I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 37: Just Acupuncture Would Do

Chapter 37: Just Acupuncture Would Do

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After taking a deep breath of Yin Qi, Jiu’er hurriedly dispelled the dark aura around her.

She explained, “I no longer have any resentment. Immortal Senior, please do not misunderstand!”

Upon sensing that her resentment disappeared, Shen Tian also heaved a sigh of relief. Even if Jiu’er was at her peak condition, he was not afraid either. However, large amounts of Spirit Stones would be wasted to use the Sword Master Token.

Jiu’er kneeled in front of Shen Tian and said, “Immortal Senior has killed the evildoers of Evil Spirit and allowed me to escape their control.

“I am unable to repay your kindness, so I don’t dare to hope for anything else. But… it’s just… the children in the beads are innocent and unable to enter the reincarnation cycle.

“I am not their real mother, but we have spent many years together, so I cannot bear to see their plight.

“I only hope that you can release their souls and allow them to enter the reincarnation cycle.

“If so, I am willing to serve beside you and be your slave or servant to repay you.

“Even if Immortal Senior wants to fondle me, I-I can accept too!”


Shen Tian took in a sharp breath.

Who would want to fondle you!? What kind of person do you think I am?

At that moment, Jiu’er lifted her hair, which originally covered her face, and an ethereal and stunning face appeared before Shen Tian.

Shen Tian did not know what phrase to use to describe her beauty.

If he had to describe…

Then, Little Spirit Fairy’s appearance would be breathtaking and heavenly. Li Lian’er was cute, like a little sister next door. Meanwhile, Jiu’er was like an elf in the night, under the moonlight, grieving and mournful.

She was just like Nie Xiaoqian in Joey Wong’s version of A Chinese Ghost Story.

She had an amorous disposition and made one could not help but want to take pity on her.

Sigh… When thinking about it carefully, her whole family was slaughtered before she married. Then, she was sealed in the beads and unable to enter the reincarnation cycle. That’s indeed quite pitiful!

Shen Tian could not help but feel sympathetic for her.

“Don’t worry! You don’t need to be my slave or servant. There is justice in heaven and earth!” He said righteously, “I will definitely release the children’s souls!”

Jiu’er was moved. “I thank Immortal Senior on behalf of those children.”

“That’s right!” It was as if Shen Tian had thought of something, so he asked, “How can we release their souls? Is it possible to do it physically?”

Jiu’er was stunned for a moment. “Physically? What do you mean?”

Shen Tian touched the Sword Master Token he was carrying, slightly reluctant. However, he still said firmly, “What if I use the earlier sword aura and slash a few more times? Would it be able to cut off your resentments?”

Jiu’er’s delicate body trembled, while her originally illusory soul became more transparent. When recalling the earlier slash’s power, her eyes were filled with fear.

“I’m afraid not. If Immortal Senior unleashes that slash once again, then the beads will be destroyed completely. By then, our souls would all vanish.”

Shen Tian was helpless as he did not know any Dharma spells to release souls!

Then, this makes the matter difficult!

Forget it, let’s carry the beads on me first!

If an opportunity presented itself, and he encountered any mantra that could release souls, such as the Rebirth Mantra, Shen Tian would help them enter the reincarnation cycle.

Shen Tian said, “I will think of other ways to help those children to be reborn.

“That’s right. You seem to be injured quite seriously. Is there any way to heal your injuries?”

Upon seeing how unreal and weak her soul looked, Shen Tian felt that she could disappear any time soon.

Jiu’er nodded. “These are soul-nourishing beads, so once I return to them, my injured body will heal slowly.”

Shen Tian was deep in thought. “However, the beads seem to be damaged. Is there any way to restore them?”

Jiu’er said, “As long as enough resentment and Evil Qi are absorbed, they can be restored, but…”

Jiu’er did not continue speaking as Shen Tian could understand her meaning. If the beads continued absorbing resentment, then as the beads were restored, the souls of Jiu’er and those children would continue to be corroded.

By then, Jiu’er would revert back to how she was previously.

“Would absorbing Spirit Qi be possible?” Shen Tian suddenly said, “Would you be able to recover if you absorbed Spirit Stones?”

Jiu’er thought for a moment and said, “Should be possible!”

Evil cultivators trained evil cultivation techniques that harmed others to benefit themselves due to the lack of training resources.

The so-called resentment, Evil Qi, or Qi from evil spirits, they were not as pure as the Spirit Qi from heaven and earth. However, to evil cultivators, it was much easier to obtain these above-mentioned types of energy as compared to Spirit Stones.

For example, in order to obtain the so-called resentment that sustained Haiti, one only needed to continue killing people.

If one used Spirit Qi to rear spirits, then even the resources of Nascent Soul cultivators would be depleted. Therefore, most heretic cultivators would choose blood sacrifices to restore Dharma treasures.

Obviously, Shen Tian found it more convenient to use Spirit Qi since he was so poor he was only left with Spirit Stones.

“Alright, then return to the beads and stay in there!”

Shen Tian took out a bag of Spirit Stones and stuffed it within the beads.

Hehe, she should feel comfortable now!

Upon seeing Shen Tian take ownership of the beads, Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao were both relieved.

So, the reason His Highness is indifferent toward Little Spirit Fairy and Fairy Lian’er is that… His Highness does not like women but has eyes only for female ghosts!

Although it’s not very good to be involved with female ghosts, at least, His Highness has grown up. The difference between female ghosts and women would not be that distinctive after blowing out the lights!

His Highness is currently interested in female ghosts. If we guide him slightly, it won’t be difficult for His Highness to be interested in women in the future. Then, getting married and giving birth to children will occur naturally.

If Concubine Lan knew, she would definitely be happy!

Eunuch Gui was relieved that the 13th Prince had finally found a woman that made his heart beat.

Meanwhile, Qin Gao was even more excited.

Shen Tian was unaware that his subordinates’ thoughts were running wild.

He slowly walked toward Little Spirit Fairy and observed her.

It was unknown what Perfected Black Blood had used to drug her. She was still fast asleep, like a pig, even though she had been carried for tens of kilometers, and a fierce battle had taken place there. She showed no signs of waking up at all.

“Uncle Gui, do you have any way to wake her up?”

Eunuch Gui replied, “Miss Ling’er has fainted. She should be able to regain consciousness after pricking her with needles. If it’s just acupuncture, I will need to remove Miss Ling’er’s outerwear.”

Over the years, Shen Tian would get grievously injured from Qi Deviation once in a few days.

As the saying went, “Chronic injuries make a good doctor.”

Eunuch Gui had spent some time researching and was quite proficient in acupuncture.

“You have to take off her outerwear to give her acupuncture?”

Shen Tian looked at Little Spirit Fairy and thought it was not very convenient and suitable to remove her clothes in the wild.

If she had just fainted, then CPR should be able to wake her!

Shen Tian suggested, “I’ll do it!”

He told Eunuch Gui to retreat to the side and approached Little Spirit Fairy. He took a deep breath and cleared his mind of impure thoughts. Then, Shen Tian stretched out both of his hands and pressed toward Little Spirit Fairy’s chest.

Meanwhile, behind him, Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao’s jaws dropped.

Oh my god! Previously, Miss Ling’er threw herself to you and even slept on your bed, but you directly left the room and did not even touch her.

Instead, now that she’s unconscious, you make a move on her!?

Does it really feel better without interaction!?

Eunuch Gui was skeptical.

I originally thought His Highness liked female ghosts. Is it possible that His Highness likes… fainting play!?

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