I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 13: There Is Fate Between Us

Chapter 13: There Is Fate Between Us

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Passerby A was petrified. “Are you messing with me?”

Shen Tian felt very innocent. “I’ve already said. I’m only here helping those people who have fate with me. You are not one of them. How am I messing with you?”

Shen Tian stared at the white halo on Passerby A’s head and shook his head.

Too bad!

You do not even have a spot of green on your halo, and there are no images of your fortuitous opportunity.

You are just not fated.

You want me to help you choose a good ore?

How do I find it?

Passerby A was very angry and clenched his fists.

Shen Tian reminded him kindly, “Brother, no violence in Myriad Spirit Garden. You will be fined.”

Passerby A’s mouth twitched. In the end, he backed off. He had finally accumulated some money, so it would be a pity to waste them on fines.

“Stupid liar! You wait here, I’m calling the Enforcers here!”

He left with a warning.

Shen Tian sighed and moved his ‘shop’ to another street.

You want me to wait here knowing that you are coming back with Myriad Spirit Garden’s Rule Enforcers?

Do I look stupid to you?

Shen Tian had learned his lesson and decided not to talk more than needed.

As long as there were no images from the requestors, he would just say, “Sorry, you are not the fated.”

He became more mysterious and professional that way.

Even with the mustache, he was still very handsome and had a royal aura around him.

Slowly, more people started to gather around him—most of them were females.

“You are so handsome~ The mustache makes you look like you have four eyebrows!”

“You are still young, right? Do you have any lover? Would you consider me to be your lover~”

“How could we not have fate~ We can always build our fate slowly, right~”

“You must be tired from all the work~ C’mon, let me help you to wipe the sweat off~”

Shen Tian felt very troubled, surrounded by all these comments.

Like he had said, they had no fate with him!

Why are they still crowding around me? They are just blocking my view to find the right people!

What work have I done so far? Where is the sweat?


My first customer has yet to appear, and my face is going to be polished by you!

Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao stood at the side with admiration.

He was a true prince, indeed. He had much more wisdom than any of them.


Who needs to save a girl to get her affection?

Do we need it?

As long as the prince is seated right here, all the beautiful ladies would present themselves to the prince.

Although none of them looked decent, they were still females!

All the male onlookers were jealous of Shen Tian.

Eunuch Gui was very happy. “The prince is an adult now! Her Majesty would be happy for you if she knew it!”

Suddenly, a loud voice came from the end of the street.

“Ha! Caught you red-handed! Still trying to escape?”

Shen Tian followed the voice and saw that it belonged to the very first stranger—Passerby A—whom he had encountered earlier. He was leading a group of cultivators in Dao robes.

The leader of these cultivators was a sweet young girl. She was about 15 or 16 years old and had a loli face.

There was a strand of ahoge1 on top of her head, which made her look very cute. Despite her juvenile look, she had an incredible aura.

It was not someone in the Qi Refinement stage should have. She was at least at the Foundation Establishment stage!

“Your Highness, please be careful. This girl’s cultivation level is high. I’m afraid I cannot beat her!” Eunuch Gui had a serious look on his face. “Let us just reveal our identity!”

They were still at the Country of Fire, and the prince’s imperial status still worked. Even though Shen Tian might have gone a little overboard, the punishment should not be very severe.

Shen Tian smiled. “It’s okay. They cannot do anything to me.”

Soon, they were in front of Shen Tian.

Passerby A pointed at Shen Tian and shouted, “Look Fairy Li! This is the guy lying to everyone in Myriad Spirit Garden!”

The girl looked at Shen Tian, and her eyes lit up. Even her ahoge started to bounce around on her head.

She mumbled, “He doesn’t look like a bad guy! Are you sure about it?”

Passerby A said, “Fairy Li! Please do not be fooled by his looks! I swear! He’s a liar!”

Upon hearing this, the girls were not very happy.

“What? My darling looks so cute! How could he be a liar?”

“He already said! He only finds the ores for the fated ones. We’re all willing to be conned by him, but he turned all of us away. Who the hell you think you are?”

“That’s right! Someone with this handsome look cannot be a liar!”

“Do you have any idea how generous he is doing this? Why are you defaming him?”

“You are just jealous of my darling. Go die!”




Upon seeing that the situation was out of control, the girl finally spoke up. “Please quiet down!”

No one cared about her—the scene was still in a mess.


The law enforcers behind the girl drew out their swords. Dozens of blade auras filled the sky as they pointed their swords at the crowd.

Everyone kept quite immediately.

Using force was indeed a faster and more reliable way to get people to listen.

The girl walked up to Shen Tian and smiled. “I’m Li Lian’er, a disciple of Grand White Grotto-Heaven. May I know you are?”

Shen Tian felt very lucky that he had not used Shen Ao’s name this time.

If not, she would expose him right away.

He took a deep breath and said, “I’m Shen Aotian, a disciple of Supremacy Feyte in Dark Grotto on Nippon Mountain. Nice to meet you.”

“Nippon Mountain? Dark Grotto? Supremacy Feyte?”

Li Lian’er scratched her head and said, “Hmmm. I’ve never heard of it before!”

Passerby A scoffed and said, “He is bluffing! Do not believe him, Fairy Li!”

Shen Tian replied calmly, “My master does not like to interact with others. He enjoys being alone at home. It’s normal that you have not heard his name before.”

“I see…”

Li Lian’er did not doubt about it since Eastern Wilderness was too big. Other than the 36 Grotto-Heavens and 72 Blessed-Lands, there were countless other Cave Abodes started by lone cultivators.

Thus, an unknown “Supremacy Feyte from Dark Grotto on the Nippon Mountain” was not really surprising.

What she wanted to confirm was whether this Shen Tian was a scammer.

Li Lian’er looked at Shen Tian and asked, “Do you really know how to search for Spirit Stones by judging the ores?”

Shen Tian replied confidently, “Of course.”

“Prove it.”

“If you are willing, I can help you find a good ore.”

Li Lian’er looked at the banners set up by Shen Tian and felt confused. “But you say you will do it for people who have fate with you.”

Shen Tian winked at Li Lian’er and replied. “Well… There is fate between us!”

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