stretches herself and walks to the open balcony. It seems that she can go down to find a car in twenty minutes.

With a big suitcase and a handbag, actually, she only has a little luggage. It will be OK for her to walk around an hour.

Xia Ning has planned for the on-foot walk. She prepares some hot milk and bread hurriedly. She has to get enough sugar element prepared.

It is lucky that Yi Yunrui didn’t come. It is lucky.

Xia Ning eats until she feels full. Carrying the suitcase and handbag, she opens the door.

Then, she is stunned!

There, outside the door, stands a tall man. His clothes are wet. Some part of him is dry, while another part is still dripping water. He stands there straightly. He is so cold that he turns pale and his lips are a little purple. But he is silent.

They stare at each other. Xia Ning feels as if there is thunder in the sky. It is more than lightning.

In the next second, she closes the door forcefully!


It is Yi Yunrui!

Yi Yunrui is right standing outside the door!

Seemingly, he came last night. He must stand there in the rain overnight!

Damn. Yi Yunrui is outside. How can she escape.

Xia Ning’s heart beats rapidly as if it is going to jump out of her chest. She lifts her head to look at the balcony.

Yes, she can go down there. Yi Yunrui might not find her!

Thinking of this, Xia Ning turns around and walks to the balcony…

Before she has got ready for climbing the wall, a tall man has jumped in!

In an instant, Xia Ning has to admit that Yi Yunrui is awesome in climbing the wall!

It happened in just a few minutes! Even if Commander Yi is born to be good at sports, how can he do it so fast?

She is on the third floor!

Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui’s intense eyes. She takes some steps backwards, “Yi Yunrui, what do you want?”

Hearing this, Yi Yunrui is frozen at once.

Xia Ning holds her handbags tightly, “Even if you are a senior army man, you are not allowed to break into other people’s houses without permission! Commander Yi, please go out!”

Yi Yunrui stares at her. His thin lips are pressed into a line. He doesn’t speak for quite a while.

Xia Ning keeps moving backwards. She looks around, trying to find a path to run away.

Damn. She has left all the weapons Yi Yunrui gave to her. Or, she can use them against Yi Yunrui.

“Sweetheart.” The voice is not loud but extraordinarily clear. Yi Yunrui takes a step forward.

“Stop!” Xia Ning lifts her hand, “Mister, I am not your sweetheart. This is not your house, either. Please go out. Or, I will call the police.”

“Sorry, I make electronic interference here. All communication instruments are influenced. Sweetheart, without my order, you can make no calls.”

“!” Xia Ning is speechless. It is not surprising that she has no signals on her phone.

Seemingly, Yi Yunrui had arrived at that time!

“Even so, you can’t come into other people’s houses like this. Please go out!” Xia Ning is serious. But she is clear that if Commander Yi doesn’t want to go out, no one can get him out.

Yi Yunrui slightly frowns, “Sweetheart, can I have a glass of hot water? I feel cold.”

“…” Not expecting that Commander Yi will raise such a funny request, Xia Ning feels a little helpless, “Sorry, you may ask for that somewhere else. I don’t have any hot water here.”

“Yes, you have.” Yi Yunrui responds decisively. He points at somewhere behind Xia Ning, “There is hot milk.”

Xia Ning feels mad. She rolls her eyes. She can’t decide whether she should go to get it or not.

“Sweetheart, I will go to pour it myself.” Saying this, Yi Yunrui goes straightly to the kettle and pours himself a glass of milk. His hand can’t help trembling.

Seeing this, Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She suddenly has the impulse to prepare some warm water for the man to take a bath.

“You must have known about the photos. Why do you still come to find me? It is right. I am sorry to you. But I don’t have anything to make it up to you. If you want to take revenge. You may do it now.”

Yi Yunrui glances at her. He pours another glass of warm milk and lifts his head to drink it up.

“The photos problem is not your fault.”

Xia Ning is surprised, “How do you know?”

“The phone I gave you has a built-in camera and recorded everything. I am clear about how Yin Jingsi set you up.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning finally puts down the stone on her heart. But at once, she remembers something, “When did you know what Yin Jingsi had done?”

“One month ago.”

“One month ago?” Xia Ning widens her eyes, “You knew it one month ago. Why didn’t you tell me directly?”

Shit. Yi Yunrui knew everything a long time ago.

He knew and he didn’t mention it. Did he deliberately want to make fun of her and draw her crazy?

“Sweetheart, don’t be angry.” Yi Yunrui explains at once, “It is my fault. I should not require you as I require my soldiers. I should not be that masculist. I was wrong. Sweetheart, I promise you. I will listen to you completely in the future. I will agree whatever you say. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“No need!” Xia Ning hears Yi Yunrui’s apology. She responds in a cold voice, “You are the great Army Commander of the military region. Why do you care about a woman’s mood? In addition, your family also don’t like me. We are not the right pair of similar background. Since you are here, we may go through the divorce procedure soon.”

Yi Yunrui changes his color. He heavily puts down the milk, “No, I am not going to sign it, not this life.”

“!” Xia Ning opens her mouth, wondering what advantages of her attract Yi Yunrui’s interests.

“Yi Yunrui, I have no family or relatives. I can’t help you with your career. I am not a good wife and can’t give you any home support. In other people’s eyes, I can’t bring any honors to you. I am simply nobody. You may think it over. I believe your mother will find someone better than me for you after our divorce…”

“Xia Ning, I only want you all my life!”

Not waiting for Xia Ning to finish her words, Yi Yunrui shouts loudly. His eagle-sharp eyes stare at Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, it is no use to say anything more. I only want you all my life. I won’t let go till my death!”

Xia Ning is stuck. She looks at Yi Yunrui’s decisive eyes. A feeling of happiness flashes in her heart. But she calms down very soon.

“Sorry. Yi Yunrui, I am not going to stay with you.”

She can’t become moved. If she is softhearted, she will be more miserable after she goes back.

She is alone with no power. She is no match for Yi Yunrui, or Zheng Yao. She would rather stay alone quietly than lead a life based on the pleasure of other people!

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