I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 36: Should We Hit Again?

Chapter 36: Should We Hit Again?

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Eastern Wilderness…

There was a creepy palace hidden somewhere in the abyss.

Many crystal-like soul plates were placed on the altar.

Suddenly, one of the soul plates cracked and shattered.

Many people woke up in the dark.

“It’s Black Blood’s soul plate. He has been taken out in the Country of Fire.”

“He has Jiu’er with him. There aren’t many people that could kill Black Blood in the Country of Fire.”

“We are exposed in the Country of Fire already?”

“Send Black Wood for investigation. Ask him to kill that person. If possible, convince the 6th Prince to join us too. He is talented and could be used to guide our Holy Spirit.”

“Yes, sir.”

Grand White Grotto-Heaven…

The sound of the water was deafening, and even granite stones would be shattered under its force.

A man was standing at the bottom of the waterfall and slashing it with his sword—Li Changge!

There was another man in his middle-age standing beside the waterfall. He was carrying a giant board sword and looked very fierce.

He was scolding Li Changge.

“Too slow!

“Too weak!

“Your shoulder, your legs, your finger! Use your strength!

“Your body is very important! If you want to be powerful with your swordplay, you need to train harder.

“Your sword is just too weak!”

The man looked at Li Changge indifferently. “You bring your sister out with this kind of rubbish skill? Shame on you!

“Continue! You are not allowed to leave here until you master the Changhe Sword Intent!”

Suddenly, the man felt something.

He looked in the direction of the Country of Fire and said, “Someone used my token. Is it that boy?”

The man then scoffed.

Since he’s carrying my Sword Master Token, it won’t be hard to find him.

Zi Yang is familiar with the terrain in the Country of Fire. I will ask him to bring the boy back.

I want to see what kind of look he has that he dared to trick my daughter!

Saintess Mountain, Divine Firmament Sacred Ground…

A red-crowned crane landed in front of a shadow.

She was a lady in white-cloaked armor and silver longsword.

She was wearing a red Phoenix Feather Mask, and her eyes looked like the stars in the sky. She cuddled on the crane and fed a Spirit Stone to it.

After eating the Spirit Stone, the feather of the crane looked much more beautiful.

It squeaked and flew into the sky again.

She walked to the edge of a cliff and stared at a distance.

Her eyes were filled with silver-white lightning as though she was going to purify all the evil in the world.

“Evil Spirit appeared in the Country of Fire and murdered lots of people?

“The Myriad Spirit Garden, Celievers, Nippon Mountain Dark Grotto, Shen Aotian?

“I’ve never heard of him before. He’d better not be part of Evil Spirit!”

Then she jumped up, and her sword flew below her feet.


She disappeared in no time!

In a seclusion chamber in the Country of Fire, Shen Ao had his eyes closed, and his entire body was shaking.

He was soaked in sweat!

“Almost there. Almost!”


Shen Ao suddenly opened his eyes and gave a loud cry!

The shockwave pushed everything away from him.

Shen Ao slowly stood up, and his body felt very weak, yet immense power was flowing in his body.

“What a powerful force!

“I can feel it! Is this the power in Foundation Establishment?

“Qi Refinement had nothing to compare with it. This is the true meaning of cultivation!”

Shen Ao wiped his sweats and said excitedly, “Perfected Zi Yang promised me to take me in as his disciple as long as I reached Foundation Establishment!

“Now, I have succeeded. I’ll just have to go to the Grand White Grotto-Heaven.

“Oh yeah, I should get a gift for him.

“I’ll train another three days.

“And then go to the Myriad Spirit Garden to get something good.

“13th Prince visited me a few days ago, hope that did not affect my providence.”


“Ah-choo! Ah-choo!”

Shen Tian began to sneeze non-stop.

He felt that someone was secretly admiring how handsome he was again.

The three Golden Core Perfected Ones had been chased away, and only the four of them were left in this wildness.

Little Spirit Fairy was still sleeping in the sack.

Shen Tian’s focus was on the beads he had in his hand.

“I spent 4,000 Spirit Stones to cast a skill and got this?” Shen Tian began to fondle the bead. “It cracked and does not feel smooth at all.”

Suddenly, a voice came from the beads. “You! Stop!”

Shen Tian was shocked and quickly tossed the beads away.

Dark smoke began to form near the beads, and a woman in a red dress appeared.

It was Jiu’er!

However, she seemed much weaker than before. Her appearance was very unstable, and looked like she was going to disappear anytime soon.

She was badly wounded!

Her hair was covering her eyes, and she stared at Shen Tian. “Stop fondling me!”

Shen Tian’s mouth twitched. “Why are you here again? As I said, I’m not interested in being your children’s father!”

“You are touching me all over, and I cannot come out?”

The Ghost Mother’s eyes were filled with bitterness, and she started crying.

Shen Tian was shocked.

What? I made Jiu’er cry just because I touched the beads?

The experience of hearing a ghost crying is no joke!

If a normal girl’s cry could deal 100 damage, this female ghost’s cry would be 1,000!

It was extremely painful to the ear.

Wait, so… these beads are possessed by Jiu’er?

That’s awkward…

Shen Tian quickly said, “Okay, okay. Please stop crying. I just touched the beads for a few seconds. Relax.”

The Ghost Mother slowly stood up, looking very shy.

She bowed and said, “Thank you, Immortal Senior, for slashing all my resentment away. I’m back to my senses. I don’t know how to repay you…”

Shen Tian quickly interrupted, “Ermm, you don’t have to pledge to marry me.”

Jiu’er was shocked for a moment, and more resentment started forming. Even the black smoke around her seemed to be denser than before.

Qin Gao was very alarmed by it. “Your Highness, her resentment is coming back. Should we hit her again?”

Jiu’er, “…”

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