I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 416: Heavenly Venerable White Lotus, Senior Brother Likes Me!

Chapter 416: Heavenly Venerable White Lotus, Senior Brother Likes Me!

After consuming the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill, the Jade Lake Sacred Leader’s aura dazzled.

Divine light swirled around her. It was spectacular!

Wave after wave of robust medicinal energy circulated through her body and seeped into her limbs and bones. Her aura also grew more formidable, as if she was undergoing an exquisite transformation!


A dazzling light shot out of the Jade Lake Sacred Leader’s body and straight into the sky, causing the surrounding fabrics of space to vibrate!


A thundering boom rang through the skies, making everyone’s hearts shudder!

Thick tribulation clouds gathered, radiating with fearsome divine energy!

The immense pressure presented by those dark clouds swirling above the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground was now the focal point of everyone’s attention. It was clear that after the Jade Lake’s Sacred Leader consumed the pill, she had broken through and was about to undergo tribulation!

The various Sacred Leaders gazed at the Jade Lake Sacred Leader. “How is that possible? Didn’t she just undergo a tribulation recently?”

It was very difficult for a Sage to raise their own cultivation level.

Without hundreds or thousands of years of hard work, it was next to impossible to make a major breakthrough.

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader had just undergone tribulation recently. How could she possibly go through another one so soon?

Is that pill really that miraculous? It can help a Sage approach tribulation!?

Even so, they couldn’t help feeling worried. There were actually many other special pills that could help a Sage approach tribulation. It was not that uncommon. The key was whether one could overcome the tribulation now that it was here!

One should know that a tribulation was no laughing matter. If a practitioner was not strong enough, they might be killed by the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.

By then, not only would the practitioner fail to break through, but they would also end up blasted to death.

The tribulation aura grew increasingly strong.

The tribulation clouds covered the entire sky, filling everyone’s hearts with fear.

Many Sages realized that something was not quite right. “This pill is able to trigger a double tribulation?”

If that was so, this Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was indeed very miraculous.

Nonetheless, this was not a good thing for a normal Sage.

A Sage had to give their all just to handle one tribulation. And this was a double tribulation!

If one forced a double tribulation to happen but didn’t have enough power to overcome it, it would be a huge bane to the Sage. It would end up becoming a death-inducing pill!

As the various Sacred Leaders tried to analyze what was happening, the Jade Lake Sacred Leader had already flown up into the air!

A seemingly endless blanket of tribulation clouds exuded a terrifying aura, saturating the entire space with countless heavenly tribulation lightning.

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader stood there in mid-air, light rays spreading out from behind her. The light rays formed three huge moons, pristine and flawless, nearly covering the entire sky!

This was the Great Moon Constitution avatar, activated to the highest levels by the Jade Lake Sacred Leader to prepare for the tribulation.

Soon after, beams of golden light gushed out of her body, enshrouding the three moons with a layer of golden shimmer. Enhanced by the golden light, the three moons trembled and radiated with dazzling divine light!

At this point, six moons emerged from the golden glow.

These six moons dazzled with an unprecedented light, which intermingled with the first three moons, giving a total of nine shining moons!

All the sacred leaders were shocked by the sight as if they had just witnessed a ghost.

Everyone knew the Jade Lake Sacred Leader had the Great Moon Constitution. They also had a good understanding of her cultivation level and battle prowess.

However, the Jade Lake’s Sacred Leader had now conjured nine shining moons. It was clear that her powers had been greatly enhanced.

It should be pointed out that just a short while ago, she could only form three moons!

Nine moons hung in the sky, looking very majestic and regal.

Since ancient times, anyone who could exhibit a Nine-Moon avatar was someone who possessed exemplary talents enough to reign over the five regions.

As long as they didn’t give up halfway, a prodigy of this level would at least progress to be a Sub-Thearch. If they continued to gather more fortuitous opportunities, they might become a full Thearch.

And now, the Jade Lake Sacred Leader had managed to conjure this avatar.

One couldn’t help being thunderstruck!

Such a major evolution within such a short period of time… The only possible explanation was the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!


Is this pill so potent!?

The sacred leaders took deep breaths.

As well-versed as they were about the world, they had never seen such a miraculous pill that was able to cause such a major evolution in a Sage!

Miraculous! It is indeed heaven-defying!


