I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 11: Who Would Have Expected

Chapter 11: Who Would Have Expected

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Shen Tian’s sudden appearance shocked Little Spirit Fairy.

Who was the person that had descended from the sky?

Although he was extremely handsome, to the point it made Little Spirit Fairy’s heart thump, he was just too showy!

He had just nicely stepped onto a banana skin when he landed from the sky.

“Fairy, please don’t worry. I’ll definitely protect you. With me around, he won’t even be able to lay a finger on you!”

Shen Tian stood up with much difficulty and protected Little Spirit Fairy behind him.

He pointed at the scoundrel and said righteously, “Hey! Scoundrel, how bold of you to dare to try and rob such a kind and beautiful woman in broad daylight! You should be punished severely!”

That scoundrel was stunned. “Huh, scoundrel? Who is robbing a kind and beautiful woman!?”

Little Spirit Fairy pursed her lips behind Shen Tian and said, “I’m still a girl, not a woman yet!”

Shen Tian’s mouth twitched.

Is that the main point?

Shouldn’t the main point be that I descended from the sky and lent a helping hand to her righteously, being a hero saving the beauty?

“I’ll give you a chance…” Shen Tian looked at that scoundrel coldly. “Return the Spirit Stones to Miss Little Spirit Fairy, and I can let you go, or else…”

That scoundrel laughed as he looked at Shen Tian with contempt. “Or else what?”

Shen Tian smirked slightly, revealing a smile that was enough to make tens of thousands of girls go crazy with love.

He shook his head gently, sighed, and said, “I’ve given you a chance. It’s you who did not cherish it.”

Behind him, Little Spirit Fairy pulled on Shen Tian’s sleeve. “It’s none of your business, and we don’t know each other either. It’s better for you to leave!”

“Don’t know each other? Haha.”

Shen Tian lifted his head slightly and looked into the sky at a 45-degree angle. Then, he said with a gloomy expression, “A lonely shadow can be seen beside the river. We’re both cultivators, must we be acquaintances in order to show compassion as our paths cross?”

As she looked at Shen Tian’s refined side-face and heard his posh words, Little Spirit Fairy’s face turned slightly red. “But—”

Shen Tian interrupted Little Spirit Fairy. “There are no buts.”

Then, he said righteously, “If we see injustice, we roar! When it’s time to fight, we fight1

“As a cultivator, how could I turn a blind eye to your plight?”

The scoundrel flew into a rage from embarrassment. He scoffed and said, “As a busybody, you still want to become a hero and save the beauty? See how I’ll teach you a lesson!”

After he finished, he gave a loud roar and charged toward Shen Tian.

A powerful aura was emitted from him. He was actually someone in the stage of Qi Refinement!

Little Spirit Fairy became anxious. “Don’t fight, please stop fighting.”

“Miss, don’t need to worry for me, settling such a scoundrel is as easy as a piece of cake.”

Shen Tian looked at that scoundrel in disdain. “Eunuch Gui!”

Instantly, a reply could be heard from Eunuch Gui, “Yes, young master!”



Before his voice faded, he started using techniques from the Demon Book of Hyuga.

Dark red Spirit Qi, with incomparable powers, exploded from Eunuch Gui. It seemed weirdly fantasy-like as he looked wild and evil.

He was covered by Spirit Qi, turned into a red shadow, and instantly appeared between Shen Tian and the scoundrel.

“Such a bold scoundrel! You dare to be disrespectful toward the prince!”

Eunuch Gui had purposely shouted that sentence.

Previously, Shen Tian had really miscalculated when he had stepped onto the banana skin, so most likely, Little Spirit Fairy’s impression of him was not that good.

However, it was not much of a problem, as with Shen Tian’s luck, it was normal for him to step on a banana skin.

Eunuch Gui thought that as long as he “unintentionally” exposed Shen Tian’s identity of being a prince, it would be no problem for Shen Tian to capture Little Spirit Fairy’s heart.

His Highness’ happiness is what I seek in my life.

Scoundrel, die!

Eunuch Gui, who was 50+ years old, punched with his old fist crazily, landing heavy blows on the scoundrel’s body one after the other.

Ultimate speed equaled ultimate strength.

In the cultivation methods in the world, all except having the fastest speed could be defeated!

