I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 414: Villains Die From Being Talkative!

Chapter 414: Villains Die From Being Talkative!

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader disappeared into the fabrics of space and rushed toward Saint Mountain.

The other Sages also reacted and took action.

However, they were still too late.

Even if the Sages rushed toward Saint Mountain, they were still quite a distance away from Saint Mountain. Thus, they would not make it in time.

The Divine Firmament Saint was in danger!

That was a Six Tribulation True Sage, so even most Sages present were unable to block his attack.

Although the battle prowess that Shen Tian displayed was astonishing, he was not a Six Tribulation True Sage’s opponent!

The Six Tribulation True Sage formed laws and attacked, grabbing Shen Tian and the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills.

His aim was obvious—not only did he want to snatch the supreme pills, but he also wanted to capture Shen Tian as a hostage!

Shen Tian was extremely important to the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground, so the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader would definitely not dare to act rashly if he could take Shen Tian hostage!

He could also take advantage of such an opportunity to escape safely!

Not to mention it would definitely be a piece of cake for him to capture Shen Tian with his cultivation level.

In that instant, space collapsed, and laws became chaotic, revealing large pockets of void!

A monstrous hand appeared and wanted to grab Shen Tian!

Shen Tian frowned, and his mouth twitched!

What is going on?

I can understand if you want to snatch the pills as such supreme pills are enough to make Sages go crazy over them, proving how awesome my alchemy skills are!

However, you’re going too far if you want to capture me!

Do you really think I’m an easy target?

You think I’m that soft?


Shen Tian’s aura erupted!

He instantly started circulating his Chaotic Tinder Sutra while the 10+ extraordinary items within him burst out with surging momentum!

His body radiated brilliant divine light and engulfed Shen Tian.

All of Shen Tian’s hair stood up and pointed toward the sky as if he was a Super Saiyan, emitting a powerful aura!

There are dire consequences for infuriating me!

The Ocean Divine Hammer also suddenly appeared in Shen Tian’s hands, and there was even a layer of First Essence Heavy Water on it. That increased the power of the Ocean Divine Hammer to the maximum as if being able to smash through all obstacles!

Shen Tian lifted the Ocean Divine Hammer and shouted, “Heavenly Wilderness 36 Hammers—Star-Smashing Hammer!”

The Ocean Divine Hammer smashed toward that Six Tribulation True Sage with incredible strength, its pressure as heavy as a mountain!

The surrounding space suddenly exploded and the turbulent void surged, but they were still unable to cover the Ocean Divine Hammer’s light!

The laws were in turmoil, and space was distorted wherever the Ocean Divine Hammer swept past!


The booming sounds were deafening, and smoke and dust filled the air!

That huge hand suddenly exploded, but the hammer did not stop—it still swung toward the Six Tribulation True Sage!

Before the Six Tribulation True Sage reacted, he was knocked away by that hammer and flew back by thousands of feet.

Even his Sage Domain, which would automatically protect him, was smashed into pieces!

The Six Tribulation True Sage’s aura became extremely chaotic, and he could not help but curse, “F*ck, how is he so strong? Such a powerful strike! I can even hear my head buzzing!”

The Six Tribulation True Sage originally thought that Shen Tian could transcend the Mixed Lightning Tribulation because of his cultivation technique. Thus, no matter how talented Shen Tian was, he would at most have the strength of a pseudo-Sage since he was still young.

If that were the case, the Six Tribulation True Sage would be able to easily suppress Shen Tian.

Therefore, the Six Tribulation True Sage thought nothing of Shen Tian and only used a portion of his strength, thinking he would be able to easily capture Shen Tian.

Many Sages were rushing there, so he had to stay on guard to prevent any accidents. It was because of his carelessness that made the Six Tribulation True Sage suffer a great loss!

While looking at that huge hammer in Shen Tian’s hands, the Six Tribulation True Sage was completely stunned and even doubted himself.

