I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 29: What Do You Want!

Chapter 29: What Do You Want!

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You are a scumbag!?

When Little Spirit Fairy spoke those words, the surroundings quietened down.

All the onlookers focused their attention on the two of them, and everyone could smell gossip in the air.

It’s you?

Yes, it’s me again.

You are a scumbag!

This was the full replay of what Little Spirit Fairy said to Master Celestial when they met.

When linking the conversation, coupled with Little Spirit Fairy’s resentful looks…


Something must have occurred between this pair!

All the female fans surrounding Shen Tian immediately thought of various possible stories that could have happened before.

“Why do I feel like Little Spirit Fairy and Brother Celestial are acquaintances?”

“Come on. They are far more than just acquaintances. Look at her resentful expression. I believe some tragic love story must have happened between them before!”

“You mean… Little Spirit Fairy had pursued Brother Celestial, but he rejected her?”

“Haha, that’s possible. After all, our Brother Celestial is so mighty and good-looking!”

“Or could it be that Little Spirit Fairy had bedded with Brother Celestial but ended up being dumped by him? Argh, I doubt so!”

“But Brother Celestial’s so handsome. I won’t mind even if I had been bedded by him and got dumped later!”

When Little Spirit Fairy heard the discussions around them, she felt even more aggrieved.

Talk about going to bed with him and getting dumped? Hello, I am a chaste girl!

The Phoenix Spirit Loft’s Shopkeeper Yu came out just in time then, when Little Spirit Fairy decided she couldn’t stand it anymore and was about to pounce on Shen Tian.

While resisting her grievances, she pulled Shopkeeper Yu aside and asked in a low voice, “Sister Yu, didn’t we agree to work together?”

Shopkeeper Yu was rather baffled. “Yes, of course!”

“Then why did you ask this chap to come here? Aren’t you smashing my rice bowl then!?”

Shopkeeper Yu couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. “You mean Master Celestial Shen? I did not invite him.”

Little Spirit Fairy’s lips twitched uncontrollably. “Master Celestial Shen? Did you just address him as Master Celestial?”

Shopkeeper Yu nodded, and admiration was written all over her eyes as she turned to look at Shen Tian. “Yes, Priest Shen is a real Master Celestial!”

“How can that be!”

“Why not? You mean… both of you really know each other that well?”

Shopkeeper Yu couldn’t contain her curiosity as she asked, “Come, why don’t you tell elder sister here what had passed between you two?”

“There’s absolutely nothing between us!” Little Spirit Fairy gritted her teeth. “I am always unlucky when I run into this guy!”

Shopkeeper Yu smiled and said, “How can it be? Everyone’s hoping to have affinity with Master Celestial!”

After that, she told Little Spirit Fairy about what happened within these past two days.

When Little Spirit Fairy heard about Shen Tian’s encounters, she couldn’t help but start to suspect if all her life had been a hoax.

First of all, Shen Tian had helped the Myriad Spirit Garden’s Missy Li Lian’er to gain the Seven-Treasure Fairy Calabash Seed by using 50,000 Spirit Stones to buy the Turquoise Calabash Spirit Ore.

Next, he had helped seven ‘fated persons’ to choose ores. All of them had earned more than tenfold, and the highest among them earned profits of more than 100 times!

Now, he was still on his way to choose ores for 13 more ‘fated persons’!

Could it be that this guy really knows how to assess ores?

But how is that possible!?

Even a real Spirit Ore Appraiser wouldn’t be able to help 20 people choose ores in a single day!

After all, assessing ores is something that requires a lot of energy.

Besides, Little Spirit Fairy had met Shen Tian yesterday—and she knew for certain he was clueless about assessing ores!

If not, he could have just exposed her straightaway. There’s no need for him to come and ask her any further questions.

Unless… this chap is just making fun of me?

And in actual fact, he’s an expert at judging ores?

When she thought of this, Little Spirit Fairy got even more resentful.

As a reputable Spirit Ore Appraiser, don’t you feel shameful for teasing a young girl like me?

When rethinking back to how she had made such a fool of herself in front of him, Little Spirit Fairy felt fire rising up in her body.

