I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 417: Isn’t It Better If I Consume The Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill Myself?

Chapter 417: Isn’t It Better If I Consume The Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill Myself?

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus looked worried after hearing Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’s words.

No reaction… Hiss, that was scary!

What Eldest Senior Brother said seems to make sense.

Should I take the initiative?

What if Senior Brother really doesn’t react then…

No, I have to hurry!


There seems to be something wrong!

How did Eldest Senior Brother get involved in this matter?

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus was still instigating at the side. “Junior Sister, don’t be a coward.

“If you like him, then take him by force. Who cares if he refuses?

“It’s not as if he will use the Mixed Divine Lightning to strike you? Since he won’t do that, you have nothing to be afraid of!”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus revealed an embarrassed expression. “Senior Brother, if you aren’t afraid, why did you reject Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance?

“Junior Sister Scarlet Dance has been waiting for you for so many years. She has long since expressed her intentions, so why are you still so indifferent toward her?”

The marriage fate between Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance and Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus was also intertwined.

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance had always had feelings for him, but Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus didn’t have any for her.

This also prevented the two of them from getting together.

“Cough… Little girl, don’t talk nonsense!”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus looked embarrassed. “With my talent, I’m destined to ascend to the Celestial World. ‘Scarlet Dance’s talent is too low. She doesn’t even have a chance to ascend. How can she be worthy of me?”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus wasn’t stupid. How could he not know of Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance’s feelings for him?

However, the gap between the two of them was indeed a little big.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus didn’t dare to make a move.

Since ancient times, long-distance relationships had always been a tragedy, let alone otherworldly relationships.

At that time, he would not be able to come down from the Celestial World at all. Wouldn’t that mean that he would cause her to become a grass widow?

She would either become a grass widow or have an affair with another man. In short, long-distance relationships were not a good idea.

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus chuckled. “Eldest Senior Brother can think of a way to get Junior Sister Scarlet Dance a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill. This pill is enough to change Junior Sister Scarlet Dance’s potential. It shouldn’t be difficult for her to ascend to the Celestial World after she has taken this pill.”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus pursed his lips and sneered. “If I really had a Chaotic Sky-Mending pill, wouldn’t I enjoy it myself? How could I share it with others?”

At that moment, Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance appeared in front of them.

Joy appeared in her eyes when she saw Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus, and even her footsteps became much more cheerful. She didn’t look like a Heavenly Venerable expert at all. She looked like a young girl who had just experienced her first awakening of love!

“Senior Brother Chu He! Senior Sister White Lotus! I’ve finally found you guys.”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’s lips twitched. “Why is she here?

“Cough, cough… Junior Sister, it’s getting late.

“I haven’t aired my blanket. I’ll take my leave first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus transformed into a streak of golden light and vanished on the spot.

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus, “…”

“Senior Brother Chu He, where are you going?”

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance rushed to Heavenly Venerable White Lotus’ side, but all she saw was Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ back.

She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. “Senior Sister White Lotus, why did Senior Brother Chu He leave when he saw me? Does he hate me? Or did I do something wrong?”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus said helplessly, “Don’t think too much, Junior Sister Scarlet Dance. Eldest Senior Brother might have things to do.”

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus sighed as she watched Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus leave.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus could only resolve this matter. No one else could interfere.

Heavenly Venerable White Lotus felt helpless in her heart too.

She was the same!

At night, the sky gradually darkened.

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance was cultivating in her room, but she would stop from time to time as she was unable to calm down.

After a long time, she couldn’t help but sigh. “What did I do wrong? Why is Senior Brother Chu He unwilling to pay attention to me?”

She had not only come to the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground to participate in the inauguration ceremony for the Divine Firmament Saint.

More importantly, she wanted to see Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus!

However, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus had ignored her, making her feel very disappointed.

At that moment, something was thrown in from outside the window.


Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance hurriedly rushed out of the room.

However, there was no one outside.

“Strange, who would come here in the middle of the night?”

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance shook her head. Although she didn’t know who it was, she didn’t really care. After all, this was the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground. The security measures here were perfect.

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance returned to her room and saw a white jade bottle on the floor.

Obviously, the fellow who had been outside her room had thrown it.

