Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 362 - Tsunade’s Return

Chapter 362 – Tsunade’s Return

Orochimaru refused to say his reason even when Ryo continuously asked. With Korin’s permission, he took Korin’s Chakra and sealed it in a scroll. Before he handed out the scroll to Orochimaru, Ryo asked, “Uncle Snake, you know that Korin is not an ordinary Bijuu, right?”

Orochimaru nodded. Ryo had told him everything about Korin.

“Korin is a Juubi. Her Chakra is strictly a natural Chakra with my Spiritual Strength.” Ryo reminded.

Orochimaru took Korin’s Chakra. He excitedly licked his lips and said, “Relax! All I need is this power.”

“Well, that’s it then. I’ll leave with Tsunade-sama.”


Tsunade was about to burst with excitement when she heard she could finally leave Orochimaru’s base. Only God knew what had happened to her in the past few days.

“Boy, we’re going to Konoha, right?” Tsunade asked Ryo.

“Yes, is there any problem?”

“Nope, I just want to tell Lain and Rin if we’re ready to leave.”

“Alright, Tsunade-sama. I’ll leave it to you!”

Shortly after, Tsunade returned with Lain and Rin. Tsunade glanced at Namikaze Minato. She frowned, “Why isn’t Minato leaving with us?”

“It’s not the right time for Minato nii-san to return to the village. For now, he will stay in Orochimaru’s base.” Ryo explained.

“Also, everyone thought the Yondaime had dead for 10 years. The village will be in chaos if he returns now.”

“We’re ready? Let’s go!”

“Wait, you’re good with space and time Ninjutsu like Minato, right? Are you going to teleport us back to Konoha?”

Ryo nodded. That was his plan.

“Boy, that’s fine. But you should teleport us to the village border. We’ll walk back to the village.”

“Why?” Shishui asked in surprise.

“Of course, to let the villagers know, I’m back! Let the elders and children talk about my return.” Tsunade glanced at Shishui.

“Is Tsunade-sama trying to deter someone?”

She nodded and said, “Boy, you’re asking my help because you know I’m well respected in Konoha, right? In terms of strength, I think I’m not a match for your Eternal Mangekyou. Even with my Mokuton, I’m still a medical Ninja. You wanted me to return to the village to use my prestige and identity to do something, right? In that case, why should we return is secret. If we walked our way in, everyone would know that I’m back. That would make life easier.”

Ryo was stunned. Then he asked Tsunade, “Tsunade-sama, aren’t you going to ask me what I want to do?”

“No, I don’t think it will be necessary. I know you’re close with Minato. He grew up on my watch. I know exactly what kind of person he is. If he chooses to believe you, then I will too.”

Ryo was deeply touched, he bowed to Tsunade, “Thank you for trusting me, Tsunade-sama!”

“Well, let’s get to Konoha! You can tell me about what you and Minato planned there!”

“Okay!” Ryo told everyone to hold his shoulder, then teleported everyone to Konoha’s border.

Tsunade opened her eyes and observed the surrounding area. With slight envy, she said, “Wow! Time and Space Ninjutsu is really convenient!”

“Sensei, please walk with Tsunade-sama. I can’t reveal my identity for now, so I’ll return to the village first.”

Shishui “died” during the Uchiha Clan incident. Yamanaka Ryo and Hatake Sakumo didn’t announce his existence for some reason.

“Boy, what did you plan to do with Sakumo-senpai? Tsk tsk… first Minato, now Uchiha Shishui?”

“We’re just being careful. Although the current Ninja World looks peaceful, in fact, it’s not. Many people can threaten the village.”

“Okay, forget it. Just tell me what did you want to do with my help?”

Ryo laughed, “Tsunade-sama, we’re…”

Ryo told Tsunade about Minato’s idea to abolish the Hyuga Clan Main Family’s control over the Branch Family. After listening to it, Tsunade frowned. “Boy, the Senju clan has always been kind to Hyuga. But I don’t think kindness is enough to extinguish the Branch Family’s hatred. You know that the Branch Family was enslaved for hundreds of years, right? Their hatred had passed down through generations. It’s not a matter which can be easily resolved.”

“I understand. I have thought about the possibilities as well. But Minato nii-san thought the Branch Family is also a member of our village. They deserved every right to be Konoha residents, just like the Main Family. So…”

“In this case, we should carefully plan our next action. Otherwise, I will not bear the responsibility when the village descends into chaos!”

“Tsunade-sama, please rest assured. I will bear all the consequences.”

“Good, now let’s get going!” After finished speaking, Tsunade took the lead and walked towards Konoha. As she previously stated, she didn’t intend to hide her arrival. Most Ninjas guarding the border didn’t know Tsunade. But they knew about Yamanaka Ryo, so she must be an important person to make Ryo walked behind her. After recognizing her physical characteristic, they immediately sent a message to the village.

Hatake Sakumo smiled after he received the message. He said to the Anbu next to him, “Send someone to announce Tsunade’s arrival to the villagers.”

The Anbu was stunned, “Hokage-sama… By ‘Tsunade’ you mean Tsunade-sama, one of the Sannin?”

“Of course! Who else?! Go and tell the villagers. Oh, right! Tell the Saindaime personally.”

“Yes, Hogake-sama!” After speaking, the Anbu Ninja immediately left.

In less than an hour, everyone in the village knew about Tsunade’s arrival. The older generations of the villagers and Ninja gathered at the village entrance.


Sarutobi Clan’s Residence, home of the Sandaime.

Knowing Tsunade’s return to the village, Saindaime shed tears from the corner of his eyes.

The three children, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, all grew up together and experienced countless devotion among the three of them. To Sandaime, he felt closer to them, even closer than his own children.

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