I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 30: Little Spirit Fairy’s Night Visit

Chapter 30: Little Spirit Fairy’s Night Visit

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Yes, that’s right.

This uninvited guest was none other than Little Spirit Fairy.

In the day, after leaving the scene huffily, Little Spirit Fairy had felt something was amiss.

No matter what, she could never believe that this fellow, who was about the same age as her, would be some Spirit Ore Appraiser.

After all, in the cultivation world, almost 90% of Spirit Ore Appraisers were elderly persons!

After pondering for a while, Little Spirit Fairy had decided to do an investigation on Shen Tian—she wanted to know if he really had the expertise or was just simply cheating others like herself.

As such, after changing clothes and putting on make-up to disguise herself, she had slipped back into the masses following Shen Tian.

One should really applaud ladies for their make-up skills—after she had a change of clothes and disguised herself with an ugly appearance, indeed, no one could recognize Little Spirit Fairy.

Thus, she had managed to secretly observe Shen Tian for the whole day.

The first hour of seeing him choose ores, she thought, This fellow must be a scammer, he must be using some magic tricks to fool us.

The second hour of seeing him choose ores, she thought, Hmm, I have to give it to him to recruit so many passersby. And his acting’s quite good!

The third hour of seeing him choose ores, she thought, My God, how come all the shopkeepers looked like they are not faking it?

The fourth hour of seeing him choose ores, she thought, This guy… can he really be a Spirit Ore Appraiser?

The fifth hour of seeing him choose ores, she thought, Wth, how did he choose the correct ores? It’s a hit… a hit, and another hit again?!

When all the chosen Spirit Ores had been consecutively cut open, and the ‘fated persons’ had happy tears running down their faces, Little Spirit Fairy had to admit—while it’s true that she had been putting on an act… Shen Tian was not! He really had the real skills!

Gradually, she had been brainwashed by all the ‘fated persons’—in fact, she had joined the Master Celestial Sect willingly!

After all, that slogan of ‘Follow Master Celestial for Spirit Ores, Your Household Will Own it All’ was simply too catchy!

“What do you want!?”

When Shen Tian directed his question at her, Little Spirit Fairy did not answer it.

Instead, she started playing up to him. “I bet Brother Shen is tired? Do you want Ling’er to massage your shoulders and your legs?”

Little Spirit Fairy actually squatted down in front of Shen Tian right after that and started massaging his legs!

Actually… it’s quite comfortable!

Shen Tian couldn’t help but compare her massaging skill to that of Eunuch Gui’s. And his conclusion was—Little Spirit Fairy was not any lousier than him in this aspect!

However, should this scene be seen by her fans… Shen Tian bet they would be totally heartbroken!

“How’s it, Brother Shen? Is this strength enough?”

When the young girl looked up, she had a radiant smile upon her face, which made people feel like witnessing the blooming flowers of spring.

Yet to Shen Tian, he just felt something wasn’t quite right.

He looked down at Little Spirit Fairy and asked, “What’s your intent?”

Imagine someone scolding you ‘scumbag’ in the day, but now calling you ‘Brother Shen’ so affectionately while helping to massage your shoulders and legs… There must be something up her sleeves!

Indeed, after hearing Shen Tian’s question, the smile on Little Spirit Fairy’s face got even sweeter.

She looked at him respectfully, knelt down, and said, “Ling’er begs Brother Shen to keep me as your disciple!”


What did she just say!?

Shen Tian was befuddled, “Keep you as my disciple?”


Little Spirit Fairy looked at Shen Tian, and sincerity was written all over her pretty face.

“Ling’er is serious about this! Brother Shen, please keep me as your disciple, and teach me how to assess ores!”

Oh my god!

Imagine a beauty kneeling in front of you, begging you to ‘keep’ her…

How could any normal guy withstand such temptations?

Yet, Shen Tian withstood this test.

The reason was simple—when did he ever learn how to assess ores?

If he really let her stay by his side, what could he teach her? Some musical instruments?

For heavens’ sake, wouldn’t that be exposing himself!?

“I reject your request.”

“But why?” Little Spirit Fairy put on a pitiful look. “Is it because Ling’er’s too ugly, and Brother Shen cannot bear to keep me as your disciple?”

Little Spirit Fairy looked like she was about to cry—her sad face was heart-wrenching! It was almost impossible to reject such a beauty.