“What is it?”

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance curiously opened the bottle cap, and a sweet fragrance immediately wafted out.

As this pill fragrance spread out, Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance felt her mind become incomparably clear.

In the past, many areas were not very clear during cultivating. Now, she was suddenly enlightened.

Just by smelling the pill fragrance, she felt as though she was meditating on the Dao.

“This is… the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!”

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance’s heart couldn’t help but tremble as she looked at the round golden pill in the bottle.

Her voice was trembling and filled with excitement. “It must be Senior Brother Chu He! Senior Brother Chu He definitely likes me!”

Other than Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus, she couldn’t think of anyone else that would be willing to give her a supreme pill like the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill.

Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance blushed, her heart filled with warmth.

On the other side, in the Sacred Master Palace, a certain someone looked at the 500-year contract in his hands as his lightning and heavenly aura rippled crazily.



The night was dark, and there was no starlight.

Thunder boomed outside the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground as lightning flashed.

There were lightning bolts and tribulation clouds gathering every few hundred miles as far as the eye could see.

It was clear that Sages were undergoing tribulation, and there was more than one Sage doing so. Many of them were undergoing tribulation at the same time.

These were all the Sages who had won the bid for the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill.

They couldn’t suppress the excitement in their hearts and immediately consumed the pills.

Instantly, the lightning-attribute Spirit Qi in the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground that spanned hundreds of kilometers became much richer.

Even in the Divine Firmament Small World, the cultivation speed of many Foundation Establishment and Golden Core disciples increased exponentially!

Upon seeing this scene, Yue Yunde’s eyes shone with golden light. “Such rich lightning-attribute spiritual energy, how much Mixed Divine Lightning can it condense!?”

Yes, Yue Yunde was tempted!

The Divine Firmament Lightning Emperor Sutra could use lightning-attribute Spirit Qi to condense the Mixed Divine Lightning.

The Heavenly Tribulation was a great supplement to the Divine Firmament Sacre Ground’s true inheritance.

Thus, Yue Yunde simply ran to the side of those Sages to enjoy the lightning tribulation.

It wasn’t just him, even the other elite disciples were egged on by Yue Yunde, and they all ran over to freeload on the lightning tribulations.

In an instant, a strange scene appeared in front of the various large factions.

At the center of the lightning tribulation, the Sages fought the lightning tribulation with all their might, unleashing boundless divine might.

The periphery of the tribulation was filled with Divine Firmament disciples. They were constantly rubbing against the lightning tribulation to condense the Mixed Divine Lightning.

The two were extremely harmonious, not interfering with each other!

This also made many Divine Firmament elders sigh.

“Yue Yunde is truly clever!”

“He is simply not wasting any bit of resources. Those Sages must be feeling helpless at this sight too!”

However, the Sages did not reject the Divine Firmament disciples’ leeching off their tribulation lightning.

The reason they could cross the tribulation was that they had relied on the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill. This supreme pill had allowed the physique of all the Sages to undergo a metamorphosis, allowing them to pass two stages of tribulation on average.

This also made them deeply feel how powerful the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was.

All of this was thanks to the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground!

Therefore, they decided to do them a favor and let them leech off the lightning. After all, they might need to seek help from the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground again in the future.

There was no need to fuss over such a small matter.

Which sacred ground didn’t have a Sage?

Which Sage didn’t want a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill?

It was extremely difficult to raise one’s cultivation level during the Tribulation Transcendence stage, and a small increase in one’s cultivation would easily take a thousand years.

Many Sages would reach a bottleneck at some point of their cultivation, and they might not be able to advance even after thousands of years. Even when their lifespan was exhausted, they would be unable to break through the bottleneck, thus reaching the end of their life.

However, this kind of predicament would be different with the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!

Once a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill entered one’s stomach, one could easily overcome even the lightning tribulation!

As long as a Sage passed the lightning tribulation, their lifespan would greatly increase.

It was impossible for those old seniors that had lived for many years and were nearing the end of their lifespans to not be moved.

If they used the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill to break through their bottleneck and increase their lifespan, they might even be able to take another step forward. If they were lucky, they might even ascend.

