I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 12: There Is No Fate Between Us

Chapter 12: There Is No Fate Between Us

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Shen Tian finally understood why he had not seen any fortuitous opportunities on Little Spirit Fairy’s halo.

What fortuitous opportunities? She was just someone working!

All the items were prepared beforehand. It was not a fortuitous opportunity at all!

It would be weird if he actually saw something!

What a waste of time…

Shen Tian sighed and was about to leave.

Little Spirit Fairy pulled on Shen Tian’s sleeve and asked, “What about him?”

Although the young shopkeeper was a horny pervert, he had not actually done anything yet!

He had been badly beaten up by Eunuch Gui and looked miserable.

Shopkeeper Song had some influence in Myriad Spirit Garden. If he did not settle it well, Little Spirit Fairy would have a hard time around this place.

Eunuch Gui thought for a moment and said, “Your Highness, let’s just kill him!”


Shen Tian walked up to the young shopkeeper and asked, “Why did you not tell me earlier? You really should have.

“If you had said so earlier, he would not have ended up like this. Am I right?

“I thought you were flirting with this lady here!”

Little Spirit Fairy interrupted, “I’m still a young girl! A girl!”

Shen Tian nodded. “Oh yeah, flirting with a girl. Serve you right.

“How about this. Let this be considered as a free lesson I taught you on behalf of your father, and we are good. Okay?”

Shen Tian pleaded sincerely, but it was not very useful.

Young Shopkeeper Song stared at Shen Tian with hatred.

Shen Tian scoffed. “Why? Still not happy about it? Wanna go back and tell your daddy and ask for his help?”

He took out a golden token from his pocket. It was imprinted with a red dragon on it. Shen Tian said, “Let me tell you this. I’m the 6th Prince in this country, Shen Aw.

“Little Spirit Fairy is with me now. Don’t you dare try funny things on her!

“I’ll be waiting in my palace if you are still unhappy about it!”

After that, Shen Tian turned around and left.

Little Spirit Fairy and Young Shopkeeper Song were stunned on the spot—one with admiration, one felt hopeless.

Young Shopkeeper Song’s family was experienced with treasures and antiques, so he was very sure that the token was genuine.

Also, the way Eunuch Gui addressed him and his special voice convinced Young Shopkeeper Song that Shen Tian belonged to the royal family.

Unfortunately, he did not know that the number on the other side of the token was 13 instead of 6!

If he were just a normal prince, Young Shopkeeper Song had some ways to get his compensation.

The Song family in Sky Spirit Pavilion knew quite a few higher-ups in several countries. Even the royal family had to give them some face. That was why they could last in the industry of Spirit Ores that gave high profit.

However, the 6th Prince had an exceptionally high imperial status among all the princes.

Everyone in the country knew about the 6th Prince, Shen Aw. He had managed to reach the 9th Firmament when he was just 18 and would soon become a personal disciple of an Elder in the Grand White Grotto-Heaven. His future was very promising.

As long as nothing went wrong, Shen Ao would at least become a Perfected One in the Golden Core.

If he were lucky, he could even become a Supremacy at Nascent Soul.

Even Song’s ancestors were only at the peak of Golden Core.

Geniuses like Shen Ao were not people the Song family could mess around with!

Almost instantly, the young storekeeper accepted what happened.

At least, he was still alive.

At the same time, Shen Tian had already escaped from the scene.

That’s soooo embarrassing!

Shen Tian had enough of his bad luck.

Others would have a normal story plot after saving a beautiful girl.

But for him? The girl was a liar in cahoots with the shopkeeper!

What else could he say?

Please let me get rid of this black halo on my head!

Shen Tian had already given up on a red halo. He just wished for a green one!

Eunuch Gui tried to comfort the prince. “Your Highness, please be calm. It’s just a mistake by chance.”

Shen Tian looked at Eunuch Gui and asked, “Really? By chance?”

Eunuch Gui was taken aback by the question.

Judging by all these years… It seems perfectly normal for the prince to encounter this.

“It’s okay!” Shen Tian scoffed out of a sudden. “I have a plan B in mind!”

Shen Tian was inspired by Little Spirit Fairy’s way of earning money. Since she could let others believe that she was a Spirit Ore Appraiser and had so many followers…. he could do the same!

After all, Little Spirit Fairy was just a fake, but Shen Tian could really see the images of fortuitous opportunities. As long as he managed to find some good Spirit Ore for people with halos showing the images, he would be famous in no time.

By then, the entire Myriad Spirit Garden would queue for Shen Tian’s skill. He would then have plenty of chances to get rid of his black halo.

Shen Tian started his plan immediately.

He applied simple make-up, changed to a Dao robe, and pasted a fake mustache.

Then, he found a table and a chair by the Myriad Spirit Garden.

After that, he cut a red cloth into three pieces. One placed on the table and the other two hanging on the poles on the sides of the table.

On the left, it wrote: If we are fated, it will be free.

On the right, it wrote: If not, no amount of gold would fancy me.

On the table, there were some words beautifully written on it: Kindness in Charity.

Although the 13th Prince was unlucky, he had been practicing penmanship for the last 16 years, and no one could compare to his handwriting.

It was attractive just by the look of it!

“Come around, gather around!

“I’m Shen Aotian, the disciple of Supremacy Feyte in Dark Grotto on Nippon Mountain. I’m following my master’s order and helping the right people to search for Spirit Stones and judge for Spirit Ores.

“There will be Spirit Stones in every ore I choose, and I will take no money from you. It will be yours as long as there is fate between us.

“Do not miss this golden opportunity!

“Follow my instructions, buy the Spirit Ore, and you will be rich!”

Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao looked at Shen Tian with mixed feelings.

“Uncle Gui, does the prince really know how to search for Spirit Stones by judging the ores?”

“Although the prince has a vast range of knowledge, this is something really hard and not possible to learn without a mentor.”

“Then… Did the prince go mad because of what happened before?”

“Indeed, the prince is behaving weirdly lately. I was right after all! What should we do now? The imperial doctor is not around here.”

Shen Tian said, “I’m not mad! I’m perfectly normal!”

These two fellows did not even bother helping me to shout!

Soon, someone got interested in Shen Tian’s business and approached the table.

“Hey there. You will not take a single cent if there is a Spirit Stone inside?”

Shen Tian smiled confidently and said, “You have my words. I will not charge anything.”

The guy asked again, “What if I listen to you and do not get anything from the Spirit Ore? Are you here trying to scam us?”

Shen Tian was stunned by the question, as he could not answer it.

My method is the same as Little Spirit Fairy’s. Why has no one ever doubted her?

Why are these people so smart out of a sudden?

Could it be my black halo, again?

Shen Tian decided to trust his ability. He smiled and said, “I’m only here helping those people who have fate with me as an act of kindness. If there is treasure inside, you can have it all. If not, I will fully pay for your loss!”

I’ll have the treasure with such full insurance?

I can’t believe that something fell into my lap!

The passerby—let’s call him Passerby A—got very excited.

He said smilingly, “Please, could you help me pick a good ore?”

Shen Tian stared at Passerby A for some time and shook his head.

“I’m sorry. There is no fate between us.”

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