I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 14: The Mysterious Spell

Chapter 14: The Mysterious Spell

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“…There is fate between us!”

Shen Tian’s words quickly made Li Lian’er blush. Her ahoge started to bounce around again!

What… What… That’s so straightforward!

I have fate with him? That’s so embarrassing!

What should I do now?

Is this love?

It’s still my first time!

Passerby A saw Li Lian’er’s face was red and panicked. “Fairy Li! You cannot let this liar deceive you! He is not a good guy!”

“Shut up!” Li Lian’er came back to her senses. “I’ll have the answer for that in a minute, and justice will be served!

“You better pray that he was really lying, or I’ll charge you for defamation and detain you!”

Passerby A was on the brink of tears after the warning. Why was he getting the warning instead?

Li Lian’er looked at Shen Tian again. She tried to calm her fast-beating heart down and said, “Are you sure that we have fate?”

Shen Tian nodded. “I’m sure.”

Li Lian’er smiled and said, “My instinct told me that my darling is not lying! I trust him!”

Then, she turned around and questioned Passerby A again. “Why do you defame my darling?”


That’s it? The Enforcers’ leader in Myriad Spirit Garden closed a case so easily!?

He can have his way just because he is good-looking?

He was just a monk a minute ago, and now she addressed him ‘darling’?

Since when are you guys married? Stop messing around!

The Enforcers’ vice leader decided to speak up for the poor Passerby A.

He reminded Li Lian’er softly, “Miss, we do not know the truth yet!”

Although this lady was a disciple from Grand White Grotto-Heaven and a beloved princess in Myriad Spirit Garden, there were a lot of dealers and customers in Myriad Spirit Garden. The Enforcers had to be fair.

Even though her background was special, she could not be an exception. Otherwise, their authority would be questioned!

Shen Tian smiled and said, “How can I prove my innocence?”

The vice leader replied, “You said you have fate with Miss Li, are you serious?”

Shen Tian nodded.

“Great, then can you find her 3 Spirit Ores, and we will see. If the Spirit Stones’ total worth in these ores is worth double the cost, we will believe you. What do you think?”

He was trying to be very fair here.

Even an expert Spirit Ore Appraiser could not have a 100% success rate. It was normal for them to make mistakes once or twice in the process. Thus, 3 ores were a very fair number to judge Shen Tian’s skill.

Shen Tian shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that cannot be done. Although we have fate, I can only choose one Spirit Ore for you.”

Li Lian’er asked, “Why?”

Shen Tian lifted his head slightly and looked into the sky at a 45-degree angle. Then, he said with a mysterious expression, “There are order and rules in everything.

“I cannot tell you everything, and you cannot have everything. Fate will be gone if everything is there.”

Dawn’s sunlight shone on Shen Tian’s face, and all the girls went crazy over his look.

“My darling is so handsome!”

“How could a liar be this good-looking? Are the Enforcers retarded?”

“One is enough! Why need three?”

“That’s right! My darling will be tired.”

“What are you saying? He is MY darling, okay?”

As the crowd started to become noisy again, Li Lian’er pondered over what Shen Tian said just now.

‘There are order and rules in everything.’

‘I cannot tell you everything, and you cannot have everything.’

‘Fate will be gone if everything is there.’

Although it sounds simple, it contains the true meaning in Dao. Even the seniors from Grand White Grotto-Heaven would ponder over this when they heard it.

Li Lian’er was convinced that Shen Tian was not a scammer. She did not believe a liar could have his aura, wisdom, depth, and… looks.

Li Lian’er did not know the real reason why Shen Tian was only willing to choose one Spirit Ore for her.

The reason was really simple. He had only seen one fortuitous opportunity in her halo. Thus, Shen Tian was confident that he could get good stuff if he only chose one Spirit Ore.

He would be immediately exposed if he chose more than one. And he would be accused by everyone.

It was true that he might find other fortuitous opportunities in the other ores. But with the black halo he had on his head, anything involving probability would be a certain bad result for him.

The Enforcer spoke again. “Are you sure once is enough?”

Shen Tian smiled and replied, “Yes, I’m very confident in my skill.”

He packed his stuff and started walking.

“Fairy Lian’er, come with me!”

Li Lian’er quickly caught up with Shen Tian.

The onlookers followed too.

Shen Tian entered a place called Sacred Spirit Workshop. This shop had been in Myriad Spirit Garden for some time, and its sales were comparable to Sky Spirit Pavilion.

There were dozens of shelves with many different kinds of Spirit Ore.

Some looked like a rhino, and some looked like eagles. Some others looked like a tripod, and some were just… ordinary.

Normally, if there were good stuff inside the Spirit Ores, their shapes would be distinct. But the converse might not be true.

The ores could be artificially made special-looking, too.

Shen Tian entered the shop, placed his banners on his left hand, and his right thumb started leaping from fingers to fingers.

He closed his eyes and started walking around while seemingly chanting some spell. “Ultraman, Avatar, Ironman, Vegeta from Kakarot…”

These were strange words that none of the onlookers had heard before!

The vice leader asked, “Miss, you are from the Grand White Grotto-Heaven, do you know what he’s saying?”

Li Lian’er explained, “It’s probably some advanced spell! Just listen, do not disturb me!”

Li Lian’er stared at Shen Tian and listened carefully.

Finally, Shen Tian was finishing his spell.

“Shark Chili Kabutaku, Virgin Mary from Paris, Zeus in Dota, and I did not use Cheat Engine!

“I demand you to show yourself!”

Then, Shen Tian pointed his banner at the Spirit Ore right in the middle of the shelf.

“This is the one, I saw it!”

Everyone followed his direction and saw a palm-sized turquoise ore.

It was the shape of a gourd and looked very smooth. The left side was completely purple, and the right side was completely green. It had a mysterious marking all over it and looked special indeed.

The selling price was… 100,000 Spirit Stones!

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