I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 22: Kindness in Charity, Not Looking For Cultivation Partners

Chapter 22: Kindness in Charity, Not Looking For Cultivation Partners

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Shen Tian was unaware that he had become highly popular in some people’s eyes, while in the eyes of others, he had become one of those in Myriad Spirit Garden that definitely should not be provoked.

Now, Shen Tian only had one thought in his mind.

It’s really comfortable to be able to have a good night’s sleep!

Shen Tian was exhausted as he had forced himself to walk for tens of kilometers while bearing a load of 15 kilograms.

One should know, he was just a youth that had recovered from Qi Deviation not long ago!

Fortunately, when he returned to Myriad Spirit Garden, Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao had already booked an inn for him.

After taking a warm bath and finding an attendant to give him a massage, he finally relaxed.

Well, not completely. He was displeased with the woman massaging him—she was too unprofessional!

Since she was a masseuse, she should just stick to doing her job instead of touching some unnecessary places that did not need massaging. She even said that he was too handsome and requested to make her feel ‘comfortable’ too!

Naturally, Shen Tian exploded in anger and forced her to leave.

She should just do her job! Not only were her massaging skills not up to standard, but her attitude was also awful!

I spent money on you to service me! What do you mean by asking me to make you feel comfortable too!?

Did you expect me to give you a massage too?

I’m already this tired. Don’t you even have a shred of consciousness and common sense?

Not to mention, did you even consider offering me money!?

In the end, Eunuch Gui’s skills are the best! He just nicely possesses the right skill set and strength!

Eunuch Gui had been training and honing his skills in order to help the 13th Prince promote blood circulation and reconnect his tendons and bones for these 16 past years. They were fantastic, indeed.

Soon, while being massaged by Eunuch Gui, Shen Tian fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, the sun rose…

Shen Tian awakened and felt that his whole body was comfortable as if he had been reborn.

At the side, Eunuch Gui asked with concern, “Your Highness was hardworking and tired yesterday, so how about resting today?”

“I cannot! I have left the palace to train myself. How could I slack off just because of being a little tired?”

This damn black halo! I need to turn it all white as soon as possible!

Shen Tian looked at his reflection in the mirror and stared at the white spots that had appeared on his black halo. Upon seeing his progress, he started brimming with energy.

I’m almost there, almost there. I just need to freeload another one to two great fortuitous opportunities.

Then, it will turn completely white!

How could he dare be lazy in such a critical period!?

“Eunuch Gui, please help me in safekeeping that sword,” said Shen Tian while pointing at the Jade Water Sword.

“This is the token of love that Her Highness has left for Your Highness! I cannot possibly keep it!”

“Firstly, she is not my wife yet. Secondly, I have yet to start using a sword. Thirdly, that sword is too heavy for me to carry it!”

Shen Tian had been walking for 30 kilometers straight the previous day while carrying that sword. It had almost peeled off a layer of his back skin!

He would rather die than carry that sword and walk around daily.

Eunuch Gui said reluctantly, “Then, let me help Your Highness and carry it for you!”

There should be no problem if I immediately return the sword to His Highness when we meet Her Highness again.

After washing up, Shen Tian tidied his robe and mustache and took his banners, prepared to go out and set up a stall.

However, on second thoughts, he stopped.

He took out a writing brush and added five big words behind the “Kindness In Charity”—”Not Looking For Cultivation Partners”.

Afterward, Shen Tian heaved a sigh of relief and left without worries.

The three of them headed toward the place they had set up their stall previously. To their surprise, they noticed that it was already packed with people. A few girls immediately raised their banners and cheered when they saw Shen Tian.

“Brother Celestial! I love you, just like how Spirit Mouse likes celestial rice1”

“You are my celestial gourd, I am your flower! You are my Brother Celestial, always in my heart!”

“Brother Celestial, fate is like a bridge. I am willing to cross mountains, travel through ravines, and cross the bridge to see you.”

Upon seeing the numerous avid fans, Shen Tian pointed at his banner coldly.

Kindness in Charity, Not Looking For Cultivation Partners

At that moment, the sounds of hearts being broken echoed in the surroundings.

Shen Tian cupped his hands together and said, “I’m Shen Aotian, a disciple of Supremacy Feyte in Dark Grotto on Nippon Mountain. I am here to do acts of kindness, helping the right people to search for Spirit Stones and judge for Spirit Ores.

“I hope my fans can consult me logically, not affecting the order here nor your own normal lives.

“Drink more warm water daily and reduce your acts of chasing idols. It’s better for your mental and physical health.”

When Shen Tian finished speaking, his fans’ spirits were lifted again.

“Wow, Brother Celestial is so caring!”

“He cares for us! He’s too considerate.”

“I think I’ve fallen in love! How I hope that I am fated with Brother Celestial!”

“Brother Celestial, please be fated with me, fated with me!”

Never mind!

Shen Tian gave up trying to persuade them.

Indeed, as long as he was handsome for one day, it would be impossible for the number of girls surrounding him to decrease. Those outside the palace did not know how unlucky he had been in the past.

Truthfully, he kind of missed Lan Palace’s quiet atmosphere now.

Currently, the crowd was surrounding him, to the point he did not even have his personal space anymore. This was a very troubling matter.

“Everyone, please keep quiet! Queue up properly one by one!

“Those who are fated with me, please stand to the left. I will bring you to search for your Spirit Ores.

“Meanwhile, those who are not fated with me, you can stay to take a look or leave. I definitely will not force you.”

Thanks to Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao’s presence, as well as the willing cooperation of the girls in the surrounding, order was restored in front of the stall.

Those that had come for ore gambling in hopes of changing their luck had voluntarily formed a long queue in front of Shen Tian.

Shen Tian was in no rush. He observed each person carefully and showed them where to stand right after.

“Really? I am fated with Brother Celestial!? That’s great!”

“Please, wait for a moment. I will bring you to search for your ore shortly. Also, please keep your hands off me unless you want to negatively influence our fate!”

“Why!? Why am I not fated with Master Celestial? Oh, no!”

“There’s no need for you to be disheartened. Fate is something mysterious and unpredictable. You might not be fated with me today, but maybe tomorrow we might be fated.”

“Master Celestial, I am here to ask if my daughter is fated with you. May I know if you have a cultivation partner?”

“Aunty, you are not fated with me. If your daughter is interested, you can let her come and ask me herself. Also, it is already written on the banner that I am not looking for a cultivation partner. Next!”

“I am a Golden Core Perfected One, and you actually say you’re not fated with me? How dare you!”

“Fate cannot be forced. Senior, if you want to use force, then face the Enforcers first!”

“You! Just you wait, I’ll definitely come back!”

Under an organized, disciplined, and transparent selection process, Shen Tian spent only half a day to gather a team of 20 elite-fated people. It consisted of males and females, whose cultivation levels were high and low. They all stood behind Shen Tian in an orderly manner.

It’ll just be these people today then!

Shen Tian smiled and started to sort out the people. “Number 1, 3, 8, 15, the four of you will be a team. Follow me to Sky Spirit Pavilion. The rest of you are free to act as you wish.”

Afterward, Shen Tian led the four fated people toward the Sky Spirit Pavilion, where their fortuitous opportunities waited for them.

Unfortunately, no matter what Shen Tian said, it was useless. It was in everyone’s nature to gather in anticipation of mind-blowing events. Thus, everyone followed behind Shen Tian as he walked toward the Sky Spirit Pavilion.

Everyone wondered whether this Master Celestial possessed the shocking ability to probe and assess ores, or it was pure luck that he had obtained the Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash Seed.

Fortunately, that answer would be revealed shortly!

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