I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 16: I am Touched, So Touched!

Chapter 16: I am Touched, So Touched!

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“You deliberately set up a stall on the streets to attract passersby’ attention, and then mention you will only judge ores for those who are ‘fated with you’. However, you never really take up anyone’s request!

“This is a trap! You were only waiting for the Enforcers to come for you, in order to trick Fairy Li!

“Your plan is to make Fairy Li buy the Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore, which is obviously the greatest scam in the shop, isn’t it!?”

Realization hit numerous onlookers’ confused faces as they listened to Passerby A’s analysis.

“Oh, I get it now! I previously thought he’s just a simple liar, but now I realized—this is actually a series of deviously-plotted scams!”

“The Sacred Spirit Workshop actually uses such underhand methods! I will not patronize this shop again!”

“They are audacious indeed, to think they actually even dare to scam the Enforcers! They must be punished severely!”

“We cannot tolerate such profiteering merchants!”

As the protests got louder, Shopkeeper Liu’s face paled.

“Everyone, please listen. I really did not know this young man beforehand!

“I swear with my whole dignity, should I know this young man beforehand, let me be struck by thunder!”

However, Shen Tian did not seem all that bothered about this situation. Upon seeing all the suspicious stares at him, he spoke calmly. “Well, it looks like you really believe that Shopkeeper Liu and I have planned this whole episode together. If so, allow me to ask some questions.”

Passerby A sneered. “Let’s hear what else you can make up!”

Shen Tian raised a finger. “First of all, if Shopkeeper Liu and I are really in cahoots, why wouldn’t I take up more requests and open a few more pre-arranged ores before I met you? Shouldn’t that draw more attention, and allow us to reap even more money off innocent passersby?”

Passerby A snorted. “You are deliberately not doing that, because your main purpose is to wait for the Enforcers to come. You want to scam Fairy Li! That’s how downright shameless you are!”

Shen Tian laughed and commented, “Alright, let’s go along with your assumption then. If so, here’s my second question—since I am looking to scam some rich imbeciles, why wouldn’t I choose someone who’s stupider and with little background? Why must I choose to pit myself against the Enforcers?

“Unless yours truly here believe that the Myriad Spirit Garden’s Enforcers are really a bunch of rich imbeciles, who would fall for such scams easily?

“Or are you assuming all the Enforcers are so rich from corruption that any one of them can easily fork out 100,000 Spirit Stones without batting an eyelid?

“Much as you want to believe that I am good at scamming, I must make myself clear on this: I am not that skilled enough to predict that Fairy Lian’er would be coming along with the Enforcers.”

Sensing the Enforcers’ unkind stares, Passerby A felt rather unnerved and let out a stutter. “Ah, I mean…”

But honestly, how should he respond to such questions?

A single mistake, and he would be offered the chance to “have a little talk” with the Myriad Spirit Garden’s Ruling Committee!

After all, who was he to suspect the officials?

Shen Tian laughed again. “And here’s my third question—honestly, if Shopkeeper Liu and I are really plotting everything together, why would he choose to come out and agree with what I said?

“Think carefully. When the whole world is against you, but there’s this one person who insists on siding with you…

“Wouldn’t this as well be announcing to the whole world that these two people are hiding some secrets? Do you think that if Shopkeeper Liu and I are really working together to scam people, either of us is as stupid as that?”

Passerby A persisted, “Well… Maybe both of you have arranged for this on purpose, so as to confuse us about your real motives. In that case, you can fool us and make us believe that both of you are not related!”

Shen Tian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this comment.

“Now, allow me to enlighten you on what will happen if we really want to scam those wealthy fools and if we really want to sell off this ore!

“First of all, Shopkeeper Liu will need to find an easy target.

“This target must be rich, stupid, and someone who is unable to pursue charges against him. Not someone from the Enforcers team, who have so much influence over the Myriad Spirit Garden!

“Next, Shopkeeper Liu can find a pretty girl to first get close to him and befriend him.

“After that, this girl will introduce a supposed ‘Spirit Ore Master’ to him, and also find a few prepared ores so that the ‘Master’ can reveal his ‘expertise’ to the unlucky bloke.

“This is to let the rich-but-stupid guy understand that even though some Spirit Ores do not have great appearances, they might still contain great opportunities.

“After performing this act for a few more times, this guy will start to realize how superior it feels to stand up for something when everyone else is against it!

“After getting the full trust of this guy, the pair will then bring him to the Sacred Spirit Workshop.

“Here, Shopkeeper Liu will then advise this guy against buying the ore. He will say that this ore has been examined by other respectable masters before, and it most probably will not produce any useful items.

