I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 3: Could It Be I’m Too Unlucky?

Chapter 3: Could It Be I’m Too Unlucky?

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Shen Tian questioned with a stern tone, “Why? You are disobeying your prince now?”

“I’m here, Your Highness.”

The eunuch shivered and quickly knelt before Shen Tian and bowed to him.

Even though Shen Tian was not favored by the King anymore, he was the 13th Prince nonetheless. Disobeying orders and ignorance of status was a capital offense in the palace.

Shen Tian was satisfied. He asked, “Tell me your name.”

The young eunuch quickly answered, “I’m Qin Gao. You can just call me Gao, Your Highness.”

Qin Gao?

That sounds like the name of an impressive eunuch.

Shen Tian thought for a moment and said, “Raise your head, let me see how you look.”

Qin Gao was terrified. There were rumors about how some people with high imperial status would get bored with women and start exploring possibilities with young children with good looks like him.

So the 13th Prince belongs to one of these people too?

The thought of it terrorized Qin Gao.

He lifted his head slowly with a shaking body.

Shen Tian looked at his face carefully, and his eyes lit up in excitement.

Qin Gao was even more worried.

“Your Highness, is there anything wrong with this young eunuch?” Eunuch Gui’s voice interrupted Shen Tian’s thoughts.

Actually, he was not looking at Qin Gao’s face, but his halo.

While Shen Tian had been observing Qin Gao’s halo, he noticed an image projection in it. The image started with the main entrance of the Imperial Library in the palace.

Then, it switched to the interior of the library. The image went past many bookshelves and reached the southeast corner and focused on a book named, History Of The Great Fire.

The image paused before it disappeared.

Shen Tian believed that the book History Of The Great Fire contained a secret.

It most probably had something to do with the red halo on Qin Gao’s head.

This could be Qin Gao’s fortuitous opportunity, leading to a fortune change. If I manage to get this book before this eunuch, maybe his opportunity will become mine, right?

Shen Tian thought to himself. He did not think that it was a despicable thing to do so. Only the fittest survived—that was the rule in the cultivation world. The consequences could be dire if one was too naive.

This opportunity was not the main issue Shen Tian was concerned with. He needed to find a way to change his own fortune. If not, he was sure to suffer an ugly death!

“That’s all. You can leave now.”

Shen Tian left and quickly made his way to the Imperial Library.

The Imperial Library of the Country of Fire was located in the middle of the palace. Many rare books could be found there.

Naturally, books containing advanced cultivation techniques were kept at the library’s core area, and they were well-guarded by skillful personnel.

Without the Token of Fire, even princes like Shen Tian could not access those books.

Fortunately, this History Of The Great Fire was just a common historical book.

Shen Tian recalled the path the image had followed and swiftly located the book.

The book was about 10cm thick and looked dusty and old. When compared to the other thousands of books, it was not that eye-catching. However, Shen Tian was convinced that it contained some secret.

I’ve got the book now, so my providence should change.

Shen Tian took out a mirror from his pocket and had a look. He was as handsome as ever.

So was his halo!

Shen Tian was disappointed.

So, having the book itself is not enough? I need to find some clues from the book to change my fate?

Shen Tian quickly borrowed the book and left the Imperial Library.

In the next few days, Shen Tian was back to how he had been previously. His activity zone was centered around his bed, and he did not leave the room at all.

The only difference was that Shen Tian was now reading the boring History Of The Great Fire over and over again.

It was a painful process for Shen Tian as he could not gain anything useful from it. The book was simply boring. There were no pictures, no climax, and even the words were squeezed together.

No wonder it was left in the corner for years!

If Shen Tian had not seen the images from Qin Gao’s halo, he would have never touched such a book at all.

Could it be I’m too unlucky to spot the secret in this book?

This doesn’t make any sense!

“Your Highness, you have been in the room for three days!” Eunuch Gui was very worried about Shen Tian. “You have been reading this book many times, do you want to take a walk outside?”

Shen Tian shook his head. There was no way he would leave the palace without cracking the secret hidden in the book.

Given his current luck, it was extremely possible for the book to disappear after it was left unattended.

He did not dare to take the risk!

After three hours…

Shen Tian read through the History Of The Great Fire again. Other than the content becoming more boring, Shen Tian hadn’t found anything else.

Shen Tian finally got tired and gave in to his unlucky fate.

Maybe I should get someone else to read it?

“Uncle Gui, come and take a look at this book.” Shen Tian passed the book to Eunuch Gui. “I have a feeling that this book will give me an opportunity to change my fate.”

“There is an opportunity in this book?”

Eunuch Gui was not convinced. Although he respected and trusted the 13th Prince, he knew exactly how “lucky” his prince was.

The prince borrowed a random book from the Imperial Library, and it contains some hidden secrets? Yeah, sure.

“Your Highness, since you said so, I’ll take a look!”

Eunuch Gui did not believe he would find anything that would be useful. Nonetheless, Eunuch Gui obeyed and started reading the book carefully.

Soon, Eunuch Gui was surprised. “Wow, there’s really something in this book.”

Shen Tian was rendered speechless. He was not sure if he should feel happy or disappointed. He had spent days researching this book and had not found anything worthy at all.

Eunuch Gui only read it for a few minutes, and he had a breakthrough?


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