After all, the greatest effect of the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was to change one’s physique and comprehension talent!

This was enough to make everything impossible become possible!

Under such circumstances, no one was willing to offend the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground!

Since even the Sages didn’t mind themselves, naturally, no one stopped Yue Yunde and the others from leeching the lightning. Hence, Yue Yunde went from one tribulation to the other without much trouble. He was having a great time!

On the other side, Qin Yundi was also freeloading. It was just that his method of patronage was completely different from Yue Yunde’s.

Yue Yunde and the Divine Firmament disciples were using the Divine Firmament Imperial Sutra to condense the Mixed Divine Lightning.

On the other hand, Qin Yundi had fully activated his mecha and linked it together with the array formation to absorb the power of the tribulation lightning. This also allowed Qin Yundi to absorb the tribulation lightning much faster than the other Divine Firmament disciples.

“What the f*ck? You’re a freeloader too, but how can you be faster than me? I’m telling you, a real man can’t be this fast!”

Yue Yunde was stunned.

Big Fatty Yunde’s face was filled with envy and jealousy.

If I were to obtain this array formation, wouldn’t my cultivation immediately skyrocket?

Soon, Yue Yunde set up a formation around him.

In an instant, a surge of lightning-attribute Spirit Qi gathered toward him. This caused Yue Yunde’s face to be filled with excitement as he prepared to make a big move!

Soon, his expression changed, and he broke out in cold sweat.

This was because not only did this array formation draw the nearby lightning-attribute Spirit Qi over, but it also brought along a portion of the tribulation lightning.

Although this was tribulation lightning that leaked out as the Sages were undergoing their tribulation, so its power was not as terrifying as the true tribulation, it still carried boundless might, far beyond what a Heavenly Venerable could withstand.

Qin Yundi didn’t really care. He used his mecha to absorb the tribulation lightning and connected it with the array formation.

With the mecha sharing the burden, he was able to withstand the tribulation lightning.

However, Yue Yunde was different. With his body as the foundation, the tribulation lightning struck down on his head!

“What the heck? Is there a mistake? Why am I being struck by lightning?




Kacha! Kacha!

The tribulation lightning instantly enveloped Yue Yunde’s body.

After a while, Yue Yunde finally broke free from the tribulation lightning. His entire body was charred black, and his large Taoist robe was in tatters. His hair was completely standing on its end.

White smoke was still coming out of his mouth, and his appearance was miserable. He had no idea how many times the tribulation lightning had struck him.

Fortunately, under his Taoist robe, he was still wearing a precious artifact with extremely strong defensive power. Only with it could he barely withstand the power of the tribulation lightning.

Even so, Yue Yunde could not help but wail.

“F*ck! What a miscalculation! If not for my strong foundation, I would have become a roasted suckling pig!”


As if affected by his injuries, Yue Yunde gnashed his teeth in pain.

“F*ck! I won’t freeload anymore! A freeloader will easily get struck by lightning!”

The next day, the inauguration ceremony was held on Saint Mountain as scheduled.

“The Saint Inauguration Ceremony has officially begun.”

The loud voice attracted the attention of countless people.

A melody played as petals drifted in the air. Shen Tian was clad in his Longyuan Divine Armor, and he slowly walked forward.

His handsome appearance and extraordinary temperament made him seem like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world. He instantly became the center of attention.

Countless gazes gathered on him, their eyes filled with fervor.

This was especially true for the Heavenly Venerables and the Sages. Their gazes were especially fervent.

What had happened last night had made everyone realize how terrifying the effects of the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill were.

As the person who refined the Chaotic Sky-Mending pill, all the Sages present had no choice but to take Shen Tian seriously!

One had to know that last night, not only did the four Sages who had bid for the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill transcended their heavenly tribulations, but even Heavenly Venerable White Lotus and Heavenly Venerable Scarlet Dance had become Sages!

This caused the other Sages to be unable to help but be tempted!

If they could build a good relationship with Shen Tian, wouldn’t they be able to obtain a few Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill using their relationship?

At that time, their loved ones and Dao companions might even become Sages too!

The auction yesterday had left everyone wanting more. After all, there were so many Sages present, but only four Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills remained. They couldn’t help but protest.