Lightning engulfed the Jade Lake Sacred Leader.

The skies descended into endless darkness, and a destructive aura spread across the entire area. It was spine-chilling.

Unexpectedly, pristine moonlight shone through this endless darkness.

Nine bright moons hung in the sky, clashing against the lightning tribulation.

Powerful energy waves radiated continuously from the air as if wanting to completely destroy the earth.

In the end, the power of the moon subdued everything. Even the Heavenly Tribulation grew dimmer.


Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The lightning magnified again as if a great calamity was about to befall.

Within a few short moments, the Jade Lake Sacred Leader underwent two consecutive lightning tribulations. Her aura underwent a major transformation as a multi-colored divine light engulfed her entire body.

Extraordinary and magnificent!

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader’s cool voice rang out. “Brother Longyuan was speaking the truth. This Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill does have heaven-defying effects.”

As cool as her voice was, she was unable to hide the shock in her tone.

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader was the one who had consumed the pill, so she was well aware of how potent it was!

Not only had it enabled her to undergo two consecutive tribulations, but it had also helped her constitution evolve.

Even her ability to decipher things had shot up while her overall innate potential was enhanced. Her cultivation journey would progress more smoothly from now on!

The effects of this pill were just mind-blowing!

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader’s aura vibrated intensely, with multi-colored rays completely engulfing her entire body. Nobody could see her expression.

Nevertheless, the vibration of her aura was enough to show how affected she was.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s heavenly aura rippled gently. “Congratulations, Jade Lake, my friend!”

The Jade Lake Sacred Leader’s cultivation level and innate potential improved greatly after consuming the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill.

This was exactly what the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader hoped to see!

With the Jade Lake Sacred Leader as an example, there was no need to do any more marketing. Anyone with eyes could see just how potent the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was.

As expected, those sacred leaders started clamoring!

“Damn! This pill is so fierce!”

“This is not just some simple divine pill. It is a peerless miracle pill!”

“Young man, why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and continue the auction!”

“Give me two now. No, I want five!”

“How much are these pills? I must buy them even if I use up all my family resources!”

All the Sages were in a frenzy after witnessing the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill’s effects.

Some of the bolder Sages couldn’t resist shouting loudly, paying no heed to their image as a Sage.

This was a miracle pill that could permanently improve a Sage’s foundation!

It could also increase their power and cultivation level!

No other Thearch pill was so potent!

One might be able to immediately ascend to the heavens with just one swallow!

The various sacred leaders were filled with regret now!

What was I doing just now? Why didn’t I act on this just now?

It’s just a few Sage herbs, right?

I have lost out big time now!

I didn’t take the offer when things were cheap. How to salvage the situation now?

Those fellows will never let up!

I will definitely have to pay a high price now!

So regretful!

It was clear that the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill’s effects had been fully displayed.

It was a miracle pill that could drive Sages mad. Who could resist?

It was a no-brainer that the auction progressed at an extremely intense pace from then on.

Many sacred leaders were still feeling very regretful.

They had witnessed the potency of the pill, and it steeled their resolve!

They must at least buy one no matter what!

Even if they had to sacrifice everything. Even if they had to sell their own kidneys!

Shopkeeper Song was stunned. He had never seen Sages behave in this manner before.

How was this still a gathering of the most elite cultivators?

It was more like a noisy market full of haggling aunties and uncles…

Nonetheless, given Shopkeeper Song’s good business instincts, he very quickly snapped out of it and put on a calm face.

“Dear Seniors, there are still four pills left in this auction! Everyone can only auction for one each!”

Anyway, the first Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was the most effective. Subsequent doses would be quite useless.

“Now, we are going to auction off the second Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!”

The atmosphere of the Divine Firmament auction instantly fired up. The bidding intensified to unprecedented levels.

Every single pill ended up being auctioned off for the price of several Sage artifacts and several elite Sage herbs.

No choice, demand exceeded supply!

Even if each person could only buy one pill, there were only so many pills!

If they didn’t bid for it now, what if there were no more pills for auction in the future?

No one wanted to miss out on this miracle pill!

As a result, the bids kept increasing, pushing the price of the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill to new heights.

Its value soared higher than anything that had ever been in auction across all five regions!

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s heavenly aura rippled strongly. He was very pleased.

