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Chapter 1363 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (13)

Chapter 1363: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (13)

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Mo Feifei watched Lu Yanchen’s car leave.

Images of how their meal in the restaurant went flashed through her mind. When Lu Yanchen got up for a second time to answer his call outside, she followed him out as well. She then proceeded to ask Lu Yanchen a question when he ended his call.

“On the matter of how my VISA application got rejected repeatedly, did someone instigate it?”

Lu Yanchen’s eyes were black as he silently stared at her, and he seemed to be contemplating something. After a moment, he looked at her and said, “Since you already know the answer, why are you still asking me?”

Mo Feifei huffed out a breath of air. “It was just a suspicion of mine, thus I wanted to ask you. I am well aware that you wouldn’t tell me even if I asked. But can you tell me who it is?”

Lu Yanchen gave a faint smile. “Since you have some suspicions even until now, then you should have an answer in your heart.”

In the end, Lu Yanchen still did not tell her who it was. Apart from knowing which people did not want her to go overseas, other than that specific person, no one else had the capability of stopping her.

Mo Feifei returned to the Shang Residences and saw Shang Mo sitting on the sofa in the living room with his eyes trained on an iPad.

“You came home?” Shang Mo turned his head to look at her, he then waved at her.

“What are you looking at?” Mo Feifei sat down next to Shang Mo and realized he was scrolling through an online catalog of newly released jewelry —moreover, it was the ring collection.

“Which one of these do you think looks the best?” Shang Mo asked before placing the iPad in Mo Feifei’s hands to let her choose.

“Are you trying to shop for grandma?” Mo Feifei did not say the suspicion that she had in her heart.

“Of course not, all these are for young girls so how could it be suitable for grandma?” Shang Mo warmly smiled yet he had an invasive gaze.

“Didn’t you give me a ring before? Why are you giving me one again?”

“Because I’m willing to give it.”

How overbearing! The gods bestowed this man a handsome look and inherited a humongous fortune from his family background. His existence could be equal to the gods thus he had the right to be overbearing.

Mo Feifei did not continue this topic and merely smiled at him. “Let me tell you a piece of good news. My VISA has been approved.”

The two people locked eyes and had an indiscernible gaze, but neither of them wanted to look away.

After a moment, Shang Mo raised his brows. “It’s good that you settled it.”

“It’s getting late and I’m a little tired from a busy day so I will head up to rest first.” Mo Feifei returned the iPad to Shang Mo and stood up to proceed upstairs. She even looked back and flashed him a warm smile. “Don’t stay up too late and rest early.”

Shang Mo gave her a faint smile and saw her leave. His face then turned cold and he casually threw the iPad to the side.

Although they both lived in the Shang Residences, they did not stay in the same room.

Mo Feifei stood before the glass window and looked into the dark night. Her heart was heavy as though a black ink was splashed in it.

In front of her, Shang Mo had a calm demeanor… especially whenever he had his glasses on. But glasses off? It revealed his true personality, which was a devilish and charming one.

One might know a man’s face but it would be difficult to know his heart. No matter how much one tried to cover up, his heart would never change.

He was an overbearing man and was so domineering that he became tyrannical. He’s used to treating others with his own methods, including her.

Hence, he had planned everything they did together. Though he did ask about her opinion from time to time, it was only his that prevailed in the end.

This time, he disagreed with her plans of studying overseas and even though he agreed on the surface, the truth is, he used all his means to stop her without her knowing.

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