I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 18: Lotus Swordsman, Li Changge

Chapter 18: Lotus Swordsman, Li Changge

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After listening to Shen Tian’s compliments, the crowd started to praise Shopkeeper Liu too.

“That’s right! We were wrong about Shopkeeper Liu and the Sacred Spirit Workshop.”

“No wonder he is the Sacred Spirit Workshop’s owner. He could see the inner beauty of this Spirit Ore! Respect!”

“I take back my words about not coming back to the Sacred Spirit Workshop. Shopkeeper Liu, I apologize! You are a true businessman with a conscience!”

“You knew the value of the item inside and yet put it in the shop waiting for people that have fate with it to buy it! You are smart!”

“Next time, I’ll only visit the Sacred Spirit Workshop to buy Spirit Ores. Shopkeeper Liu is such an honest businessman!”

“Only if everyone was as kind as Shopkeeper Liu, would the entire world be a much better place!”

While everyone was complimenting him, Shopkeeper Liu’s heart was dripping blood, but he forced himself to smile.

“That’s my duty.

“Thank you, everyone, for your support. The Sacred Spirit Workshop will have more good items in the future to repay your support!

“Now that the treasure has found its rightful owner. I’m…

“I’m very touched… Very touched…

“Please excuse me for a while. I’m tearing up.”

In the end, Shopkeeper Liu shed real tears, which fell onto the floor one after another.

Everyone started to respect him.

See, that is the true definition of a businessman!

His honesty and generosity are indeed something everyone needs to learn from!

Li Lian’er stared at Shen Tian as though she was petrified.

The vice leader nudged her before she came back to her senses.

Li Lian’er held the calabash seed that was emitting a rainbow glow and said firmly, “I cannot have this seed! My darling chose this Spirit Ore. How can I keep the fortuitous opportunity for myself!?”

Shen Tian smiled and said, “I’ve already said that I will not take a single cent if we have fate with each other. You can have it.”

“But this is a priceless treasure! It is too precious for Lian’er!”

Although Shen Tian wanted to keep the seed for himself badly, he wanted his black halo to disappear too.

Unlike a skill book, this is solid and cannot be shared.

Split the seed into half?

Not possible!

What’s the value in this seed if it’s damaged?

Shen Tian had no choice but to give the entire seed to Li Lian’er. Otherwise, he would remain unlucky as ever.

That’s not happening!

Shen Tian quickly said, “That’s not entirely right, Fairy Lian’er. Although this seed is a treasure, the fate between us is worth so much more!

“When everyone was questioning me, only you believed me.

“Everything happens for a reason. Unless do you think our fate is nothing compared to this seed?” Shen Tian asked warmly with a smile.

All the girls were charmed by his look and words. Thus, a commotion broke out in the Sacred Spirit Workshop again.

“Woah! You are soooo sweet!”

“See! I knew he was not a scammer!”

“I know, right? He should be Brother Celestial!”

“I’m so jealous of Fairy Lian’er! She only spent 50,000 Spirit Stones to have a fate with Brother Celestial! I want it too!”

“Brother Celestial! Can you see if there is fate between us too? I don’t mind being the third party!”

“Me too! Me too! I just want to spend one night with you!”

Li Lian’er’s face blushed as she listened to all the comments.

So… this seed is the proof of the fate between Brother Shen and me?

Or is this a love token?

Li Lian’er’s imagination ran wild.

She held the seed in her hand carefully and said, “Brother Shen, I’ll nurture this seed to the best of my ability and let it grow!”

Li Lian’er had made up her mind.

She would make sure the seed germinated so that if she met Brother Shen again, he would be proud of her!

She would not let Brother Shen down!

Suddenly, a creepy voice came from the Sacred Spirit Workshop.

“Since no one wants the seed, I will keep it!”

Dense black smoke spread and quickly engulfed the entire Sacred Spirit Workshop. Then, a shadow appeared and rushed toward Li Lian’er, trying to snatch the seed.

“Who are you? How dare you mess around in my Sacred Spirit Workshop!”

Another man appeared in the workshop and pounced at the intruder.


An intense battle erupted in the smoke, but soon, a man was sent flying out of the smoke and landed on the ground, badly hurt!

It was the Sacred Spirit Workshop’s guardian!

“Wow, there was actually a Golden Core Perfected One stationed in Sacred Spirit Workshop? Not bad!

“However, I’m the Patriarch! You are no match!”

The man covered in smoke laughed loudly, before he focused his sights on Li Lian’er again.

There were many experts in Myriad Spirit Garden, and Li Lian’er was the daughter of someone with great power. He had already made a plan for his escape. Although it was very risky, it was worth it!

As long as he managed to snatch the seed and sell it to a Holy-Land or Grotto-Heaven, he would be rich!

He was only five meters away!

Although the seed was not in his grasp yet, he could still feel the power it emitted!

“Ranked 36th on the Spiritual Wood List, Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash Seed. It is powerful, indeed! I can finally enjoy the rest of my life!” he exclaimed in excitement.

Suddenly, a voice appeared out of nowhere. “Oh? Really?”

Then, that person started chanting in the Sacred Spirit Workshop.

“Befall! The Holy Water! Come! My Lotus Sword!”

Many sword auras appeared as the chanting continued and formed the shape of a lotus flower. Then, it divided into two flowers, then doubled and doubled again… The entire room was filled with lotuses in no time!

There were so many lotuses that even the sunlight could not shine into the workshop.

“Supreme Wine is made just for Grand White! Good wine!”

After the chanting came to an end, the condensed blade aura flew out like an arrow.

The black smoke dispersed instantly and sunlight bathed the Sacred Spirit Workshop again!

At the same time, a loud scream echoed. “Argh!!!”

Then, a white-robbed man appeared in the center of the Sacred Spirit Workshop. He had long hair, a wine gourd in his hand, and his whole person exuded a strong aura.

He looked satisfied after taking another sip of wine, but his sword made him look stern. Yet, his face was very handsome!

If there was a Celestial Swordsman, he must be the one!

Underneath his feet, there was an old man in a black coat. His dantian was pierced, and he was unable to fight anymore.

“It’s him! The genius in Grand White Grotto-Heaven! Lotus Swordsman, Li Changge!”

“The fellow who lost looks like an outsider evil cultivator. His name is Negar, the Patriarch! Supposedly, he is a powerful Golden Core cultivator!”

“He could materialize the sword auras into a lotus. Has he broken through the greater mastery of the Lotus Sword Sutra?”

“He defeated Negar at such a young age! That’s so strong!”

“He may be good-looking, but he’s not comparable to our Brother Celestial!”

“I prefer Brother Celestial too. I don’t like men who drink!”

“I know, right? Who knows what they’ll do when they are drunk. There might even be domestic violence! Brother Celestial is a much better choice!”

“I think so too! Brother Celestial is more handsome too!”


The crowd’s comments slowly dumbfounded Li Changge. For the first time, he was not the focus of discussion.

Then what’s the point of me showing up in this style!?

To make the matter worse, his beloved sister, Li Lian’er, was staring at another man without even bothering to greet him!

Li Changge was deeply annoyed by it!

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