They had obtained many Sagel artifacts and herbs after all. It was more than enough to boost the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground’s power and foundation and bring it back to the top.

This auction not only brought them a large number of treasures, but it also greatly increased the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground’s influence and relations with others!

Regardless of whether they managed to get a pill, everyone would try their best to cozy up to the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground now.

After all, every single Sage would dream of getting a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!

Even the Sages who had already consumed a pill still had numerous disciples and elders back in their sacred grounds!

If they could get the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills, they would be able to significantly enhance their sacred grounds’ power!

And only the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground could produce these pills!

Only the Divine Firmament Saint could refine it!

They had to seek out the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground if they wanted a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader felt very grateful.

Tian’er is indeed our Sacred Ground’s lucky charm. He brought so much good fortune to the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground!

With Tian’er around, our sacred ground is destined to rise!

Eunuch Gui was Shen Tian’s closest confidante, and he was standing beside him now, observing this grand auction.

Watching how those sacred leaders were proactively offering dozens of sage herbs as their bids, Eunuch Gui felt a strong sense of pride.

The 13th Prince had once been an unlucky jinx avoided by everyone in the Country of Fire.

Now, he had turned into the latest celebrity across the five regions. Even a Sage had to hold him in high regard.

He was able to easily refine this Chaotic Sky-Mending pill, which everyone was madly trying to obtain.

His Highness is so outstanding now. Concubine Lan must be smiling down from the heavens.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Venerable White Lotus was shocked as she observed the auction.

As the premier alchemist of the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground, she had always supplied the other sacred grounds with pills. She had also auctioned off her own pills previously.

But all the other auctions she had previously participated in were nothing compared to this auction.

Is there any other pill that can make Sages behave so crazily? Willing to go bankrupt just to get one?

Honestly speaking, this pill was able to grant you the ability to become a Sub-Thearch. Even those Thearch pills mentioned in the legends paled in comparison!

It was entirely reasonable that this kind of pill was able to elicit such a response from the Sages.

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus looked at the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader. “Senior Brother, didn’t Tian’er hand over 10 Chaotic Sky-Mending pills? Why don’t we ride on this fervor and sell them all now?”

If they offered all of them now, they would definitely be able to obtain sky-high prices. It would be a windfall for their sacred ground.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s heavenly aura rippled. “We are only auctioning five Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills to maximize their value.”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus was taken aback. “Maximize their value?”

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader replied calmly, “Sometimes, treasures become more valuable when their numbers are limited.

“After witnessing the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill’s powerful effects, they felt a sense of urgency, knowing that there were only four left.

“There are quite a number of Sages present now. Who among them doesn’t want a pill?

“Only by giving them a sense of urgency would these people bear to offer up all their resources to bid for the pill. The more bidders there are, the higher the price will go, and the more desperate they will become.

“If they don’t give their all, they will not get a single pill.

“Under such circumstances, who would dare to hold back and wait for a good price? If you hesitate just a little, the auction will be over in the blink of an eye.

“If there are numerous pills on auction, these people will not feel the same sense of urgency.

“Even if they don’t get this pill, they can just wait for the next one. Anyway, there are still nine of them.

“If that happens, we will not be able to maximize their value.”

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s tone was mild as he explained, but Heavenly Venerable White Lotus was enraptured.

Who could have guessed that there would be such deep concepts regarding auctions? Senior Brother is indeed very smart!

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader looked at those Sages. “We will auction off the rest of the pills in a few months.

“After the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills’ reputation spreads, it will attract many more Sages to come and bid for them.

“After all, only the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground has these miracle pills. And there are only a few of those pills left.

“By then, the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills’ price will increase even further. This is how the value of those pills can be maximized!”

Standing by the side, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus couldn’t resist muttering to himself, “Junior Brother, you are really sly and calculating!”

Who said that after cultivating the Heavenly Dao Sutra, one would cut off all emotions and desires and be rid of all material wants?

This fellow’s business acumen is even more devious than those crafty businessmen!

Those pitiful sacred leaders and elders are all being led by the nose by this fellow.

I think that now, they are willing to sell even their own underwear for a pill!

On the other hand, Heavenly Venerable White Lotus was full of adoration and worship after listening to the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s explanation.

