I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 1: I Must Be A Fake MC!

Chapter 1: I Must Be A Fake MC!

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Shen Tian was very depressed.

He had transmigrated to a world of cultivation!

He had become the 13th Prince in the Country of Fire at the Eastern Wilderness in this new world of cultivation.

What was there to complain about being a prince?

Well, he was not just a prince… He was a prince known for his extreme, bad luck!

His mother was Concubine Lan, the most beautiful lady in the Country of Fire and the person the King adored a lot. Her imperial status was very close to that of the Queen.

Under normal circumstances, Concubine Lan’s son would have a decent chance to become the Crown Prince in the future.

However, on the day of delivery, Concubine Lan had died due to severe hemorrhage that was caused by dystocia.

From then on, the King had been loathing the 13th Prince’s presence a lot. Thus, his imperial status had started to decline rapidly.

As the 13th Prince grew older, his luck was becoming worse and worse.

He had a gorgeous Flaming Bird as his Spirit Pet, but it had drowned in the Imperial Garden.

He had an expensive Purple Epiphyllum, but a random kid with no manners had uprooted it.

He had followed his cousins to the Directorate of Imperial Academy to study once… and the building collapsed the very day!

Besides having bad luck in his daily activities, the 13th Prince also had a challenging cultivation journey.

Today was the 88th time that he suffered from Qi Deviation. Unfortunately, he did not make it this time.

The 13th Prince had not been believing in destiny and had been trying to fight against it, but the latter got the better of him.

Now, his body belonged to Shen Tian, a well-educated youth from the 21st century.

“Water… Get me some water…”

Shen Tian lay on the bed in anguish. The feeling was almost unbearable, and it affected his stomach.

An old eunuch rushed over with a teapot and attended Shen Tian.

“Your Highness, here’s some water. Drink it slowly.”

He was Eunuch Gui, Head of Housekeeping of Lem’s Palace and the only eunuch that was in Lem’s Palace right now. It could be said that he had brought up the 13th Prince himself.

Shen Tian felt much better after drinking the water.

He looked at this old eunuch and was stunned.

He recognized this person from the 13th Prince’s memory.

Eunuch Gui had been in the palace since he had been a child and had been working there for more than 50 years. Concubine Lan had saved his life before, and thus he was very loyal to the 13th Prince.

However, unlike what he remembered, there was a halo floating on Eunuch Gui’s head!

Yes, it was a green-glowing halo!

Shen Tian was shocked by what he was seeing. The halo was similar to the one angels seemingly had, just that the color was very different.

Am I seeing things?

Shen Tian rubbed his eyes and looked again. The halo was still there. Clearly, it was not his imagination.

“Uncle Gui, could you pass me a mirror?”

Eunuch Gui fetched over a mirror in no time.

When Shen Tian looked at his reflection in the mirror, he finally understood why the 13th Prince had been so unlucky.

His face was handsome!

Very, very, handsome.

Concubine Lan had been the most beautiful lady in the Country of Fire, and he had inherited her best genes.

At the age of 16, the 13th Prince had looks no one could match. Even Shen Tian felt attracted to himself.

However, that was not the main issue. He had a halo on his head too, just like Eunuch Gui. The only difference was that his halo was pitch black, with inky mist surrounding it.

It looked like it was filled with all the adversity and ominous things in the world, and it was really terrifying.

Obviously, that could not be good!

Could this be the physical manifestation of bad luck?!

So is the exemplification of the saying, “Your glabella seems dark…”?

Shen Tian went back lying on the bed, as he needed some time to himself.

Other transmigrators have Main Character Buffs, and their halos must be shining in golden rays!

As for me?

Just the look of it sent chills down Shen Tian’s spine. He felt that he could probably get struck by lightning even if he went out on a sunny day!

I must be a fake MC…

It would be a lie to say he was not worried about the dark halo on his head.

Forget about cultivation, adventures, treasure hunts, and tribulations. He was very likely to choke on the food he was eating and pass away!

“Uncle Gui, I’m tired. You can go now.”

Shen Tian decided to rest for now.

Currently, It was impossible to go outside. Before he fully recovered, the only safe thing to do was to lie on the bed.

“Your Highness, I will excuse myself and brew medicinal herbs for you.”

Eunuch Gui had no idea that the boy lying on the bed now was not the 13th Prince he knew. He closed the door gently so that Shen Tian would not catch a cold and went to the kitchen.

Shen Tian behaved himself for the entire month. He did not secretly cultivate or fool around. He did not even go out of his bed.

Finally, under Eunuch Gui’s care, Shen Tian started to recover slowly.

It’s been a month! One, entire, MONTH! God knows how I managed to survive this!

Shen Tian finally lost patience. He could only lie on his bed without a phone, computer, or even a novel to read!

This boring life was driving him crazy.

Shen Tian realized that freedom was more precious than life itself. Thus, he decided to go out for some fresh air!

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