“But this stupid block, he will be so trusting of the ‘Spirit Ore Master’, that he insists on going against all advice and continue to buy it. Thus, he will cut open the ore…

“Sadly, this time round, luck is not on his side.

“Last but not least, when he turns back, he will find that both the pretty girl and the ‘Spirit Ore Master’ have run away already.

“Everything will be nicely planned out, and the Sacred Spirit Workshop will not need to take any responsibility for this ‘unfortunate’ event.

“After all, Shopkeeper Liu had already given his advice. But it’s this guy who stubbornly refused to listen to him!”

Upon seeing that all the onlookers had flabbergasted looks on their faces, Shen Tian revealed a smile.

“Brother, don’t you agree with me that this ‘scam’ of mine is more logical, and the chances of pulling it off are higher?”

After all, Shen Tian was previously living in the 21st century, an age of information explosion. He was just all too familiar with such scams, which were commonly heard of from the Internet!


Upon digesting Shen Tian’s ‘proposed’ scam, one could hear the onlookers taking in sharp breaths.

This was such a devious, but perfect scam arrangement!

It was just plain terrible!

At the same time, Shopkeeper Liu couldn’t help but cast a look of admiration at Shen Tian, while marveling at this brilliant idea!

Why didn’t he think of it before!

Should he have thought of this idea, Shopkeeper Liu could have already sold this piece of rotten stone at a heavenly price!

Indeed, this young man’s a talent!

It’s such a pity to have not known him earlier, what a pity!

Meanwhile, Passerby A was still trying to debate feebly, “Then what evidence can you provide to show us that you are not related to Shopkeeper Liu?”

Shen Tian replied calmly, “Well, what evidence can yours truly here provide to show that I am not your blood-related father?”


Shen Tian positioned his head at a 45-degree angle and looked up at the sky while announcing haughtily, “I have mentioned before: If we are fated, my services will be free. But if we are not, no amount of gold would fancy me.

“If Fairy Lian’er has trust in me, I will not disappoint her.

“But if she does not, even if she orders to have me arrested, I will still stand by my words—there are great opportunities in this ore!”

Shopkeeper Liu couldn’t help but cheer secretly for Shen Tian in his heart, who wore an expression like he was ready to die a martyr’s death.

How ingenious!

It was such a long time since he had come across such a talent that’s so good at bluffing people.

If not for the fact that he was absolutely clear that this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore had nothing inside, he might really be taken in by Shen Tian’s words!

Speaking of which, if Fairy Lian’er really decided not to open this Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore in the end, the Enforcers couldn’t do anything to Shen Tian. After all, he had not made other transactions with anyone else before this, and there’s no evidence that he would fail at predicting ores.

When the Enforcers had no evidence, how could they malign innocents?

At the same time, as Li Lian’er watched Shen Tian’s melancholic expression, she felt as if something was pulling at her heartstrings.

This man was such a reputed Young Master, and it was heart-wrenching to see him being implicated by these circumstances.

Just look at his deep features, which revealed his melancholy, just look at his clear, innocent eyes…

How could such a man be a scammer!

He must feel so lonely to be misunderstood by the whole world!

“I believe him!”

Li Lian’er was ever more certain of her trust in Shen Tian.

Since Brother Shen mentioned that he’s fated with me, I will trust him!

Even if the whole world misunderstood you, I would stand by you!

In any case, 100,000 Spirit Stones are not that great an amount. At most, I will just sell my sword!

But this would be worth it for Brother Shen!

Li Lian’er took out her purse then and commented, “Brother Shen, Lian’er believes you. However, I only have 50 Spirit Crystals with me now. Please wait for me as I—”


Just when Li Lian’er was about to proclaim she would sell her sword, Shopkeeper Liu stopped her in mid-way and announced with tears in his eyes,

“Just to support Fairy Li’s trust in Priest Shen, I am willing to sell this ore off at this low price!

“I shall sell it off at a 50% discount, at my own will!”

He took Li Lian’er’s purse from her hands while wiping his tears. “This is so deeply moving, it’s enough to touch the Heavens and Earth! I am touched, so touched!”

After counting the number of Spirit Crystals in the purse, Shopkeeper Liu had tears rolling down his cheeks.

He patted his chest and said, “Fairy Li, Priest Shen, and I take to each other right at our first meet-up. I regret not knowing him earlier. By putting your trust in him, you believe me too!

“To express my gratitude, I will arrange for the best ore-cutter at my Sacred Spirit Workshop to help you open the ore for free!

“No matter what kind of opportunities are revealed, I will not request for further fees!

“And don’t ask me why I am behaving as such—I am just so touched that I am willing to do anything to commemorate such a touching scene!”

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