His Majesty's Devious Sins

Chapter 12: Youre Horrible

Chapter 12:You’re Horrible

Adeline decided not to press the button. The man was a Vampire. Judging from how vibrantly red his eyes were, he was undoubtedly a Pure-Bred. The more prominent the red, the more powerful. She did not want a blood bath.

Asher would get hurt. Even worse, there would be a ruckus. If Aunt Eleanor woke up to find not one, but two men in her room, it would be disastrous. Viscount Marden would undoubtedly kick her to the streets.

Regardless of how much time had progressed since the medieval era, Adeline was of high-birth. Her reputation in the close-knit circle of aristocrats was vital. If word escaped about the incident, no one would want her.

“How nice would that be?” she mumbled to herself.

No more restricting corsets. No husband to obey. No disturbance in her life.

“Yes, it would be fantastic if you opened up,” he mused.

Adeline pressed a hand to her mouth, instantly regretting her words. He must have thought she was referring to—oh, nevermind.

“I-it’s midnight,” she slowly stated. Seeing as he could hear her words, despite being a few feet apart, she could only conclude that he had impeccable hearing. Yet another quality of a Pure-Bred.

Just what kind of trouble had she gotten herself into? She had rebelled only once. And now, a mountain of problems lied before her.

“And I am a woman,” she mentioned.

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” he sardonically responded. “I’d think by your ample breasts and your womanhood, that you were a man.”

Adeline instantly frowned. He was so… so… she struggled to find the right words for him. Did he find it entertaining to tease her like this?

“Oh dear, it seems I’ve offended you,” he pointed out.

“Y-you don’t sound apologetic,” Adeline stuttered.

She bit her tongue. When would she finally get rid of this habit of hers? It always came out when she wanted to say something impactful. The stammer made it difficult for her to appear confident. It was exactly why Viscount Marden ridiculed her.

“Should I be apologetic?” he offered. “Will that make you happy?”

Adeline’s frown deepened. Her brows knitted together in displeasure. “D-did you come to my window like a stalker just to bully me?”

“No, I came to watch you sleep.”

To say she was startled was an understatement. She hoped he was joking. She prayed to the high Heavens that he was joking.

Then, his lips spread into a large grin, revealing pearly white teeth. It was blinding in the darkness and she caught the glint of his sharp, retracted fangs. She read that fangs were usually longer, roughly half a pinky in length, but Vampires could shorten them depending on their preferences.

“It was a joke, darling.”

Adeline grimaced in response. She pulled the blanket closer. One of her hands was tightly gripping the mattress, hoping to hide her anxiety.

“Aw, don’t look at me like that,” he cooed. “I mean no harm, truly.”

Adeline continued to eye him like a crazy murderer. She was truly an idiot. There was a strange man outside of her window and she was having a conversation with him, instead of calling her bodyguard. Was she out of her mind?

Just as she debated to press the button again, he spoke up.

“Of course, unless you enjoy pain, then that is a different story.”

“I-insolent!” she scolded.

He let out a cool and crisp laughter. She jumped. Her poor heart could not be frightened any longer. The sound tickled her stomach.

“You’re the insolent one, darling,” he teased.

“What a-are you talking about?” she asked.

He jutted his chin towards her. She glanced down, confused as to? what he could possibly mean.

“Who did you plan to seduce with that attire?”

Adeline jolted. In her concentration to finish reading, she didn’t realize her loose nightgown had drastically slipped down on one shoulder. It must have happened when she was adjusting herself into a more comfortable position.

Without saying a single word, she hurriedly fixed her nightgown. She would not apologize for the misconduct. He was the one sneaking to a maiden’s balcony at odd hours of the night.

Who did he think he was? Romeo courting Juliet?

“You should leave,” she advised.

Adeline was grateful that she had stopped stuttering a bit. For once, she was able to tap into her rare confidence.

His smile widened. “Is that what you wish for?”

She quickly nodded her head.

“Too bad I am not a wish-granting fairy.”

Adeline gawked at him. She had never met such a shameless man. Fine. Pressing the button it is.

“I’ll kill him.”

Adeline’s spine went rigid. She assumed he was joking. His unwavering grin was still present.

“Is he a lover?”

Adeline shrank back at his question. “I-if you think this behavior of yours will woo a woman, you’re terribly mistaken.”

His smile dropped.

Seeing as she was deeply affected by his words, he decided to reel back the teasing. Though, it was a genuine question. But her eyes had lowered and she was visibly upset. Previously, she was just baffled and irritated. Now, she was reserved and unhappy.

“Forgive me,” he immediately said.

“Even your apology is terrible,” she chided.

The man cocked his head. Apology? He rarely said sorry. And he didn’t say it previously.

“Just go… please.”

“You avoided my question.”

“I’m not obligated to respond to an offensive stranger outside my bedroom window.”

He smirked. At least she had the decency to be aware of her situation. At last, she had regained her voice. She sounded more courageous than previously. He would have appreciated it if she had the same determination without provocation.

“I’m hurt,” he drawled.

She sullenly gazed at him through her long lashes. Creases formed on her forehead. He stifled a laugh. She was trying her best to look stern and angry. She was adorable.

“I came all the way here to return something you dropped, and you’re kicking me out like this?” he asked.

She watched him with apprehension. Her silence never bothered him. He knew of her nature. At least she was not scared of him. Granted, it wasn’t always like this.

“Look,” he revealed his hand.

A fine necklace dangled between his fingers. It was a befitting necklace for a beautiful girl. He had seen her wear it before. It suited her well. Specifically the little rose trapped in a droplet of glass.

He would be absolutely floored if she was not the Golden Rose. Everything pointed in her direction. Striking blond hair, plush green eyes, and her surname… It had to be her.

He would not have it any other way.

“Where…” she touched her neck, her slender fingers brushing upon her empty collarbone.

“I-I can’t see it properly, can you hold it up to the moonlight?”

He quirked a brow. “Don’t you trust me, darling?”


“Good girl.”

She gulped.

He chuckled.

“Come and get it, little fawn. I don’t bite.”

She narrowed her eyes.

“That hard,” he corrected.

“Y-you’re horrible at reassuring people.”

“And you’re fantastic at hurting my pride.”


She glared at him.

His smile widened.

“I won’t hurt you, my sweet Adeline.” He beckoned her with his hand. She continued to stare at him.

Seeing her great reluctance, he shrugged his shoulder. “Alright then,” he said and she inquisitively tilted her chin.

“I will grant you your wish,” he said. Turning upon his heels, he sauntered towards the railing of her balcony.

He suppressed his laughter when he heard the pitter-patter of her little feet on the floor. She was distraught, rushing to the window. He pretended not to hear how cute she sounded.

Just as he heard the click of the window unlocking, he leapt off the balcony. She released a small, horrified shriek. As expected. It was a five floor drop.

“C-come back!” she frantically whispered.

He turned a deaf ear to her. Lowly whistling, he tucked a hand into his pocket and walked down the leaf-covered pavement with ease. His free hand swung the necklace in between his fingers. He made sure she saw him walking away with her precious belonging.

Now, she would definitely remember him.

And just as he had predicted, she uttered exactly what he wanted to hear,

“Elias, please!”

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