I Am A Legendary BOSS

Chapter 353 - Goddess of Magic!!!

Chapter 353 Goddess of Magic!!!

The players were complaining that the gaming experience of the Blood Moon Dark Witch Instance Dungeon was extremely poor.

Some players could not enter the underground space and see the naked witch, so they condemned the Instance Dungeon in the forum. They complained about the numerous winding tunnels.

Was it not good to make it simple?

Why were there so many complications?

All the players died, and they did not catch a glimpse of…

However, no voices of dissent appeared against Prince William.

If anyone were to speak ill of the Prince on the forum, they would be severely condemned by a group of ladies.

Even in other forums, William had a large number of fans.

William’s charm reigned supreme!

However, he had some recent scandals.

There were videos and screenshots of his bald head on the forum.

An embarrassing screenshot of his final battle with the Blood Moon Dark Witch had also been circulated.

Everyone was discussing the baldness of Lord William, who had become stronger.

More importantly, there were some players who liked to unearth William’s history and discover his secret.

William had been bald three times. Each time, he would become stronger.

Many male players in the City of Dawn changed their hairstyles…

On the streets of the city, one can see groups of bald players everywhere. Although they had not become stronger, they strutted with extreme confidence!

Some weird players created a new guild called Bald-headed Clan!

It was like a secret society.

This group of players was poor, but they did not want to work in the game. Instead, they had to resort to the metaphysics.

The players had finally found credible metaphysics.

One could become stronger after being bald.

When the players had shaved their hair, William’s long flowy hair grew back.

“Gosh, is that cheating? How can the hair grow so fast?”

“No, perhaps Prince William used fertilizers on his head…”

William glanced at them and winced. “Your baldness had stolen my limelight. Otherwise, why should I have used a drop of Life Potion?”

William didn’t walk on the street to parade his long new hair. He was not the showy kind of Elf.

He just passed by, going on his way to chat with Moses to improve their relationship. He was striving to increase Moses’ affinity to 1,000 points.

At the same time, he could request for magic scrolls.

The request of the scrolls was casual and not his true intention!

Pom, pom, pom!

When William knocked on the door, the wooden door of the fortune-telling hut creaked. The magic lamp that was hanging by the door shook a few times.

William pushed the door and entered. He found the mute black kitten watching the entrance and chose to ignore it and its gaze. William stepped into Moses’ secret chamber.

He found Moses deep into his sea of books.

For William, Moses was an extraordinary enchanter.

His learning pace was fast. He only took minutes to figure out the truth that would take mages a lifetime to uncover. Hence, Moses appeared to be leisurely.

That was why Moses could not have a breakthrough to become a Great Enchanter.

Moses had dispelled the curse placed on him. He had great confidence in becoming a Great Enchanter within a few years. That was the key reason for his recently conscientious effort.

Before William had the chance to speak, Moses asked, “Why are you here?”

“Ah?” William was embarrassed and his tone was stiff. “Aren’t you my best pal?”

Moses said, “Your mother wouldn’t let me play with you.”

William was in deep thought. This sentence had a hidden meaning. “Did my mother think that you are a bad influence?

“So, she wouldn’t let me play with you?

“Let’s not discuss this.”

William decided to change the subject, so he said in a manly and direct way, “What are you busy with recently?”

“Are you blind? Ain’t I reading the magic compendiums?”

“Oh, can you spare me some magic scrolls…” William shamelessly asked.

Moses wanted to be angry, but he suddenly smiled. He didn’t know if he was angry. Instead, he helplessly looked at William and asked, “What magic scrolls do you want this time?”

“I want tens of fire attack scrolls, a frost curse, and tens of vials of venom. I am afraid I’ll freeze to death in the northern region.”

William fiddled with his fingers as he had requested for a lot of valuable scrolls and potions.

The value of the frost curse was half the value of the City of Dawn.

Moses did not directly decline. He pondered. “Why are you going to the extreme north? The professionals of the Frost Empire are a group of thugs.