In front of Eunuch Gui’s phantom-like speed, even if the scoundrel was in the Qi Refinement stage, he was weak and unable to resist at all.

In the blink of an eye, he had been hit hundreds of times and was full of injuries.

“Your Highness, this scoundrel has been subdued!”

After bringing the scoundrel under control, Eunuch Gui respectfully retreated to the side, leaving enough space for Shen Tian.

Now, it was time for His Highness’ time to shine.

When seeing how Little Spirit Fairy was stunned with shock and was even a little cute, Shen Tian smiled slightly. “Miss, you’re safe now. There’s no need to thank me. This is something any cultured cultivator should do.”

However, to Shen Tian’s surprise, Little Spirit Fairy really did not thank him.

Unexpectedly, she ran to the scoundrel’s side. She examined how tragic he looked and covered her mouth as if she was trying to endure her laughter.

Nevertheless, she still forced herself to ask with concern, “Are you okay?”

The scoundrel had already been beaten black and blue and had even lost half of his teeth. Air would leak out continuously when he spoke, so he could not speak properly.

“Yuu aktually log eat log!”

Shen Tian was filled with curiosity as he walked up to her. “He’s done those things to you, and you still worry whether he’s alright? Also… What is he saying?”

Little Spirit Fairy rolled her eyes at Shen Tian. She looked angry but happy at the same time. Also, it seemed like she was about to cry.

“He said, ‘You actually dog eat dog!’”

Shen Tian was stunned, “What dog eat dog?”

The scoundrel looked at Shen Tian with bitter eyes and said with great difficulty, “Jash you vait, you ill pae for tis.”

Shen Tian scratched his head. “What is he saying again?”

Little Spirit Fairy felt wronged as she said, “He said, ‘Just you wait, you will pay for this.’”

Shen Tian was enraged. “You have angered me! You tried to rob such a kind and beautiful woman in broad daylight and still dare to threaten me, are you looking for death?”

Eunuch Gui tried to persuade Shen Tian, “Your Highness, please calm down. How about we beat him up again? Or how about just killing him?”

In that instant, that scoundrel was filled with terror. “Plish have macy, plish don’t kell me.”

Upon seeing that Little Spirit Fairy was about to open her mouth again, Shen Tian shook his head. “There’s no need to explain, I understood it. Please have mercy, please don’t kill me.”

The scoundrel heaved a sigh of relief and nodded his head.

Little Spirit Fairy shook her head and said, “I just wanted to say I am not a woman, not a woman, really not a woman!”

Shen Tian was rendered speechless.

Little Spirit Fairy noticed the trio’s suspicious looks and hesitated for a moment, but she still revealed the truth.

Actually, Little Spirit Fairy was not a so-called Spirit Ore Appraiser.

The person lying on the ground was not some scoundrel but the good-for-nothing son of Shopkeeper Song from Sky Spirit Pavilion.

Little Spirit Fairy had once learned some superficial Spirit Ore Appraiser techniques by chance.

Although it was impossible to appraise ores by just relying on such techniques, it was still possible to fool normal people.

In addition, Little Spirit Fairy’s beauty was heavenly, and she naturally had a temperament that made her more approachable to people.

Therefore, an idea had struck her, and she had visited those Spirit Ore shops to cooperate with them. Thus, she had become the “marketing influencer” in the Myriad Spirit Garden.

Every time a store replenished their supply, they would invite Little Spirit Fairy to perform an act. They would take out a Spirit Ore prepared beforehand, and Little Spirit Fairy would pretend to buy it.

Then, after that Spirit Ore was sliced open right on the spot, its price would increase tens of times.

In addition, with the fans that Little Spirit Fairy had, it was easy to pull a large number of customers for the Spirit Ore shops.

There would be a certain chance for those customers to spend in the Spirit Ore shops.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Ore shops would give about 1% of the profits earned from those customers’ spendings as remuneration for Little Spirit Fairy.

These situations were also not counted as rare since Shen Tian had met such people in all kinds of industries in his previous life.

These acts were present in all kinds of industries, such as hotels, restaurants, housing, gambling, swindlers, magic…

It was just Shen Tian who had never expected to encounter such a situation even after transmigrating into a cultivation world.

She looked like an otherworldly fairy, but who would have thought she was actually a shill!

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