I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 31: Godfiend Body Tempering Cultivation System

Chapter 31: Godfiend Body Tempering Cultivation System

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“She is not as simple as she looks. You better be careful.”

Shen Tian said, “By the way, Uncle Gui, you should go and rest now.”

Eunuch Gui smiled and said, “I will just sit and rest here. I can protect Your Highness too.”

Shen Tian thought for a moment and said, “Uncle Gui, you and Qin Gao take 1,000 Spirit Stones each and go cultivate on your skills.”

Eunuch Gui quickly declined. “How can we do that!?”

,000 Spirit Stones was a lot of money, enough for an average person to train all the way to Foundation Establishment!

Shen Tian waved his hand and said, “Do not reject them. If you become stronger, you’ll better protect me.”

After seeing Shen Tian’s firm expression, Eunuch Gui nodded. “Yes, Your Highness!”

At that moment, Shen Tian noticed that the halo on Eunuch Gui’s head turned redder than before. It seemed that Shen Tian’s conjecture was correct—when he shared the opportunities with Eunuch Gui and others, his providence would increase too.

“Oh, right. Give me 100 Spirit Stones.” Shen Tian smiled. “I’ll try to cultivate the Tinder Sutra tonight!”

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll go arrange everything for you.”

Eunuch Gui took out the Spirit Stones and money before going to ask the inn’s owner for another room.

Shen Tian sat in a wooden barrel filled with herbal medicines and looked up. He placed the Spirit Stones in front of him and tried to recall the original 13th Prince’s memories. He tried to cultivate again after so long!

However, unlike the time the 13th Prince had suffered Qi Deviation, Shen Tian chose a different cultivation system. It was the Godfiend Body Tempering Cultivation System!

There were many different cultivation systems in the cultivation world. Daoism’s Golden Core Qi Refinement was the most common one, as it required fewer resources and was faster to cultivate.

At the same time, one could learn many peculiar skills from it. Also, due to the previous generations’ contributions and research, this cultivation system was more complete. Thus, it had gradually become mainstream in the cultivation world.

However, the most ancient system was not Golden Core Qi Refinement. It was the Godfiend Body Tempering System, which originated from humans that had been studying ancient monsters and demons.

It was completely different from Golden Core Qi Refinement.

Qi Refinement was about refining the Spirit Qi in the world, storing it in the body as Divinity, and dealing damage with Dharmic powers.

However, for Body Tempering, it refined the Spirit Qi to boost one’s physique and increase their physical power.

The first system emphasized on casting spells, while the second one focused on hand-to-hand combat.

Although both cultivation systems were equally good, Qi Refinement had become the cultivation world’s mainstream for a simple reason—Body Tempering was very costly!

Given the same starting level, a Godfiend Body Tempering cultivator would need ten times the resources a Golden Core Qi Refinement cultivator needed.

Resources were already scarce in the cultivation world, and most people could not even afford to train cheaper techniques. Let alone Body Temping.

The deceased 13th Prince had attempted practicing the Godfiend Body Tempering System a few years ago. He had chosen the Tinder Body-Tempering Art—also known as Tinder Sutra—the most common Godfiend Body Tempering technique in the cultivation world.

It cost 5 silver taels in most workshops.

Yes, 5 silver taels, not 5 Spirit Stones!

It could be considered as free compared to other cultivation techniques.

Surprisingly, the 13th Prince had not suffered Qi Deviation while cultivating this cheap Tinder Body-Tempering Art.

Well, it should not come as a surprise. It should be known that Golden Core Qi Refinement cultivators needed to absorb the Spirit Qi into their dantian. Nonetheless, it was a very weak body organ and could be damaged easily.

If one lost control of the Spirit Qi in their dantian, then they would suffer Qi Deviation. Since the 13th Prince had been ill-starred all his life, losing control of his Spirit Qi was a normal happenstance.

However, a Godfiend Body Tempering cultivator did not need to direct the Spirit Qi to their dantian.

The first stage of this system was called the Body Tempering realm. In that realm, the cultivator needed to absorb a huge amount of Spirit Qi and refine their muscles and bones. Even if the Spirit Qi went out of control, there was hardly any impact.

The whole philosophy behind this system was to damage the physical body first and help it recover slowly with the aid of medicine. As such, the body would slowly get used to it and become stronger.

The more one lost control of their Spirit Qi and injured their bodies, the better the effect would be!

One might wonder why the 13th Prince had not continued cultivating the Tinder Sutra… Well, he had been very poor!

He had sold most of the valuable items in Lan Palace and had only obtained 100 Spirit Stones. He had spent an entire day cultivating the TInder Sutra and ended up spending all his wealth without even managing to enter the 1st Firmament!

Most Qi Refinement cultivators would reach the 3rd Firmament, and a select few the 4th Firmament, if they had 100 Spirit Stones.

In the end, the ill-starred prince had not even managed to master the Tinder Sutra’s basics. Thus, he had chosen to give up, as there was no way for him to continue on that path.

However, everything was different now. Shen Tian had managed to earn 14,000 Spirit Stones in just one day!

Shen Tian felt that he could try cultivating the Tinder Sutra with the amount of money he possessed.

Well, it was not like he dared to try his luck with any other cultivation technique.

Shen Tian grabbed a Spirit Stone and focused. He circulated his energy according to the Tinder Sutra’s instructions and absorbed the Spirit Qi in the stone.

Soon, a visible stream of Spirit Qi appeared from the Spirit Stone and entered Shen Tian’s body.

Then, visible Spirit Qi appeared from the Spirit Stones and entered Shen Tian’s body.

Golden Core Qi Refinement cultivation techniques allowed the practitioner to refine the stones’ Spirit Qi, making it more gentle for the dantian to absorb. However, Godfiend Body Tempering cultivation techniques did not have such a step, so the stones’ unrefined Spirit Qi was more violent.

The moment it entered Shen Tian’s body, it started to activate his muscles and gave him the feeling that someone was hammering his muscles.

Although the continuous pain was tolerable, this sensation lasted for a long period. At the same time, his muscles felt both sore and numb.

Shen Tian clenched on the Spirit Stone tightly in pain.

The traditional way… is indeed brutal!

Fortunately, the medicinal bath was taking effect. His body was absorbing the medicines and healing the muscles.

Shen Tian’s body was getting stronger as he endured through the pain.

Soon, the medicinal bath’s color got lighter, and within an hour, all 100 Spirit Stones turned into motes of dust. He had used them all!

Money can indeed make people stronger! I’ll need more Spirit Stones!

Shen Tian had realized something, so he opened his eyes and shouted in excitement, “Uncle Gui! I need more Spirit Stones! I’m close to success! I have a feeling that I can do it today!”

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