“They only know how to fight and kill all day long. The northern dwellers are a group of reckless men. With your short arms and legs, you won’t be able to flee once you’re caught by a Realm Warrior.”

Moses shook his head as he surveyed William’s charming face and his petite body.

He was worried that William would be captured and kept as a pet…

William rolled his eyes and said, “Aren’t you going to save me?”

Moses was speechless.

He could only sigh and take out tens of scrolls from a mountainous pile of empty scrolls. He infused the magic scrolls with energy while he said to William, “If you are really caught, I can’t save you with space magic within a short time period. How many random Teleportation scrolls do you have?”

“There are two more!” William showed a V-shaped victory gesture.

“Then, I’ll give you two more.” Moses was being strangely generous. He had even created a frost curse scroll for William.

Thirty minutes later, Moses tossed the magic scrolls and potions into William’s arms.

The Prince was a little reluctant to take them.

He quickly grabbed Moses’ arm and asked, “Did you obtain divination? Don’t frighten me… Moses.”

Moses blushed and pushed William away!


Moses’ arm was slender, but his strength was immense.

William knocked over half of the bookshelf and crashed deeply into the wall…

Three seconds later.

William walked out unscathed. He rubbed his head and asked, “Tell me. If it’s too dangerous, I won’t go…”

Even though he wanted to investigate the curse that caused the destruction of a Grand Duchy, it did not mean that he wanted to die. If it was a fatal mission, William would skip it.

Moses frowned. This time, he did not use palmistry for divination. He took out a divination crystal and placed it in his arms for a while. Then, he said, “You’ll encounter a great danger in your trip, but it comes with great reward. You shall decide for yourself.”

“Is the danger in a Human country? Or is it further north?”

Moses frowned and shook his head. “I told you before. The divination will not work when I divulge the details. Things will change, and you may have a fatal accident in a safe place instead.”

“I understand.” William sighed. He also knew that there would be huge risks if he wanted to have a big reward.

His Luck Points were extremely low…

But he could bring along companions with high luck points.

William did not ponder much. He bade Moses farewell and left in haste.

After he left, a finger snap was heard.

Moses’ original masculine appearance transformed. His figure became extremely voluptuous.

Moses had an alluring face that could cause wars among the countries. She had an enchanting grace and irresistible charm.

She quietly sat down. Her feminine and confident behavior could make many men want to own her.

Moses was a lady!

When she unraveled the curse of the Grand Mage, Moses had regained her feminine body.

Previously, Moses had the identity of the Sacred Maiden in the Magic Sanctuary.

She was under the Grand Mage’s curse, and her power was greatly reduced.

Just before Moses fled, she had placed a curse on herself and transformed into a man. This would help her avoid the pursuit of the Magic Sanctuary and the courtship of many men.

The Temple Lord of Magic Sanctuary would never have guessed Moses would use such a disguise.

The Grand Mage knew Moses well…

The reincarnation of the Goddess of Magic had never liked men, so she would never become one.

The defection of the Sacred Maiden was not worth talking about. The Magic Sanctuary had kept this a secret and continued to discreetly search for her.

Hence, the players were not aware of the true identity of Moses.

Even though Moses was wearing a man’s magical robe, she was still very attractive. She bit her full lips and narrowed her eyes. “Blood Moon, come out.”

“Yes, my Lady!” The Blood Moon Dark Witch appeared from nowhere and knelt in front of Moses.

The witch had become a true enchanter.

Not only had she been resurrected, but she had also become stronger!

Blood Moon looked at Moses as though her Lady was the truth. It was a gaze of faith and fortitude. She was willing to sacrifice for Moses!

It was the same gaze that her Blood Moon believers had cast at her.

Moses stared blankly into space as she divined into the extreme north. A layer of black fog blocked her vision, but she said, “Follow William as long as he is still in the Blue Frost Empire. If he travels further north, then you shall return.”

“I understand, My Lady.” The Blood Moon Dark Witch nodded and walked out while showing her long slender legs.

The Goddess of Magic sat cross-legged on the chair while resting her chin on her hands. Her cheeks bulged as she muttered unintelligibly to herself.

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