I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 28: The Resentful Little Spirit Fairy

Chapter 28: The Resentful Little Spirit Fairy

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“The heck with whatever Master Celestial! The Myriad Spirit Garden already has Little Spirit Fairy. How dare this guy call himself a ‘Master Celestial’?”

“I believe this fellow is trying to get famous by making use of Little Spirit Fairy’s popularity here. Such a despicable person!”

“That’s right, to think people are still calling him ‘Brother Celestial’! Maybe he’s an actor recruited by the Spirit Ore shops!”

“Whatever the hell with his one-of-a-kind judging ore abilities, who knows if he’s only putting on shows?”

“Even Little Spirit Fairy can only open one ore per day. How is it possible that this fellow can open so many ores consecutively?”

“He’s really too greedy. He must be a liar!”

“That’s right!”

“All of you cannot malign Brother Celestial!”

“How dare you guys compare Little Spirit Fairy against Brother Celestial?!”

“Brother Celestial only opens ores for people with affinity. And he’s doing it for no repayment while exhausting his own energy!”

“He’s such a kind and hardworking person. How can you guys malign him!”

Shen Tian was rather stunned by what he saw.

So, these guys are all Little Spirit Fairy’s fans? And they got angry because I also started to gain popularity?

To be honest, Shen Tian felt rather nonchalant when he saw all those indignant young lads pointing their fingers at him.

To him, these were just a bunch of dimwits who were accusing him of something which they were not even clear of.

In his previous life, Shen Tian had seen so many of such zealous fans who would only hide and complain behind their computer screens. As a matter of fact, the idols whom these fans were crazy about might also think that their actions were stupid.

It was definitely not worth being angry over such people.

Shen Tian smiled and decided to leave by another route. After all, it’s a good habit to keep one’s distance away from intellectually-impaired people.

Yet at that moment, those fans seemed to notice Shen Tian. All of them rushed in front of him and accused in justified tones.

“You are that Shen Aotian, correct? We heard that you addressed yourself as a Master Celestial. To be honest, do you think you befit such a name?”

“The Myriad Spirit Garden already has a Little Spirit Fairy. Aren’t you deliberately trying to target her by calling yourself as such?”

“Shen Aotian, do you really think your skills at assessing ores are better than Little Spirit Fairy?”

Shen Tian did not prepare to answer any of these questions. This was because he knew it was no use trying to reason things with such people.

The best way to handle dimwits was to face them politely… And ignore them, showing that you had no interest in what they were saying at all.

“Please make way, make way! We have to go to the next Spirit Ore shop!”

Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao stood by Shen Tian’s side, blocking off any people who tried to harass him.

Meanwhile, the 20 ‘fated persons’ also proactively formed a human barrier, so Shen Tian could pass through safely. After all, they were all hoping for Master Celestial to bring them greater wealth!

At that moment, there was a surprised shout among the crowd.

“Little Spirit Fairy has arrived!”

“Wow, my Little Spirit Fairy has finally arrived, and she looks even prettier than yesterday!”

“Little Spirit Fairy, this fake Master Celestial is trying to make use of your fame. Do expose him!”

“You, do you dare to compete with Little Spirit Fairy? And scram if you lose!”

“Yes, scram if you lose to her!”

A path was opened for Little Spirit Fairy, who wore a full-length dress today.

She looked as ravishing as the first time Shen Tian saw her and emanated immortal-like vibes.

However, Shen Tian was very calm now.

The reason was simple—he was clear of what the Little Spirit Fairy was capable of. This girl was no fairy with impressive powers, but a liar who’s even less capable of assessing ores than Shen Tian!

To be honest, he might even end up exposing Little Spirit Fairy instead of the other way round!

Little Spirit Fairy walked daintily ahead until stopping in front of Shen Tian.

She looked… resentful as she stared at him.

Yes, resentful because she had recognized Shen Tian!

After all, Shen Tian’s good looks couldn’t be disguised just by changing into a simple Daoist robe and pasting two mustaches on his face.

Little Fairy drew in a deep breath and asked Shen Tian softly, “It’s you?”

Shen Tian was quite stunned.

How did she recognize me after my perfect disguise? Unless… it’s because of the third sense women have?

Despite this, Shen Tian did not deny his identity. He thought for a moment, smiled, and replied, “Yes, it’s me again.”

To be honest, Shen Tian did not have any bad feelings about Little Spirit Fairy. As a young girl trying to find her spot in the cultivation world, it was reasonable that she did not have an easy time making a living.

Much as though she was a recruited actor, Little Spirit Fairy was still able to keep her basic morales of resisting her unscrupulous bosses. That was something worth admiring.

In any case, Shen Tian’s current business mode had also taken a leaf out of her book.

As such, he had a good impression of Little Spirit Fairy—but of course, her looks and figure had made up quite a big part of this impression too.

Yet though Shen Tian had a favorable impression of the Little Spirit Fairy, it was not the same for her.

Just the day before, Little Spirit Fairy had almost been frightened to death when Shen Tian bashed up young Shopkeeper Song.

Although Shen Tian later used the identity ‘Shen Ao’ to intimidate Young Shopkeeper Song, Little Spirit Fairy still returned 50 Spirit Stones to him as his medical fees.

This was because Shen Tian had decidedly left after ‘rescuing the damsel in distress’—who knew whatever he had said previously about protecting her was true or not?

What if this chap was just speaking for fun and had totally no intention of really protecting her?

Then wouldn’t she be the one who had offended the Song Family? How could she make a living in this area from then on?

Due to this incident, Little Spirit Fairy couldn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep.

When today came, the first thing she had heard was that her fans were quarreling with other people in the Myriad Spirit Garden.

Initially, Little Spirit Fairy had wanted to smooth things out and persuade her fans to stop quarreling.

However, when she reached the Phoenix Spirit Loft, she finally saw who was the ‘Master Celestial’. And the fact that Shen Tian still had so many female fans surrounding him, despite wearing that Daoist robes and looking like a total fraud… This was something Little Spirit Fairy could not stomach.

This fellow is too despicable for words!

First of all, he had bashed up Young Shopkeeper Song and made me pay for almost a month’s worth of income!

But considering how I also felt like beating up Young Shopkeeper Song, I can still let that pass…

And I am being generous enough for this matter!

Yet this chap here—after I told him how I earn a living for myself, he actually copied my method and started to snatch business from me? Isn’t this too unscrupulous?! So what if he’s good-looking—this is still unforgivable!

Actually, to be really, really honest…

In the event Shen Tian decided to work with the Spirit Ore shops to earn some Spirit Stones, Little Spirit Fairy wouldn’t have that much of an objection.

This was because she knew clearly that her main target audience was male consumers, while Shen Tian’s fans were mostly ladies.

The two of them actually didn’t have overlapping niches, and they could totally work in the area peacefully without bothering each other much.

After all, each of them knew what the other was up to. There’s no need to kick up such a fuss until both parties could not survive.

Trouble was—even if Shen Tian wanted to sell stuff and earn money, why couldn’t he go to other Spirit Ore shops to do it?

The Phoenix Spirit Loft is working with me!

I already had agreed to collaborate with the lady boss of Phoenix Spirit Loft, that I will be performing and helping her to sell her stuff today!

Yet now, if you are here, what becomes of me?

Aren’t you biting off the hand that feeds you!

When she thought of this, Little Spirit Fairy’s face flushed red with anger. The way she looked now was like a piteous girl who was being dumped by a guy!

“You are a scumbag!”

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