I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 15: You Must Be An Actor

Chapter 15: You Must Be An Actor

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100,000 Spirit Stones!

One Spirit Stone was worth 1,000 taels of silver. 100,000 Spirit Stones were worth 100,000,000 taels of silver! This amount was enough for normal people to spend for 100 lifetimes.

That was the price of a small piece of ore in ore gambling!

Of course, this Spirit Ore was considered Sacred Spirit Workshop’s good-luck charm.

However, everyone looked at Shen Tian with a weird look when he pointed at this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore.

“Mr. Aotian, are you sure?” The vice leader reminded him, “Have you not heard the story of this Spirit Ore?”

Every Spirit Ore shop had its own good-luck charm in Myriad Spirit Garden. However, this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore was the most well-known among all the others.

The entire Myriad Spirit Garden had been shocked when the Sacred Spirit Workshop owner had found this ore.

Almost all the rich people and Perfected Ones had tried to bid on the stone. The highest offer had been more than 1,000,000 Spirit Stones!

However, after many Spirit Ore Appraisers’ inspections, everyone’s jaws had dropped. The ore had indeed been a treasure before. It contained a divine item that had great power.

Unfortunately, as time went past, the divine item’s source had been lost, and now, it was just a useless item.

Its real worth was less than 10,000 Spirit Stones!

The owner of the Sacred Spirit Workshop could not accept the results and had invited many other Spirit Ore Appraisers to check the ore.

Nevertheless, the results were all the same—the ore had an amazing look, but the content was useless.

Everyone knew about the incident, and no one was willing to buy it anymore.

Sacred Spirit Workshop’s owner had no other choice than using it as a good-luck charm in the shop. Thus, he had priced it at 100,000 Spirit Stones in hopes that one day a stupid rich guy would actually buy it.

Now, everyone was shocked that Shen Tian would choose this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore.

Passerby A suddenly started laughing. “Haha! You almost had me!”

He looked at Li Lian’er and added, “Fairy Li! Now we all know that he is a liar…”

“Shut up!” Li Lian’er interrupted him.

She looked at Shen Tian and said, “It is normal for Spirit Ore Appraisers to make mistakes sometimes. Darling, let’s pick another ore.”

Passerby A tried to say something again, but Li Lian’er’s glare forced him to keep quiet.

Shen Tian smiled and said, “I’ll not regret my choice. Fairy Li, you can open the ore now.”

The vice leader frowned and said, “Miss, 100,000 Spirit Stones is not cheap.”

He then looked at Shen Tian and said, “Shen Aotian, if you admit to your crime now, your punishment will just be severe. Once there are 100,000 Spirit Stones involved, the outcome will be different!”

Apparently, he agreed with Passerby A and believed Shen Tian was a scammer.

In his mind, he had chosen this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore so that they would not dare to buy the ore. In that way, he could get away.

There was a huge difference between lying and causing a loss of fortune for someone.

The punishments were like day and night.

For lying, it would just be a few days of jail.

However, if Lian’er really bought the ore that cost 100,000 Spirit Stones and did not gain anything good in return, Shen Tian would be imprisoned for at least 800 years!

As an Enforcer, he had to remind Shen Tian.

Upon hearing what the Enforcer had said, the people in the pavilion were all shocked.

“What? This guy is trying to scam someone from the Enforcers?”

“Wow, he’s trying to convince this miss to buy this ore? Good job!”

“Shut up! Our handsome Dao priest just made a small mistake.”

“That’s right! He deserves another chance!”

“You, women, are stupid! It’s so obvious he is a scammer. You believe him just because he’s good-looking?”

“Of course! Why should I believe you, ugly freak!?”

“You are insane!”

Heated arguments resounded in the Sacred Spirit Workshop.

Then, a loud voice came from the crowd.

“Good! Nowadays’ youths are indeed promising! It is very surprising that you are this talented in judging ore at this young age. You have my respect. You sure will be a very successful cultivator in the future!”

Only this man was on Shen Tian’s side in the entire Divine Spirit Pavilion. Thus, he stood out, and everyone looked at him.

He was an old man in his 50s, with a gentle and smart look. He was wearing a Tang suit1 and was holding two walnuts in his hand.

He resembled a wise sage that had been through many ordeals.

He approached Shen Tian and asked with excitement, “Brother, do you really think that this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore contains fortuitous opportunities?”

Shen Tian nodded his head firmly and replied, “Yes, and it’s a unique, fortuitous opportunity.”

“Good!” The old man held Shen Tian’s hand, feeling thrilled. “You have sharp eyes that could see the truth!

“I’m of the same mind, young man. This Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore is covered in natural markings and was raised in a state of extremely rare Nirvana.

“Only those commoners would think that its source is depleted and it’s useless now. Only a person with fate with it could catch a glimpse of life in this calabash. It will be a real fortuitous opportunity!

“Brother, it is a shame that we only got to meet now!”

The old man’s speech touched Shen Tian. “Yes, it is indeed a shame!”

Then, the old man turned around and said to the crowd, “See? There is someone who believes in me!”

The vice leader’s mouth twitched.

“He… is the owner of the Divine Spirit Pavilion… Mr. Liu.”


Shen Tian was stunned.

What? He is the owner? That’s awkward!

Suddenly, someone gasped in the crowd. Then, Passerby A clapped his hands and exclaimed, “I know! You must be an actor hired by the owner!”

Everyone’s attention was back on Passerby A.

He pointed his finger at Shen Tian and accused him. “I knew you were up to no good! Admit it! Mr. Liu pays you for this, right?”

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