Thankfully, the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader appeared and said that the remaining Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills would be auctioned in three months. Only then did the Sages calm down slightly.

However, many people still couldn’t hold back and tried to sound him out.

Some people even wanted to use their connections to ask Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus to appear, hoping to ask him to help them buy a Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill from Shen Tian.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus was already in a bad mood, so he kept muttering, “500 years, 500 years! How am I possessed? That’s 500 years!”

At this moment, someone suddenly came to ask for his help, and Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ eyes lit up.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus pretended to be deep in thought. “It’s not impossible for me to do it. With this old Taoist stepping out, Tian’er still has to give some face. But you all know the rules. I can’t guarantee it will work!”

The Sages all had troubled looks on their faces when they heard this. After all, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ name was really… too smelly.

It was obvious that the other party was trying to scam him for some benefits.

However, some people couldn’t hold back and gave their treasures to Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus. After all, the Sky-Mending Pill was too tempting, and no one could refuse it.

Then, cough, cough, there was no ‘then’!

Everything went deep into his pocket.

Those pitiful fellows didn’t even see Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ shadow!

In the end, it was the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader who came forward to resolve the matter.

This made Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’s reputation even worse.

After the inauguration ceremony, the banquet began as per normal.

Shen Tian stood beside the Divine Firmament Sacred Leader and asked. “Master, how was the auction for the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills yesterday?”

Shen Tian was puzzled. He had realized that everyone was staring at him.

What’s going on?

Although I admit that I am handsome, there is no need to pay so much attention to me. Could it be that the auction for the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills did not go well?’ As a result, these people were not satisfied?

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader body shimmered with heavenly aura on the surface as he said calmly, “Tian’er, yesterday’s auction went very smoothly. The treasures obtained from auctioning off the Sky-Mending Pills are all yours. This can be considered a congratulatory gift from the sacred ground.”

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader voice was not loud, but the Sages present could hear him clearly.

This also made them take a deep breath.


The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader was truly generous!

One had to know that the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill’s value was unimaginable now because the old Sages had used the treasures they had saved up for thousands of years to exchange for it!

Yet, they were all given to the Divine Firmament Saint just like that!


The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader was indeed generous.

Some Sages were overwhelmed with thoughts.

If I have a good relationship with the Divine Firmament Saint, won’t it be possible for me to obtain the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill first?’

Although the auction was held by the sacred ground, the alchemist was the Divine Firmament Saint. No matter what, one would be able to enjoy the benefits if they were in a favorable position.

Many Sages were extremely tempted. It was better to act than to be tempted!

Soon, a Sage came forward with a pained expression and took out a small cauldron. “You are indeed a heaven-gifted genius, Divine Firmament Saint. To have such achievements at such a young age, you are truly extraordinary!

“This is a Sage artifact, the Molten Fire Cauldron. It contains a 10,000-Year Earthcore Fire, and it is extremely beneficial to pill refinement. It is the cauldron used by Pill Sage Molten Fire 10,000 years ago.

“Today, I shall gift this cauldron to you as a congratulatory gift and also as a form of goodwill!”

The Sage had carefully chosen this gift. It wasn’t just to win Shen Tian’s favor. He also hoped that Shen Tian would consider him first after refining the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill in the future!

When the Sages saw this, they couldn’t help but curse him for being cunning.

A Sage was actually giving a Sage artifact away for a mere pill?

Scum, I’m not going to do that!

Soon after, however, the exact people who said so also came forward with congratulatory gifts.

These congratulatory gifts were all top-grade Sage herbs and artifacts.

These Sages all wanted to form good karma with Shen Tian—a mere Sage artifact was nothing compared to befriending Shen Tian. They were all full of passion!

Looking at the huge pile of artifacts in front of him, Shen Tian couldn’t help but reveal a dumbstruck expression.

When did Sage artifacts become so worthless?

Giving one basket of them in one go? One can’t help but suspect that they are all fake.

These seniors are really too much. Is it really good for them to be so polite?

Giving out so much money in one go makes it easy for people to learn bad things.

Should I accept it or should I accept it?

Or should I accept it?

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