Shen Tian forced himself to look somewhere else and reply, “Miss Ling’er, we are not fated!”

Little Spirit Fairy put on an even more piteous expression. “But Brother Shen, I implore you to let me stay by your side!”

Oh god, I can’t stand it!

Shen Tian closed his eyes and commented, “Miss Ling’er, there’s no point in forcing it.

“You are so pretty. I am sure other Spirit Ore Appraisers will love to keep you as their disciple. Why must you ask me to be your master?”

Upon seeing how Shen Tian had closed his eyes, a hint of a smile flashed past Ling’er’s eyes. She pouted and said, “Where do I go and find an even more powerful Spirit Ore Appraiser like Brother Shen, in the whole of the Myriad Spirit Garden?

“Besides, all those old fellows are lechers. Ling’er doesn’t like them.”

Shen Tian couldn’t decide whether he should laugh or cry at this. “Then shouldn’t Miss Ling’er be worried that I might also be a lecher like them?”

Little Spirit Fairy couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh at this, especially after she saw Shen Tian was still refusing to look at her.

“Hehe, where on earth can I find a lecher as handsome as Brother Shen? Even if you are… then Ling’er will succumb to my fate willingly!”

Shen Tian was rendered speechless.

“Besides, Brother Shen looks really humble and honest. You must be a good man, and I bet you won’t take advantage of me as my master. Am I right, Master?”

Shen Tian, “…”

I look humble and honest?

And was I just given the ‘you are a good man’ excuse by a girl?

Now, this is unacceptable. I define myself as a Casanova! I am the one who dumps women carelessly, as and when I want it,

Humble and honest—that’s totally not the impression he wanted to give others!

Shen Tian snorted. “Miss, please leave! I will not keep you as my disciple!”

“No, no! Master is so handsome. I don’t believe you are a heartless guy!

“Ling’er is so tired from following you around the whole day while you chose ores for others!”

Upon seeing how Shen Tian seemed undecided, Little Spirit Fairy immediately arranged a make-shift bed for herself on the room’s floor.

“The day’s getting late, Master. Please allow Ling’er to stay here for the night?

“Thank you, and good night!”

After that, Little Spirit Fairy actually pulled up her blankets… and slept.

She actually fell asleep!!!

Shen Tian was immensely offended by Little Spirit Fairy’s actions as he gazed down on her closed eyelids.

How dare this girl ignore me and still sleep so soundly in my room?

This is such an insult—an insult indeed—to a Casanova like me!

Alright, he could accept this insult!

“Even if you do this, I will not keep you as my disciple!”

After all, His Highness here wasn’t any lecherous man who would forget where he was when he met pretty girls.

Shen Tian snorted loudly. After taking another blanket from the room’s cabinet, he walked out of the room.

Trying to seduce me? There’s no room for it!

Do you think that I don’t know censored contents are strictly not allowed? Given the kind of luck I have, what if I am exterminated because of this?

However, what Shen Tian did not know was that the second he walked out of the room, the young girl finally relaxed her tensed-up body beneath the blankets.

Little Spirit Fairy opened her eyes and revealed a somewhat rueful-but-cheeky smile.

I did not misjudge him. Master is really a gentleman!

Ha, just wait and see! I am definitely going to make you keep me as your disciple!

It’s a must!

On the other hand, when Shen Tian left the room, he was greeted by a sorrowful old eunuch.

“Your Highness, Your Highness! How can you let go of such a golden opportunity!?” Eunuch Gui was ever more so grieved as he commented, “You are already 16 years old. Even if you are not prepared to take concubines, you should learn how to fool around!”

Shen Tian was slack-jawed.

Now he understood—apparently, Eunuch Gui must have given silent consent for Little Spirit Fairy’s night visit. Or else, considering how Eunuch Gui had attained 7th Firmament of Qi Refinement, Little Spirit Fairy could have never gotten past him.

What made Shen Tian exasperated was, Eunuch Gui obviously wanted Shen Tian to have fun with Little Spirit Fairy—and thus, he had pretended not to notice how she had been harassing Shen Tian back in the room.

Shen Tian was incredulous at such behavior.

Honestly, are all these people in the cultivation world that open-minded?

Who is the real person who has transmigrated? Why do I feel so out of place here!?

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