Meanwhile, the other cultivators who were looking at the scene were also astounded.

You must be joking! The Divine Firmament Saint is so powerful that he could even knock away a True Sage!?

Those that originally wanted to gain an advantage in the chaotic situation had completely given up on such a thought!

I might die from that hammer strike!

Although there was the factor of the Six Tribulation True Sage being careless, Shen Tian’s monstrous talent could not be ignored!

The numerous Sages were all astonished.

“As expected of the Divine Firmament Saint. His talent could already be compared to Tianzi’s!”

They have already acknowledged that Shen Tian had the strength of an Extreme Dao Heavenly Venerable—his battle prowess could even be compared to a new Sage!

Otherwise, he would not have been able to send an unsuspecting Six Tribulation True Sage flying.

Shen Tian could already be compared to Middle Ground’s young prodigy!

Qi Shaoxuan and Wang Shenxu gazed at each other speechlessly and could not help but gulp down their saliva.

“Who told me that Brother Shen is a Peak-Stage Nascent Soul cultivator?”

“Come out. I promise I won’t beat you to death!”

WTF, Peak-Stage Nascent? Where could you find such a ferocious Nascent Soul cultivator that can even send a Six Tribulation True Sage flying?

At that thought, Wang Shenxu and Qi Shaoxuan turned to look at Fang Chang.

“Eh, this might be a misunderstanding…”

Fang Chang’s face turned red. He had originally heard from Shen Tian that his cultivation level was Peak-Stage Nascent Soul!

Who would have known that this Junior Brother of his seemed to have broken through again in just the past 10+ days!

His Junior Brother was simply too fast!

Qi Shaoxuan and Wang Shenxu took a deep breath. “Is it possible that Brother Shen has already reached the Soul Formation stage?”

“How long has it been!? Indeed, a Son of Providence’s talent is beyond imagination!”

“In the end, the both of us still pale in comparison!”

The crowd was still astonished, but the Six Tribulation True Sage had reacted. He was most proficient in speed and stealth, so he would escape quickly regardless of success or failure.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Shen Tian’s strength, resulting in his ambush’s failure. He was even smashed until he doubted himself and even stunned momentarily. If he did not run away now, then he would not be able to leave anymore!

Well… It could be said that even if he did escape immediately, it was already too late.

A majestic figure suddenly appeared in front of the Six Tribulation True Sage, and endless lightning and heavenly aura erupted.

An insane and ice-cold killing intent was emitted—it was like a lightning blade that could slice the earth into two!

That figure was the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader!

How could the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader stay aloof and indifferent when someone dared to make a move on the Divine Firmament Saint in the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground?

Even the surrounding Sages could not help but shiver when sensing that piercingly cold killing intent.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader had concealed his true strength too deeply, so no one knew just how powerful he was.

However, looking at the current situation, even a Six Tribulation True Sage would not be able to endure his rage!

The heavenly aura around the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader surged like turbulent waves. His voice was indifferent and emotionless but sent shivers down others’ backs.

“Even if I burn my core essence today and be injured heavily, I will definitely stop you from escaping! Since you dared to harm our sacred ground’s Saint, be prepared to die without mercy!”


The Six Tribulation True Sage was dumbfounded.

Just how did I harm that kid? Are you kidding me? The one who was injured was me, okay!?

That kid is still very much alive and unscathed!

The Six Tribulation True Sage could feel his lungs hurting. It must be because the Ocean Divine Hammer had smashed him.

His liver was also hurting. It must be because the Divine Firmament’s Sacred Leader’s words enraged him!

Why did he feel as if the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader was slightly strange?

Why would the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader put his life on the line to stop me from escaping?

Normally speaking, shouldn’t we probe each others’ strength first in a battle between Sages?

Why would you directly begin a fight to the death by consuming your core essence?

Not to mention, would he truly burn his core essence?

It doesn’t seem like he would at all!