“Senior Brother has thought of everything. This is a good lesson for me!”


Truly formidable!

This is why Senior Brother is the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader!

The gulf between Senior Brother Longyuan and the rest is just too wide!

No wonder he is the man my heart desires. He is so splendid!

He even glows all over!

The Divine Firmament’s Sacred Leader took out a Chaotic Sky-Mending pill and handed it to Heavenly Venerable White Lotus. “Junior Sister White Lotus, this pill is for you.”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus was stunned. She hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Sacred Leader, this pill is too valuable. I cannot accept it.”

The value of the Chaotic Sky-Mending pill was clear for all to see. Even sages were going crazy for them.

One pill could fetch several sage-level artifacts and dozens of sage herbs.

‘This is such a valuable pill, and Senior Brother Sacred Leader is giving it to me. If he didn’t like me, he wouldn’t…’

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus’ face subconsciously turned red.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader said calmly, “Junior Sister, this pill is a gift from the sacred ground to you. I will compensate Tian’er at market price.

“If Junior Sister can successfully become an Alchemist Sage, your contribution to the sect will be far higher than just a few Sage artifacts.

“Please don’t reject this. This is your reward for your many years of hard work for the sacred ground.”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus’ blush deepened as she said resolutely, “I will not let you down!”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus felt extremely moved and thrilled as she held the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill.

I think Senior Brother is not just thinking about helping me become an Alchemist Sage and contribute to the sect!

If chaos is imminent in this world, Senior Brother must be very worried about my safety. This is why he gave me the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill to improve my power.

So that I can protect myself during times of unrest!

Yeap, I am sure of it!

Looks like Senior Brother really cares about me…

Hehehe, I will continue refining pills after I return today!

I must let Senior Brother know that I am the strongest and most compatible woman for him!’

Yeap, there are also Yunxi and Yunting. I must treat those two better from now on. After all, it is tough being a stepmother. We mustn’t have any misunderstandings.’

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader gave a slight nod before turning to leave.

The auction was ending soon, and he had to go settle the final arrangements and announcement.

Gazing at the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s back profile, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus couldn’t help pursing his lips. “I wasted so much breath and didn’t even get a single pill. Yet, this fellow gave one to his old flame just like that!

“Abusing one’s status for personal gain. Choosing women over one’s friends. Beast!”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus blushed a deep red. “Ahem, First Senior Brother, please don’t spout nonsense.”

But First Senior Brother’s words sound pretty accurate!

Senior Brother Longyuan does favor me!

Oh no, my face suddenly feels so hot!

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus looked at Heavenly Venerable White Lotus and said teasingly, “Junior Sister White Lotus, I am not spouting nonsense. You know it in your heart too. If you want to have this fellow, you must be more proactive and act quickly.

“Otherwise, after he progresses another level on the Heavenly Dao Sutra, and no longer reacts to anything… Junior Sister, you will be like a grass widow then.”

Every elder in the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground knew of Heavenly Venerable White Lotus’ love for the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader. After all, they were considered childhood sweethearts.

When they were young, many elders thought they would become a pair for sure.

Unfortunately, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader and Heavenly Venerable Purple Lotus got together and even gave birth to two children.

Only one person could fill the position of his wife. He could not possibly have two. There was nothing else that could be done.

Gradually, people started to forget about Heavenly Venerable White Lotus’ heartache.

But 18 years ago, Heavenly Venerable Purple Lotus fell at the hands of the Thousand Illusion Evil King during an ambush of the Evil Spirit Sect.

The Thousand Illusion Evil King was a sub-sect master of the Evil Spirit Sect and was powerful beyond belief.

At that time, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader had not been strong enough to retaliate and avenge Heavenly Venerable Purple Lotus.

This had given him the resolve to improve his power no matter what.

Thereafter, he had poured his soul into cultivating the Heavenly Dao Sutra and progressed to very high levels. The higher he went, the more emotionless he became.

This was why the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader had yet to cultivate the Heavenly Dao Sutra to the highest level.

If he did, he would truly have to cut all emotional ties and desires.

By then, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader would have no feelings at all.

Yeap, whether it was mental, emotional, or physical, he would have no reactions at all!

When that happened, even if Heavenly Venerable White Lotus married the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader and became his wife…

She would not be blissful!

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