His Majesty's Devious Sins

Chapter 16: I Will Keep You Safe

Chapter 16:I Will Keep You Safe

Having her so close to him, Elias could not help but smile. Though, this time, it was more genuine. It reminded him of their childhood, where she was just a young girl with too much energy in the world. She would dash up to him, then jump onto him for a hug, with the stupidest and most ignorant smile, not knowing exactly who he was.

Elias still wondered, even to this day, what made her like him so much.

“But that doesn’t mean it never happened,” he added on.

Just like that, the spell was broken. She lifted her head and tried to create distance between him. Her unhappiness was evident. The corner of her lips dipped into a scowl, and she glanced away.

Elias’s smile dropped. She was good at throwing a temper tantrum. He could see the words she wanted to utter, but did not say. It was written all over her face.

“Am I that repulsive?” he asked. “Was it so boring that you wanted to forget it?”

“No, of course not!” she blurted out.

Instantly, the context of her words sank in. She covered her face with her hands and hid it from him.

Elias’s hands shifted to both sides of her waist. He did not realize it before, but she was deathly thin. Did she not eat at all?

“It’s just…” she trailed off. “It’s just so embarrassing!”

Elias’s brow shot up.

“I-I was making such lewd noises, and you were just—”

“But I enjoyed the lovely sound you make.”


A Cheshire grin grew on his face. Wicked and sinful, he bent his head, wanting to see more of her bright red cheeks. When she called his name like that, it was difficult to not pin her against the railings and have his way. She was enticing him in ways unimaginable.

“Can’t you forget it, please? For me?”

Elias laughed. She was hiding her face from him. It did nothing for her.

He was still standing incredibly close to her. The tip of her fingers brushed upon his chest, but there was nowhere for her to run. If she leaned back any more, she would fall off the balcony— not that he’d let her.

Elias had promised to make her stay in this palace. After tonight, she would never know the outside world anymore. This was going to be her home from now on. Wherever she went, his men would accompany her. There would not be a day she’d have to flinch from raised hands.

“And why should I do something for you?”

Adeline groaned. “You’re nothing like the men I read in my fictional books.”

Elias scoffed. “They’re fictional for a reason.”

Adeline wondered what made those men so kind to their lovers. But then the thought sent her face flushing again. Lovers. It was an intimate title that didn’t belong to Adeline and Elias.

Adeline answered her own question. Somehow, she was a bit upset. Just a teeny, tiny bit upset.

“Everything comes with a price, darling Adeline.” His voice had lowered into a coaxing murmur. His breath fanned the side of her neck, cooling to the touch. She shivered in response and subconsciously leaned closer to him.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” His thumb brushed the bottom of her chin, grabbing the little thing with his fingers.

“T-then what would you like for your price?”


Adeline couldn’t help but laugh. It was a small, suppressed sound. She had to cover her mouth and shake her head.

“Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not joking.”

Adeline peeked up. He was deathly serious. And she was terrified. Finally, she realized their promiscuous position. One of her legs was in between his thighs, and his lower body was pressed against her stomach. He effortlessly pinned her body to the railings. One arm embracing her waist, the other touching her chin.

He had lifted his head and tilted it. He was deathly serious.

“Why… why would you want me?” Adeline said in a lost and befuddled voice. “I’m just like the other girls in this party I—”

“Some people are truly ignorant of their own beauty. I’m surprised.”

“It’s called low self-esteem, t-thank you very much,” she sarcastically said.

“Well, it’s nice to see you’re able to sass someone.”

Adeline glanced away from him. She didn’t want to see him flustered anymore. Aunt Eleanor had always scolded her about back-talking people. The Madam especially hated it when sarcasm was used.

Elias turned her chin towards him. His eyes flickered. She was embarrassed. It was written all over her glistening eyes and lightly scrunched nose. She was trying her best to not blush. He wondered if she just had too much blood in her system. When did she not turn red in front of him?

Adeline reacted as if every word he said was a sin. She was either embarrassed to hear it, or bothered, or hot and bothered. He preferred the latter.

“You’re were a lot more sassier as a child, my darling Adeline.”

Adeline jolted. She had finally remembered about her forgotten question. “You knew me as a child…?”

“You are a Princess, Adeline. It would not make sense for a King to miss the birth of the first Princess of Kastrem.”


As his words settled in, her eyes went wide. What did he just say? Her head shot up in terror.

Her skin paled.

His smirk deepened.

– – – – –

“Where the hell is she?” Asher stood in the same spot that Adeline was supposed to be standing. The bright yellow dessert was out of place in his hand. Especially with the human girls sneaking curious glances at him, only to giggle amongst themselves.

Asher narrowed his eyes. This stupid treatment wouldn’t be happening if Adeline was obedient. All she had to do was stay put.

Adeline was weak and defenseless. Did she enjoy luring death and danger? Why did she roam around, by herself, in a place swarming with blood-sucking creatures that view her like a little lamb?

“Hah…” he loudly sighed. “You just love to cause mischief.”

Asher was not surprised.

The most Innocent smile hides the darkest heart.

Adeline was great at concealing her mischievous side. He recalled the daring pranks she pulled in the palace. But everything came to a screeching halt when the Crown Prince and Princess were found dead in their estate. The first person that discovered their lifeless body was the young Princess herself.

“I shouldn’t have let her wander off,” Asher chided himself. He spun on his heels and observed their surroundings. Humans and Vampires alike, mingled amongst themselves, as if they did not hate each other.

As technology became more advanced, so did the progression of the people. Eventually, people forgot how horrible the Vampires behaved during the Species War.

Asher glared at a couple. It was evident the man was a vampire, judging by his sharp features and pale skin. The woman was a human, the flush of life in her cheeks implied it.

“Those wretched beasts…” Asher growled under his breath. Once he gets his hands on the bastard that danced with Adeline, he would ensure the man would never show his face around here.

Who the hell was he in the first place? Asher had noticed the Vampires stepping back and gawking at the man’s presence. A few even lowered their head, like a dog with their tails tucked in between its legs.

The man was a Pure-Bred. Only those race, prestigious bloodlines received such a respectful greeting.

“Out of all the Vampires she could attract, it just had to be a Pure-Bred.”

Asher shook his head in disapproval. She could’ve chosen a Half-Blood, who was half Human and half Vampire, or even a Weakened, whose parents were both Vampires, but their blood had been too diluted to be tracked back.

“Just what kind of trouble did you get yourself into, Adeline?” Asher muttered to himself.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” he said with firm resolution. “I’ll always save you from harm.”

His grip tightened on the porcelain plate. “Even if it costs me my life. I will keep you safe, Adeline.”

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