His Majesty's Devious Sins

Chapter 20: Never Let Go.

Chapter 20:Never Let Go.

Eventually, the silence worried Adeline. She was practically being dragged by him, her short legs unable to meet his long ones. His grip on her hand had tightened, unwilling to let her go. She felt like she had fallen into a trap.

“T-that male servant,” Adeline managed out. “Marlow… He was quite kind.”

Elias came to a halt. His lips twitched when she bumped into him, nose-first. A small “ow” was heard. But he looked forward, resisting the urge to taunt her.

“I didn’t know you knew t-the servants by name,” Adeline added on.

Elias raised a brow. Was she making small talk? For a split second there, he felt an unpleasant feeling in his chest. It was uncomfortable.

“Servants should always be greeted well. They serve, cloth, and feed you.” Elias continued walking. He was fully aware that she was being pulled forward. This was not how he usually walked. But he wanted to give her a small punishment for escaping for this long.

“T-that’s a first…”

Elias stopped again. This time, she caught herself before bumping into him. What did she mean by that? He sharply turned around, revealing cold, cunning eyes reserved solely for her.

She naively looked up at him, revealing a slight smile paired with hesitant eyes. She was like a small deer watching her predator, gouging when it was the time to flee for her life. Right now, would be the right chance.

“W-well, it’s just, there are some aristocrats who mistreat their people.”

“I know.”

Adeline blinked. “And well uhm… I was just saying, it’s a f-first that I’ve seen someone treat the s-servants so well, besides my parents’ o-of course.”

“Adeline,” he deadpanned.

She jumped at the abrupt address, her eyes widening a bit. Like an inquisitive little animal, she tilted her head and watched his reaction.

“Are you nervous?”

“A-a bit…”


“I-I don’t know—”

“You do.”

Adeline bit her bottom lips. “W-who wouldn’t be nervous in front of His Majesty? You can kill me with just one order.”

Elias let out harsh laughter. “And you tried to kill me just yesterday. What do you have to say about that?”

“I-it was for a good reason—”

“If you kill a sinner, the amount of sinners in this world remains.”

Adeline tightened her hands, but forgot one of them was enveloped in his. Amusement twinkled in his bright red eyes. He could sense her nervousness. He should’ve, for her hands had gone clammy with cold sweat.

“And you called me a c-citizen so I… I was even more nervous,” Adeline slowly said, as if he was a child who did not understand the consequences of their actions.

“Don’t be a hypocrite, darling.”

Adeline gaped up at him.

“You called me by a polite address, shouldn’t I do the same for you?”

Adeline was speechless. Where was the lie in his statement? “I didn’t mean to draw the line between us, t-there was someone present, so I didn’t want to seem rude.”

Elias raised a brow. “A line is drawn between us? Separating what?”

Adeline opened and closed her mouth. There were not many things in this world that she prided herself on. Abrupt wits were one of them. That is, if she said it without stuttering.

“Hate and dislike?” she said.

His lips curled into his usual smirk. The action alone caused her to shiver a bit. There was not a single good intent in his brooding stare.

Adeline’s skin warmed with his intensive eyes. It was as if he was undressing her on the spot, and she was standing stark naked. Everywhere he’d touch would tingle with the familiarity of what his lips had touched.

“Do you hate me, Adeline?”

Adeline instantly nodded.


He was the least hurt by her words. Amused even, especially with his lowered voice, like he was promising her sweet nothingness.

“You snuck into my bedroom, withheld my necklace from me, and now that we’re in your domain, you’re dragging me to god knows where,” Adeline blurted out in two short breaths. She was rambling now, but that was out of pent-up frustration.

“And don’t lie,” she quickly added on. “I remember the directions to leave the ballroom yesterday night. We’re walking in the opposite way, so I can only conclude you’re trying to kidnap me.”

Adeline instantly regretted her long rant. Aunt Eleanor said men preferred quiet women. She had just uttered every little thing that has been bothering her. What would he think of her now?

Not that she cared or anything, but it would be better if she left the castle with her head intact. She had pointed fingers at the King and blamed him for his wrongdoings. People who opposed him received the worst ends… or so the rumors claimed.

“Finally,” he donned out.

Adeline tilted her head. Finally????

She squeezed her eyes when his hand approached her. Gently, he tapped the side of her forehead.

“Finally I know what goes on inside of your little head, darling.”

Adeline opened her eyes. She blinked. Once. Twice. Did she hear it correctly?

“And finally, you’ve stopped stuttering, my sweet Adeline.” Elias gently pulled her closer, reverting to his usual, mischievous antics. Once she was closer to him, he settled his hand upon her lower back.

“I like this side of you, much more, especially your breathless rants,” Elias murmured.

Adeline swallowed. His low voice sent her body humming. He was tall and his frame was large. If one were to look, they’d think he was alone. She had recalled how strong he was. No matter if she shoved him with her entire might, he didn’t budge. If he wanted to, he could keep her trapped in a pretty cage.

“Show this side of yours to me,” he greedily demanded.

Adeline wanted to tell him that this side was improper. But he gently touched the side of her face again, as if she was easily breakable.

“Elias…” she trailed off, wary of where they stood. People outside of the castle, like the patrolling guards, would be able to see them.

This hallway was brightly lit, and there were windows towards her right side. The hallway was luxurious, like the rest of the palace. Anyone would fall in love with this magnificent estate with its complementary blend of modern and ancient decor.

Elias pretended to not hear her stupid question. His calloused thumb brushed upon her soft cheeks. He was intrigued by the warmth of her skin, and the rapid beat of her heart. Even the soft breath she exhaled and the life in her eyes captivated him. She was so… human.

“It’s almost as if we’re—”

“You’ve yet to give me your response,” he suddenly said.

Adeline slowly nodded. “That’s because the entire night I-I—”

“Take a deep breath, darling,” he commanded.

Adeline knew what he was doing. Thus, she drew in a deep breath through her nose and released it through her mouth.


“Again, darling.”

Adeline obliged.

“I-I’m alright.”

“Once more, my sweet.”

Adeline obeyed.

And soon, her brain was cleared from the fog. “I’m fine now.”

His smile widened. The mischief was gone, and he was solely focused on her now. “Good girl.”

She frowned at the nickname, but did not speak on it. “You see, I saw my chaperone through these double doors, one of the three in the ballroom, and when I walked through the doors, I stumbled across a dark hallway.”

His brows shot up.

“I couldn’t open the doors and leave. It was scary… but I met this older woman and she said some gibberish to me, claiming to know my mother. Then, she was gone and the doors were suddenly opened by a crack.”

Adeline didn’t notice his haunting expression. She continued onwards. “By the time I came out of the dimly lit hallway, the ball was over! Marlow claimed over an hour had passed, but I could’ve sworn I was in that hallway for less than twenty minutes.”

She took in a deep breath and looked up at Elias. “I’m so confused…”

Elias sharply glanced upon her face. He had recalled how shaken up she was in the ballroom. He had thought it was because she was talking to another Vampire. Now, the intent was clear.

“Adeline,” he deadpanned. “I am going to tell you something, but you must hold onto me, and never let go.”

Adeline was bewildered by his words. They sounded like something straight out of her favorite movie. She slowly grasped upon his upper arms, her fingers clenching upon his hard muscles.

“The ballroom only has two doors. There has never been a third one.”

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