I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 20: Please Stop Imagining Things

Chapter 20: Please Stop Imagining Things

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“How is that not love? Darling, you don’t have to be afraid of my parents. I’ll protect you!” Li Lian’er pulled out her celestial sword and said, “Brother, if you force him to leave me, I’ll kill myself right here!”

Her ahoge danced around in the wind madly.

It was like a sword trying to fight the unfairness in its destiny!

Li Changge and Shen Tian were rendered speechless.

Shen Tian questioned himself if he really was in a cultivation world.

Now what?

A fake ore-gambling master, followed by a mad fangirl?

In the past, he had been under the impression that the stories about fans dying for their idols were a joke.

Now, it seemed that Fairy Lian’er was a very good example.

They had only met for the first time and less than two hours!

It had still been normal at first, then it had turned to Brother Shen, and later darling. Now, they were going to die for love?

That was way too fast!

It was his mistake for being so handsome.

Shen Tian realized that he had gotten himself in huge trouble!

“How about this?” Li Changge sighed and asked, “Brother Shen, do you have a master already?”

Shen Tian replied, “I’m Shen Aotian, a disciple of Supremacy Feyte in Dark Grotto on Nippon Mountain.”

“Supremacy Feyte? No wonder you are so skilled!” Shen Tian seemed to have lifted Li Changge’s spirits. “How is your master doing?”


Shen Tian was shocked.

You know my ‘master’?

There is really a Supremacy Feyte?

What should I do now?

Am I going to be busted on the spot?

That’s the end of me!

Shen Tian panicked!

Suddenly, he heard Li Changge’s voice directly beside his ear. “Cooperate with me if you don’t want to be castrated.”

Shen Tian immediately understood. “Thank you for asking, my master is doing great.”

Although the Demon Book of Hyuga was a strong art, Shen Tian had no plans to learn it.

“That’s great.” Li Changge started smiling. “Lian’er, you might not know this, but Supremacy Feyte is an old friend of our father. They fought together in the past. They’ve known each other for a very long time.”

Li Lian’er was very puzzled. “Darling, is that true?”

Just as Shen Tian was about to speak, Li Changge reminded him, “My father is Chang He Sword Venerable, Li Canglan. Supremacy Feyte should have talked about him before, right?”

Li Changge put heavy emphasis on the word “right”.

Shen Tian nodded immediately, “Chang He Sword Venerable? Of course!”

“My master admires his sword art and often praises his moral values.”

“Praise my father’s moral values?” Li Lian’er was shocked. “Really?”

Li Changge coughed and tried to cover it up. “Our father was said to be a gentleman in the past. Now, he is older and slightly more stubborn and aggressive.”

Li Changge added, “Anyway… Since Brother Shen is Supremacy Feyte’s disciple, you can stop worrying about your relationship with him.”

Li Lian’er was delighted. “So, you and father are okay with us being together?”

Li Changge nodded. “We are very good friends with Master Feyte. Of course we are okay with it. However, you still have to behave yourself. You cannot let others have the wrong idea, right?”

Upon seeing that Li Lian’er was calm now, Li Changge gave a suggestion. “Anyway, I may be fine with you and Brother Shen, but we need to return to Grand White Grotto-Heaven first.”

Li Lian’er asked alarmingly, “Why?”

Li Changge replied, “You are still carrying the Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash seed, remember? If other demons and monsters learn about it, they will hunt you and Brother Shen down. Even I will not be able to protect you both then. Or do you still want to die together with him?”

Li Lian’er quickly shook her head.

“That’s my girl.” Li Changge smiled and said, “We just need to go back to Grand White Grotto-Heaven and plant the seed. Then you can meet Brother Shen again.

“Brother Shen will return to Nippon Mountain and choose an ideal day to ask your hand in marriage at our house with his master. By then, your proof of love will have germinated, and you will be able to marry Brother Shen! Isn’t that great?”

Shen Tian admired how convincing Li Changge sounded—even he almost believed in his words!

In Shen Tian’s mind, Li Changge was the strongest in verbal fights!

Li Lian’er turned around and looked at Shen Tian. “Brother Shen, you must show up at our Grand White Grotto-Heaven!”

Upon seeing that Li Lian’er had finally given in, Li Changge was very relieved. He had already done his job, so he would leave the rest to their parents.

At least, he managed to bring his sister back home safely. As for how their father would deal with it, it was not his problem.

If his mother asked about it, he would not take the blame!

Anyway, if this Shen Aotian really has the guts to go to Grand White Grotto-Heaven and survives under that old man’s sword, it’s okay to give him a chance.

Will he have the guts to do it?

Li Changge smiled at Shen Tian.

I am eager to see how badly our old man will beat him up. He is much fiercer than me!

Shen Tian looked at Li Lian’er’s eyes and promised that he would show up.

Since there is no specific date, it is not a lie even if I show up 100 years later.

In the cultivation world, 100 years was not a very long period.

Shen Tian would never go to the Grand White Grotto-Heaven until he was able to defeat Li Changge and Li Canglan.

With his current bad luck, it was a stupid thing to do. It would be a suicide mission!

Li Changge paused for a moment and took out a token from his pocket. It was a silver token with a cyan sword imprinted in the middle. On the other side, there was a word, ‘Li”.

“Since it is settled, I’ll need to show some gratitude too. This is a Sword Master Token refined by my father. There is a powerful early-stage Nascent Soul Sword Master sealed in it. It will be yours once you give it a drop of your blood.

“There is a voice transmission array formation in the token too. You can call me if you are in trouble. Although it is not as valuable as the Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash seed, it is just a token of appreciation!

“It belongs to you now!”

Shen Tian knew that it was the ‘return gift’ for the seed. Grand White Grotto-Heaven’s Li Family was very well-known in the cultivation world. Thus, they would not take this fortuitous opportunity for nothing.

The Sword Master Token in the cultivation world was a very precious treasure. It was much more useful to Shen Tian than a Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash seed. Even Country of Fire’s King, Shen Tian’s father, was just a peak-stage Golden Core cultivator.

He could summon a Nascent Soul bodyguard with this token. As long as he did not go overboard, he would have nothing to be afraid of in the Country of Fire.

It was that precious!

The Li Family is indeed generous in giving off a treasure just like that.

Shen Tian felt the unfairness in the world.

“Thank you very much!”

Shen Tian received the Sword Master Token and spoke to Li Lian’er. “May I borrow your sword?”

Li Lian’er blushed.

“My father gave me this sword as my birthday present when I turned 16 years old. But if darling wants it, I will give it to you as a love token!”



I’m just borrowing this sword to cut a finger for a drop of blood!

It is too unhygienic to use my teeth!

Please stop imagining things!

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