I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 25: Master Celestial Earned These, I Should Pay Him!

Chapter 25: Master Celestial Earned These, I Should Pay Him!

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Thanks to Lucky Man B’s reminder, Lucky Man A finally came to an understanding.

That’s very true! I was tempted by the amount of the Spirit Stones just now!

Well, 3,000 Spirit Stones was not a small amount.

Anyway, as long as I earn Master Celestial’s favoritism, it’ll be easier for our ties of fate to last. In that case, I’ll obtain more Spirit Stones in the future!

Lucky Man A rushed toward Shen Tian swiftly.

By that time, the 13th Prince had already picked the second and third ores.

The second ore’s price was 108 Spirit Stones, and it contained a Spirit Crystal, whose worth was 1,200 Spirit Stones.

Although its worth was not much compared to the first one, it was still a very good deal as its value had increased tenfold!

As for the third one, it was a peculiar one. It looked normal, was grey in color, and its price was 66 Spirit Stones. Thus, nobody had ever picked this before.

Unexpectedly, when the ore-cutter opened the ore, rare Iron Essence lay within it!

Iron Essence was the main material cultivators needed to create supreme-grade enchanted armament flying swords!

The finger-sized Iron Essence in the ore was worth 3,000 Spirit Stones!

That was about 40 times the ore’s original price!

It was much higher compared to the first one.

What a good deal!

Upon seeing that, Lucky Man A’s determination to pay Shen Tian became firmer. He had to give him the money no matter what!

Most of the Myriad Spirit Garden’s patrons knew that the ores here were leftovers and the chances of getting good items out of them were minimal.

Nonetheless, Shen Tian had managed to identify three good ores in just a minute, and each one of them was worth at least 10 times their value!

In other words, Shen Tian was extremely gifted in identifying ores!

In Lucky Man A’s mind, as long as he was in Master Celestial’s good graces, it was impossible he would face poverty in the future. Thus, he took out all the 30 bags of Spirit Stones, kept two for himself, and gave Shen Tian the rest.

“This is a token of my gratitude toward you, Master Celestial. Please keep them!” He said and bowed sincerely.


Shen Tian was shell-shocked.

Why do you have to bow…

Why do you give away your Spirit Stones…

Gratitude? Seriously? That’s like almost all you have!

What’s wrong with you? You spent 188 Spirit Stones for the ore.

You sold the ore to the Sky Spirit Pavilion for 3,000 stones, and now you are giving me 2,800 Spirit Stones!?

So, you just want to earn your 12 Spirit Stones??

Are you joking!? Are you out of your mind!?

Truth be told, this amount of Spirit Stoned did tempt Shen Tian. That was 2,800 Spirit Stones! They were worth 2,800,000 silver taels!

If Lucky Man A had not offered them, Shen Tian could have ignored this matter. He would not have mixed feelings either.

However, now that someone was offering him such a huge sum of Spirit Stones, what should he do?

What should he do?

Reject it?

It was just too much to reject it.

It would be a shame to reject it too.

Unfortunately, there was no other way either.

Shen Tian knew that he still needed to build up his reputation slowly. If the story of the man that earned a total of 2,812 Spirit Stones and only got 12 in the end because he offered the rest to Shen Tian spread, nobody would dare to ask for his services in the future.

If that were to happen, his plan would be affected. The end result would not be good!

Although Shen Tian wanted the money badly, he had no choice but to turn the man down.

“Like I said, my service is free. What do you mean by this?”

Lucky Man A smiled and said, “Master Celestial spent such a huge effort on me and found this good ore. I just want to show my appreciation.”

“I’m a man of my word. You are putting me in a very difficult position.”

Lucky Man A quickly explained, “Please, don’t misunderstand me. It is really just a token of my gratitude.”

“Please, take the Spirit Stones back.”

Shen Tian stopped him from speaking further and moved his sight away from the Spirit Stones. It was as though he had no interest in them at all.

Only Shen Tian himself knew that he was afraid to look at them any longer, for he would be very tempted to keep them.

That was 2,800 Spirit Stones! he had never come in contact with such an amount before, even though he was a prince! If he kept them, he would be rich!

When Lucky Man A was on the verge of giving up, two other men spoke up.

“This brother here has a valid point! Master Celestial helped us get all these Spirit Stones, yet he did not ask for anything in return. It’s not sensible!”

“That’s right! If Master Celestial does not accept the tokes of our gratitude, we will discard our fortuitous opportunities!”

Lucky Man A looked around for the sources of the voices. They were the second and third man that Shen Tian had helped earlier.

Although they uttered those words with a pang of pain, they were very confident and sincere when saying them. They did not hesitate in the least!

Lucky Man A felt ashamed of himself. He had not wanted to give Shen Tian any share of the stones before. He had only done it because he wanted to maintain their fate.

Apparently, the other two’s moral compasses were much better than his.

Sure enough, they are people Master Celestial favors. They have good characters!

I’m such a failure compared to them.

I should really learn from them!

While Lucky Man A was condemning himself, a shadow appeared behind him. It was Lucky Man B who had advised him earlier.

He used a voice transmission and said, “See, these two had the same mindset as yours, and I told them the same thing.”

Lucky Man A was rendered speechless.

In the end, you convinced them into this too!?

Lucky Man B did not know Lucky Man A was secretly judging him.

Lucky Man B looked at Shen Tian with admiration.

“Master Celestial is smart. He’ll definitely know what I’ve been doing for him, so I’m sure he’ll favor me!

“You are the first one who showed his gratitude, so Master Celestial will appreciate you too. As long as Master Celestial is on our side, we will become filthy rich in the future!”

Lucky Man A thought about it and said, “Yes, you are right! We will become filthy rich!”

Then, Lucky Man A got on his knee and shouted with a firm voice, “I earned all these Spirit Stones due to Master Celestial’s assistance, so I must pay you back!

“Please, forgive my rudeness, but I cannot allow Master Celestial to treat himself like this!

“If you do not accept my token of gratitude, I will kneel here forever!”

The other two were shocked by this.

He’s sure trying hard!

Doesn’t he feel embarrassed!?

Damn! He is the first one that offered Spirit Stones! If our sincerity is lacking, we will lose!

We cannot lose here!

With those thoughts in mind, the other two got on their knees too!

“If Master Celestial does not accept my token of gratitude, I’ll kneel here forever too!”

“Same for me!”

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