The Six Tribulation True Sage was confused.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader did not speak anymore and directly made a move!

“Lightning Purgatory!”

Chains with the violent power of lightning appeared in the sky orderly.

Those lightning chains interlocked in the sky and completely sealed off the whole region, forming a prison of lightning.

The Six Tribulation True Sage was shocked. He tried to run away at maximum speed, stepping on divine rainbows as he tried to escape the range of the Lightning Purgatory.

However, it was already too late. The Lightning Purgatory instantly came down and covered the Six Tribulation True Sage completely, making him unable to escape.

Seeing such a scene, all of the surrounding Sages’ jaws dropped.

“The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader hid his strength too deeply!”

“He’s able to even trap a Six Tribulation True Sage!”

A Six Tribulation True Sage was already counted as quite a powerful existence among the Sages. Not to mention that this Six Tribulation True Sage was only one step away from being a Great Sage whilst his speed could even surpass normal Great Sages.

Meanwhile, Great Sages were already counted as top mighty cultivators—a presence that could dominate an entire region on their own.

Even the speedster Great Sage was unable to escape from the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s attack, proving how formidable it was!

One had to know that the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader had only become a Sage for less than 1,000 years!

To older Sages, this new Sage’s strength was simply overly powerful!

At that moment, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s cold voice echoed.

“Those that provoke the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground shall be punished!

“Those that insult the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground shall be punished!

“Those that harm the Divine Firmament Saint shall be punished!”

That was the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s attitude and had to be shown for everyone to see!

No one could trample on the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground!

Cough, cough… Most importantly, it was for Shen Tian to see his attitude!

The Lightning Purgatory flashed with endless lightning!

Each bolt of lightning was like a blade that slashed onto the Six Tribulation True Sage heavily.

“Damn you!”

The Six Tribulation True Sage panicked. No matter how he attacked, he could not escape this cage.

The lightning was filled with a destructive aura, so he could not block the lightning no matter how strong his physical body was. Thus, he was riddled with injuries.


Another lightning struck! The Six Tribulation True Sage could not endure anymore and was heavily injured.

At the same time, a pitch-black evil aura suddenly rose from within him—it was ruthless and tyrannical like a vengeful ghost!

Upon seeing this, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s heavenly aura swayed gently as he spoke indifferently. “Evil Spirit Sect, Spirit Away Sect’s Sect Master Hidden Shadow?”

This evil aura was something that only evil cultivators of the Evil Spirit Sect would possess!

Meanwhile, there was only one evil cultivator within the Evil Spirit Sect with cultivation level at Six Tribulation True Sage and such powerful stealth abilities. It was the Spirit Away Sect’s Sect Master Hidden Shadow!

The Evil Spirit Sect had a total of 36 branch sects, but only the people in the Spirit Away Sect were the most special.

Their stealth abilities were extremely powerful, and they could conceal their presence completely. Almost no one would be able to discover them if they did not use their Evil Spirit Sect’s cultivation techniques.

Had the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader not cornered Hidden Shadow, his identity would not have been exposed at all!

The Sages in the surrounding narrowed their eyes. They had never expected the Evil Spirit Sect to be this rampant, actually daring to assault Shen Tian so openly!

Evil bast*rds!

They did not even take the various sacred grounds’ cultivators seriously!

However, given the superb stealth skills and his Six Tribulation True Sage strength… If he were to go to numerous sacred grounds to assassinate prodigies or even elders, no one would be able to notice!

At that thought, the Sages of the various sacred grounds suddenly became anxious, and their killing intent erupted!

No matter what, they had to stop that person from escaping today, or else he would bring about endless trouble!

In the past 10,000 years, countless prodigies had died in the hands of the Evil Spirit Sect!

The Sages from the various sacred grounds, such as the Sacred Leaders and Grand Elders, surrounded Hidden Shadow as they planned to kill him!

