I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 328 - Death Quintet!

Chapter 328 Death Quintet!

The gaming menu spun slowly. At the same time, Huyu Streaming Platform also displayed the avatar of Sun Nation’s Death Quintet.

The moment their avatar was shown, all those that were familiar with games were immediately stunned.

Their eyes were glued to the avatar of the five players, slowly widening and showing fear. After a detailed confirmation, they could not help but feel their hearts palpitating.

[F*ck! It’s them, the Death Quintet!]

[F*ck f*ck f*ck! How much money did Huyu Streaming throw in to get those five people here? This is too scary!]

[How to fight? Y-God is doomed. If he knew this in advance, Y-God would not have accepted the challenge!]

Voices of horror and fear appeared in the comments.

Of course, some were oblivious to the situation and immediately asked, [Death Quintet? What’s that? Are they good?]

[Good? They’re horrifying. You just need to know that even amongst the professional gamers they reign on top.]

[In the DOTA tournament four months ago, half of Asia’s professional gamers took part. However, first place was taken away by these five people, winning 500 thousand USD. What do you think?]

[In the tournament’s matches, all those that went up against them were eliminated. They were all completely crushed. That was why this group was named the Death Quintet.]


Countless viewers sucked in a mouthful of cold air in front of their computers. Their expressions turned gloomy and were lined with worry.

These people were at the level of an emperor in terms of gaming. With a gap of an expert and layman, how can Y-God win?

Some people even went on Baidu to find out more information on the Death Quintet. They joined the DOTA community at age 16 and were recruited into professional gaming at age 18, after which they displayed their surprising talent. Furthermore, the five of them were talented in different aspects, thus complementing each other. They were currently only 21 but had already won three championships. Other medals and prizes were beyond counting!

Scary. Absolutely terrifying!

Song Qian similarly saw the information regarding the Death Quintet and fell into the chair butt first in shock. ‘That’s it, Huyu is really going to duke it out with Panda Streaming to the bitter end!’

[It’s the Death Quintet!?] 09 and Love Letter were flabbergasted, and their voices were trembling. They felt their scalp go numb and goosebumps broke out all over their body.

They used to be from the circle of professional gamers and felt it even more intensely. Even during their prime, they would have to avoid confrontation with the Death Quintet.

Along with the surprised gasp of countless viewers, they officially entered the game.

The game this time was a very formal one, adhering to all the rules of an official tournament. It started with a banning procedure used to ban heroes.

This procedure was meant to prevent certain heroes from affecting the fairness of a match.

Right from the get-go, the Sun Nation used their first ban on Shadow Fiend!

When they saw Shadow Fiend disappear, the viewers were dazed as they all knew that Y-God had only used one hero, and that was Shadow Fiend. He was being targeted… Outright targeted!

[F*ck! How shameless of them to ban Shadow Fiend?!]

[Motherf*cker, I’m dying from laughter. It’s my first time seeing someone ban Shadow Fiend in a match!]

[I heard that those five would resort to unscrupulous means to win a match. Seems like it’s true. Shameless!]

[It was already bullying to use professional gamers, yet now they even banned his strongest hero? Trash!]

[F*ck! How will they fight? Y-God can only use Shadow Fiend right?]

The livestream broke into a slugfest. The Sun Nation’s shamelessness made the viewers feel as though they had eaten a pile of poop.

Ye Lingchen’s stream was filled with a load of people voicing out the injustice, asking for Ye Lingchen to call the match, claiming there was no point to carry on like that.

Contrary to that, those from Huyu Streaming had a smug grin on their face, waiting to see Ye Lingchen embarrass himself.

[Y-God, what do we do? They’re just too much!] Coold bit her lips and asked in a worried tone.

[It’s fine.] Ye Lingchen smiled relaxly and announced in the stream, [Everyone please stay calm. Who told you that I can only play Shadow Fiend? To be honest, Shadow Fiend is my worst hero. The reason I’ve been using it all these while was to avoid bullying others.]

[F*ck! Is this for real?]

[Shadow Fiend is your worst hero? Why does that statement sound so much like a brag?]

[Y-God, are you trying to comfort us?]

Ye Lingchen’s words finally soothed the viewer’s emotions.

The heroes were picked out one by one. Finally, Ye Lingchen began to make his pick. Under the scrutiny of countless eyes, he moved his cursor over a hero wielding two blades with a blindfold over his eyes, Anti-Mage!

Seeing Ye Lingchen’s selection, all of their eyes almost popped out from their sockets; they almost could not believe their own eyes.


[Host, are you f*cking with me? Why are you picking such a trashy hero?!]

[F*ck! Y-God has given up on winning!]

[This is the end, What’s this? Why must you choose Anti-Mage out of all those heroes?]

Ye Lingchen’s choice also caused the Death Quintet to be shocked, after which the condescension in their faces grew as they put on a mocking smile.

Anti-Mage was publicly known as DOTA’s trashiest hero. Once, many people refused to believe that and tried to develop this hero. However, after countless experiments, it proved that the hero was really trashy and totally useless.

First skill: Mana Break. Each attack burns 60 points of mana of the opponent and deals 60 percent of the mana burned as damage.

Second skill: Blink. Short distance teleportation.

Third skill: Counterspell. Increased magic resistance.

Fourth skill: Mana Void. Deals damage to an opponent for each point of mana missing.

Anti-Mage, true to its name, had an unmatched beef with spellcasters. Each of his skills was specifically targeting spellcasters. Although these skills may seem useful, they were actually very trashy.

Lacking crowd control and burst damage, he was bad at attack and defense. Only blink could help him escape. However, this hero was very squishy by nature. Once on the battlefield, he would probably be dead before dealing much damage.

When they saw Ye Lingchen pick Anti-Mage, the viewers that did not hold much hope for this match turned thoroughly hopeless. They felt as though they could already see the outcome of this match.

09 and the rest looked at the hero and similarly cursed in their hearts. They opened their mouth trying to say something but stopped short. At this rate, they could only give it everything they had.

Ring ring ring!

Right when Song Qian was plagued with concern with a tight frown on his face, the phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was Wang Yuan.

“Hello. Wang Yuan?”

“Hehe, Song Qian, look at you now! I’ve told you before that those who go against me, Wang Yuan, would not end well! You forced our Huyu Streaming down this path of no return, then you better prepare yourselves to be decimated!” Wang Yuan’s voice was exceedingly cold and carried a smug tone. “Say, how long do you think Y-God can hold out in this match? 30 minutes, no! 20 minutes. I’m sure he won’t even last 20 minutes! Wahaha…”

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