I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 38: His Highness Is Finally Lucky?

Chapter 38: His Highness Is Finally Lucky?

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Shen Tian had received some basic first aid knowledge, including artificial respiration and chest compressions, in his previous life.

To be able to use them when needed, Shen Tian had been serious in mastering these skills.

Therefore, after applying what he knew on Little Spirit Fairy for a while, her breathing gradually became stable.

Little Spirit Fairy slowly opened her eyes.


Suddenly, she felt something was wrong—an extremely handsome face was getting closer to her!

It was Shen Tian!

Little Spirit Fairy turned pale from shock and hurriedly closed her eyes again.


Damn you! You actually took advantage of my unconscious state and kissed me! You even blew air into my mouth!

Wait, he-he is pressing my chest! That’s going too far! I’m still a maiden!

If you do that to me, how can I marry in the future?

Little Spirit Fairy was enraged and wanted to jump up and beat up Shen Tian.

However, on second thoughts, there was no one else in the wilderness. Only Shen Tian and his two personal servants were around. Even if she really wanted to resist, it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to do it!

Is-is it really possible that I had misjudged him?

Is he really not a good guy but a perverted maniac?

When thinking of these, Little Spirit Fairy was so frightened that she did not dare to move.

However, a special feeling that she had never experienced before gradually filled her up. Such a feeling was miraculous, something that she had never felt before.

Suddenly, the touch on her lips disappeared. The pressing on her chest had also stopped.

Little Spirit Fairy felt as if she had lost something from her whole body.

She kept her eyes closed but heard the conversation between Shen Tian and Eunuch Gui.

“Uncle Gui, I’m a little tired. How about you try acupuncture?”

Little Spirit Fairy became anxious.

Acupuncture? What acupuncture!?

“Cough, cough. I’m not proficient in my skills. I’m afraid that I might hurt Miss Ling’er. It would be better if Your Highness continued!”

Therefore Shen Tian was not being frivolous but saving me?

No way! How does doing that count as saving people?

And he still complained that he was tired…

Why? Is it that hard for you to save me!?

Little Spirit Fairy could not help but feel bitter in her heart.

Surprisingly, Shan Tian’s beads started trembling.

“Master, Master! I can feel resentment from that lady over there!”

Shen Tian was shocked. “Is it possible that Black Blood had left something on her as a backup plan?”

Eunuch Gui’s face also turned serious. “There’s such a possibility!”

Evil cultivators were known for their viciousness and for resorting to every conceivable means. As they had no bottom line, they would resort to all sorts of underhanded methods, which were extremely hard to deal with.

Shen Tian grasped the Sword Master Token in his hand. “Is there any way to disperse this resentment?”

Qin Gao, who was at the side, thought for a moment. “I heard that the urine of a virgin boy is able to dispel evil things—”


Little Spirit Fairy went pale from fright when she heard Qin Gao’s suggestion, so she directly jumped up from the ground.

“I-I-I’m fine!”

Upon seeing how panicked Little Spirit Fairy was, a weird expression appeared on Shen Tian’s face. “You were already awake?”

Little Spirit Fairy was stunned and nodded while in a daze. “I just woke up a while ago.”

“Why didn’t you say that you were awake?” asked Shen Tian helplessly. “I’m exhausted.”

Little Spirit Fairy, “…”

Little Spirit Fairy snapped out of her dazed state and entered rage mode.

“You are a scumbag! You kissed me and pressed my chest just now! How am I going to marry in the future!?”

Eunuch Gui smiled so widely that his eyes were squinted. “Then, just marry His Highness.”

Hehe! Luckily I did not use acupuncture just now. His Highness is indeed clever!

“Who is going to marry that bast*rd!?” Little Spirit Fairy’s face turned slightly red as she mumbled, “Doing those kinds of things to me when I was unconscious…”

Shen Tian said helplessly, “I did that to save you. I really did not have any other thoughts.”

Little Spirit Fairy flew into a rage. “No thoughts? Am I really that ugly?”

Shen Tian felt helpless yet again—her point of focus was slightly off!

He sighed. “Then what must I do for you to believe me?”

Little Spirit Fairy turned her head to the side as she became more and more furious.

Bast*rd, that bast*rd said it was all just to save me, and he had no other thoughts.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to take responsibility after doing those things.

Damn it, he’s just too hateful!

Little Spirit Fairy was fuming with rage, so she pointed to the cliff at the side.

“You don’t want to take responsibility? Hmph, if you jump down from here, then I’ll believe that you did not have other thoughts!” she snarled.

Shen Tian looked at the cliff and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. “Jump-jump down from this cliff?”

Little Spirit Fairy nodded her head with a pleased look. Then, she smiled and said, “How about it, you’re afraid now?”

Hmph, bast*rd.

Seeing that you saved me, then I’ll just settle for you! There’s no way that you’re not taking responsibility!

However, after we are married, who will be in charge of the Spirit Stones at home?

Just as Little Spirit Fairy was immersed in her wild thoughts, a figure flashed past her and rushed toward the cliff.

“What I have done today was inappropriate, but I really did so to save you. Since you don’t believe me, then I can only die to prove my innocence!”

When Shen Tian uttered the last words, he abruptly jumped down the cliff and instantly disappeared into the vast cloud layers.

He had actually jumped off the cliff!

Even Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao, who were at the side, were unable to stop Shen Tian in time.

Little Spirit witnessed the whole scene, astonished.

How could you-you really jump off the cliff? Do you really hate me that much?

You’re even willing to jump off the cliff to die instead of taking responsibility. Or do you think what I’ve said has hurt your pride?

Idiot, who cares if you have other thoughts!?

You jumped to prove your innocence. You’re actually an idiot, right?

Little Spirit Fairy could feel that her face was wet, so she touched it. It was unknown when, but her face was already full of tears.

Soon, Little Spirit Fairy connected everything that had happened tonight.

She remembered that Perfected Black Blood had kidnapped her and that she had fainted from being drugged.

So everything he had done was to save me, but I was being unreasonable and even forced him to suicide by jumping off the cliff!?

Little Spirit Fairy felt that the strength in her whole body had been sucked out.

She walked towards that cliff step by step.

Haha, Brother Shen, you think you’re the only one not afraid of death?

Wait for me, Brother Shen. Ling’er will come and keep you company!

Little Spirit Fairy walked toward the cliff slowly and looked at the thick layers of clouds.

She smiled and firmly stepped out with her left leg. She needed to take another step, and they would join death together!

At that moment, beneath the seemingly bottomless-cliff, Shen Tian’s voice resounded.

“Hahaha, there’s actually a stone platform hanging in the middle of the cliff.

“Uncle Gui, Qin Gao, Miss Ling’er, I’m alive!

“I landed on a stone platform and was saved.

“There’s also a cave here! It looks like a cultivator’s Cave Abode.

“Hurry and find a rope to come down!”

As Shen Tian’s voice echoed, Little Spirit Fairy, who had stepped one foot off the cliff, was completely stunned.

Meanwhile, Eunuch Gui, whose face was as white as a sheet, also cried with joy.

“Not dying from jumping off the cliff but instead encountering a cultivator’s Cave Abode? His Highness has finally gotten lucky after keeping a low profile for 15 years?”

However, the truth was far from being that simple!

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