Hidden Shadow’s voice was hoarse, and he screamed like a vengeful ghost, “Zhang Longyuan, I admit that I’ve lost in your hands, but you don’t have the capability to kill me!”

Hidden Shadow was full of blood, and an endless demonic aura enveloped his whole body. His pupils were extremely red and emitting a strange light.

The numerous elders of the sacred grounds lashed out, “How bold of you evil creature to dare say such impertinent words at the face of death!”

“If I want to leave, you weaklings won’t be able to stop me!”

Hidden Shadow scoffed and took out an item!

A ray of light which was dark to the extreme soared into the sky. It was filled with an evil aura that pierced through the sky.

The surrounding Lightning Purgatory Lightning Array Formation seemed to even shake slightly.

“That’s… the Boundary-Breaking Awl?” exclaimed certain Sage from Middle Ground. Evidently, the item Hidden Shadow had taken out had astonished him!

The Boundary-Breaking Awl was a pseudo-Thearch artifact made by a Sub-Thearch and was especially used to break through array formations and space.

,000 years ago, powerful Evil Spirit cultivators had used the Boundary-Breaking Awl to forcibly break through the defense array of a certain sacred ground in the Middle Ground and brought their army to attack that sacred ground!

That sacred ground had been wiped out in a single night, and no one had survived. That incident had even alarmed the Great Wilderness Celestial Dynasty!

Countless people feared that such an incident would repeat itself, so the Great Wilderness Celestial Dynasty had sent out their top cultivators to annihilate the Evil Spirit Sect.

Unfortunately, the Evil Spirit Sect had still managed to escape.

According to rumors, the Boundary-Breaking Awl had broken, so it could not be casually used anymore. Otherwise, such an evil artifact would still be the sacred grounds’ the nightmare.

They had never expected that Hidden Shadow would bring the Boundary-Breaking Awl here. It was obvious that he was well-prepared!

Meanwhile, Hidden Shadow had already made a move. He swung the Boundary-Breaking Awl in his hand and smashed toward the Lightning Array Formation in the sky.


A loud explosion resounded!

A crack instantly appeared in the Lighting Purgatory, and Hidden Shadow took the chance to escape.

After Hidden Shadow escaped, he was not in a hurry to leave. He looked at the Divine Firmament’s Sacred Leader coldly.

“I’ll remember this. Shortly after, the Evil Spirit army will attack!

“Prepare to enjoy the taste of fear!


Hidden Shadow laughed heartily in the sky. Although he was a Six Tribulation True Sage, his speed could be compared to that of a Nine Tribulation Great Sage.

If he wanted to leave, no one would be able to stop him.

However, at that moment, the tide turned again.


A crisp sound echoed!

A huge golden staff appeared behind Hidden Shadow, striking his head!

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ figure suddenly appeared as he spoke. “F*ck, so much nonsense, I’ll beat you to death with my staff!”

Even a Six Tribulation True Sage could not help but feel dizzy because of Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ strike and fall from the sky.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader rushed to the sky and instantly used his lightning chains to tie Hidden Shadow up, completely binding him.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s lightning and heavenly aura swayed gently as he used voice transmission. “Senior Brother, aren’t you snatching my contributions?”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus smiled even more brightly as he replied, “Junior Brother, who told you to hide your strength? You sly old fox, I’m definitely getting the credit for capturing Hidden Shadow!”

Hehe, I can go and find Martial Nephew for some benefits again after contributing this much~

“Azure Lotus, you have no morals! You actually ambushed me!” snarled Hidden Shadow.

Unfortunately, he was bound by the lightning chains that surged toward him and was completely paralyzed.

The Sages who were at the side were speechless when they saw such a scene.

They had never expected Hidden Shadow, whose speed could be compared to that of a Great Sage and who was holding such a pseudo-Thearch artifact, would fail so miserably by being hit by Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ staff.

Shen Tian shook his head and sighed.

“Why did you have to show off?”

Normally, following the novels’ rationale, villains would die from being talkative!

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