This was aggravated by Shen Tian’s polite smile when she turned and looked back at him.

Are you ridiculing me?! Fine, I am now dead enemies with you!’

To Little Spirit Fairy, Shen Tian’s smile was like pouring oil on fire.

If not for the fact that she had spent so long to build up her ‘ethereal fairy’ image in front of the masses, she would have dueled Shen Tian to death already!

“Sister Yu, I don’t feel very well today. I shall not choose ores today, maybe next time!”

Shopkeeper Yu shook her head and said, “Oh, it’s alright. Today after Master Celestial Shen came here, it seemed like my shop enjoyed better traffic!”

Little Spirit Fairy, “…”

Pushing down her anger at the fact that ‘business had been snatched’, Little Spirit Fairy forced a smile on her face.

“Ling’er doesn’t feel very well today. I shall take my leave now. Please excuse me.”

After that, she turned and left in fashion. However, to the onlookers, she looked more like she was escaping from something.

Meanwhile, Little Spirit Fairy’s departure also made the relationship between her and Shen Tian seem all the more intriguing.

“Wth, why do I feel like Little Spirit Fairy’s escaping?”

“I didn’t think of it like that initially. But now, it seems like Little Spirit Fairy and Brother Celestial definitely have some unknown story!”

“My melon seeds are available for sharing. Will any kind soul tell me what’s happening? I am really excited about their story!”

“Haha, this is so laughable! Look at them. They were gloating about their Little Spirit Fairy. Turns out that Little Spirit Fairy is also admiring Brother Celestial secretly! Some more, it looks like it’s a one-sided love from her side!”

“Brother Celestial, why don’t you accept Little Spirit Fairy? I am willing to stay at peace with her, and I promise, I won’t be jealous.”

All of Shen Tian’s female fans started discussing more enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Little Spirit Fairy’s male fans were like pieces of withered eggplants—seeing how Little Spirit Fairy had escaped from the scene, what else could they fight for?

As for Shen Tian… well, he was in dazed mode all along.

Who am I? Where am I? What just happened…?

To Shen Tian, he had just greeted Little Spirit Fairy with a ‘Yes, it’s me again.’ This seemed perfectly normal by anyone’s standards.

Yet—this maiden insulted him as a ‘scumbag’, and still ran away piteously after that?

Hey, why don’t you let me scold you too before you run away? Aren’t you being too unreasonable? And since when are girls allowed to be that insensible?

Shen Tian was offended now. This maid was definitely losing his favourability points.




No matter what, Little Spirit Fairy’s appearance was like a hiccup in his plan for the day.

For the remaining half of the day, Shen Tian continued with helping his ‘fated persons’ choose ores in a slow but steady manner.

Each of the fated persons’ halos would show better providence after they got the Spirit Stones.

At the same time, the black halo on top of Shen Tian also became paler. In fact, the patches of white on the halo were expanding in area.

Other than that, the theory of ‘giving money to continue affinity’ got even more widespread. In fact, this group of ‘fated persons’ actually formed a Master Celestial Sect and set one of the sect’s rules to be: ‘Contribute 50% of what one got to Master Celestial!”

Much as though Shen Tian emphasized that there’s no need for such things, his feeble objections were ignored by all of them, who claimed that their contributions were offerings to the sect’s master—him.

To be honest, this just sounded like some heretic cult.

In the end, Shen Tian could only accept the amount of 14,000 Spirit Stones offered by these ‘fated persons’.

Nevertheless, Shen Tian felt that everything seemed to be developing for the better.

He had a mind to stop choosing ores after helping these 20 persons. After all, it was already getting dark, and if he continued… He would most probably be drowned by the tears of those Spirit Ore shops’ shopkeepers.

Shen Tian returned to the inn with a tired body.

Yet he would never expect to see a familiar person waiting for him when he opened his room’s door.

With a radiant smile on her face and carrying a cup of warm tea, Little Spirit Fairy greeted him warmly. “Brother Shen, I bet you are so tired!

“Ling’er has made tea for you. Please consume some to quench your thirst!”

Looking at this girl, who obviously seemed up to no good, Shen Tian felt ridiculous. “What do you want!?”

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