I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 24: Ways To Maintain Our Fate

Chapter 24: Ways To Maintain Our Fate

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He did it again!

The ore-cutter peeled off a layer of rock and the entire Spirit Stone appeared. It was about the size of a lead ball and had a clear jade color.

It was even bigger than the ones inside the Spirit Ores Little Spirit Fairy had chosen in the past.

Most importantly, there was more than one crystal inside the stone.

“One… Two… Three!”

“There are three Spirit Crystals! Each one is worth at least 3,000 Spirit Stones!”

“188 for 3,000? That is a 1,600% profit!”

“Wow! That’s so worth it!”

Everyone’s envious gazes were gathered on this Lucky Man A.

If the Spirit Stones were to convert to money, that was 3,000,000 taels!

This amount of money would tempt even a Golden Core Perfected One. Lucky Man A was just at the 6th Firmament of Qi Refinement.

If he spent his newfound wealth wisely, he could easily reach Foundation Establishment!

Shopkeeper Song walked up and examined the raw Spirit Stone.

He took a deep breath and said, “There are 3 Spirit Crystals in this raw Spirit Stone, together with the ore itself, it is worth about 3,200 Spirit Stones.

“We will take 10% of the profits as the fees for cutting the ore for you.

“Overall, if you wish to sell it to us, we will pay you 3,000 Spirit Stones.

“What do you think?”

Honestly, Shopkeeper Song’s heart was bleeding.

The Sky Spirit Pavilion had filtered all the Spirit Ores there in the past. Naturally, they had long removed all the Spirit Ores that might have something valuable inside, and whatever was left behind had been labeled as “low chances of making a good profit”.

Shopkeeper Song could never imagine that an ore the cost 188 Spirit Stones would produce three Spirit Crystals. That was worth more than 3,000 Spirit Stones!

How I wish I had seen this ore’s potential and opened it myself… It would be such a wonderful deal!

No matter how he wished that, Shopkeeper Song would not really dare to buy the ore for himself as it was too risky.

The chances were very low, and he knew it.

If he really opened all the ores in his shop, he would definitely suffer a considerable loss.

Now, if he bought this back with 3,000 Spirit Stones and sold it for at least 3,500 Spirit Stones later, he would earn quite a profit too.

“3,000? Sure!”

Lucky Man A was pleased with the price.

At the same time, he regretted not cutting the ore himself. He could have saved 300 Spirit Stones and hired an ore-cutter himself with this amount!

Shen Tian smiled and said, “You cannot have everything. Fate will be gone if everything is there.”

If you really cut the ore by yourself and did not allow the shop owner to make any profit, he would probably scam you the next time you visited his shop!

Also, it’s not easy for commoners to sell Spirit Stones. Part of the value will be lost due to other commissions too.

You might not even have 3,000 Spirit Stones in that case.

All this time, Shen Tian had been observing how the color of one’s halo would change.

If Shen Tian did not interfere and they managed to obtain the Spirit Stones by themselves, there would be no change in the color.

However, if Shen Tian interfered, their providence would increase together with Shen Tian’s.

Shen Tian did not know why, but he suspected it was because of his “super power”.

Presently, Lucky Man A’s halo was changing rapidly. In the beginning, it had been white, but now, it was emitting a faint green light. He would definitely benefit from this change.

Overall, it was the best situation/

Shen Tian, Lucky Man A, and Shopkeeper Song could all benefit from it.

In the meantime, Shen Tian was worried that all the workshops would blacklist and ban him because his skills were too precise and accurate.

That would be very awkward…

While Shen Tian was thinking, Shopkeeper Song had put the 3,000 Spirit Stones in pouches.

There were 100 Spirit Stones in each pouch, and there were a total of 30 pouches, weighing several kilograms altogether.

“I’m rich! I’m rich!”

Lucky Man A happily stored the Spirit Stones into his bag.

Then, another lucky man appeared and said softly to Lucky Man A, “Hey, buddy.”

Luck Man A smiled and asked, “What’s up?”

“Are you going home just like this? With all the Spirit Stones?”

“Of course! Why?”

Lucky Man B’s voice was mixed with a tinge of exasperation. “You’re so dense! Where is the portion for our Master Celestial?”

Lucky Man A was confused. “Isn’t he doing it for free?”

“He said he is doing it for free, but that does not mean WE mustn’t pay him!”

“Erm… What is the difference?”

“He is doing it for free because he is generous and kind! If we do not pay, it shows that we are ungrateful!”

Lucky Man B continued on and said, “Also, did you forget what he said just now? ‘You cannot have everything. Fate will be gone if everything is there.’

“What do you think he was saying? He was hinting at you!

“Even Shopkeeper Song earned 500 Spirit Stones from you. Master Celestial spent such a great effort in helping you, and you are so ungrateful?

“What if he gets disappointed and stops looking for ores for others in the future?

“You got your share already, sure. There are still 16 behind!”

Lucky Man A smiled and said, “I see what you mean! Too bad, I have my Spirit Stones already.”

“Why are you so shortsighted!?” Lucky Man B scoffed. “Do you remember Master Celestial saying about how strange fate is?

“You might have fate with him today, but tomorrow it might be a different story.

“And the converse is true!

“In my opinion, if you make the right choice here, there is a long way between you and Master Celestial. If you only look at the present and ignore the future, I’m afraid the fate between you two will end today.

“Do you want to let it end? Or maintain it and make a profit repeatedly? Or do you want to stop it now?”

Lucky Man A finally understood the rationale behind it.

“I see! I see! Thank you so much! I almost made the biggest mistake in my life!

“I’m going to give him 30% of my share now!

“No, maybe 30% is not enough. 50%!

“Wait, 80%! That is more sincere!”

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