I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 6: I Really Cannot Do it!

Chapter 6: I Really Cannot Do it!

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Shen Ao sounded very young, yet arrogant.

In the cultivation world, geniuses were superior to others.

However, Shen Tian was surprised that his cousin had given in so easily this time. Logically speaking—well, mostly due to all the novels he had read before—Shen Ao should have stopped Shen Tian from saving Qin Gao.

They would then have a tough fight against each other, and Shen Tian would manage to get away with Qin Gao.

Well, there was also the anime scenario: Shen Tian and Shen Ao would have a heated debate. In the end, Shen Tian would convince Shen Ao that he was in the wrong, so the latter would let Shen Tian and Qin Gao go willingly.

Unexpectedly, now, none of those had happened, and Shen Ao had given in!

That did not make any sense as there were rumors in the palace that the 6th Prince was rather firm on his ideas!

“Erm, brother. This eunuch is badly beaten, will he die later? Why not spare some healing medicine to treat his wounds?”

Shen Tian looked at Qin Gao worriedly. He had suffered at least 70 strokes, and his bones could be seen in some places. Shen Tian felt the pain just by looking at them.

This must have bred Qin Gao’s hatred if left untreated!

When the eunuch heard that Shen Tian was asking for medicine, he quickly said, “Every medicine the 6th Prince owns is very rare. How could they be used on someone like him!?”

Shen Tian’s mouth twitched.

What a gullible person! I’m helping your prince to avoid a potential disaster, okay?

Maybe he will just come back and teach you a lesson for revenge if his wounds are treated. If not, when this guy comes back as a second Demon Hyuga, he will burn all of us to ashes!

Even the 6th Prince in the palace did not expect Shen Tian to be shameless enough to ask for medicine.

He kept silent for a while and said, “Well, sure.”

A jade bottle flew out of the palace and was delivered to Shen Tian’s hand.

The jade bottle was made from an excellent jade, and there were a dozen red pills in it. Even though the bottle was not open yet, a herbal odor spread in the air.

Clearly, those were supreme-grade pills!

“These are healing pills, take them.

“Lee, send them off!”

Eunuch Lee stared with his eyes wide open in disbelief. He knew the value of the healing pills.

These pills’ main ingredients were the Hundred-Year Ginseng and Ganoderma Lucidum, which could only be found in the deep forest. The 6th Prince had spent almost two months to refine them personally.

No matter what injuries a person suffered, one pill would completely heal them. Normally, it was hard to buy even one pill with gold!

The 6th Prince gave the entire bottle for free just because the 13th Prince asked? Since when were they so close?

Eunuch Lee sent them off as instructed before he returned to the palace.

The gate was closed, and Eunuch Lee stood outside, feeling very puzzled.

After some time, he could not hold his curiosity anymore and asked, “Your Highness, please allow me to ask one question.”

Shen Ao’s voice came from the palace again. “Go on.”

Eunuch Lee asked, “Qin Gao made a deadly mistake, and yet Your Highness forgave him and gave him pills to heal his wounds. I do not understand.”

Shen Ao said calmly, “Providence is a very mysterious concept. Everyone has their own in the process of cultivation.

“My Foundation Establishment is going to succeed soon, and I can get to the Grand White Grotto-Heaven. My future will then be very successful.

“My little cousin’s fate can be described as ‘very special’. This period is very critical to me, so it would be best to avoid him.”

It just meant that… Shen Tian was too unlucky.

Shen Ao was on the verge of a breakthrough. He was worried that Shen Tian’s mere presence would affect him negatively and might cause Qi Deviation.

Eunuch Lee asked again, “But if this incident spreads, I’m afraid that people will not respect you as much as before!”

Shen Ao smiled. “An immortal’s life is very long. Conflicts and royal majesty are nothing compared to it. There is no need to bother.”

Eunuch Lee said, “Your Highness, you are right. I understand now.”

“Good, you can leave now. Go back, take a shower. Do not come near this place until I get out.”

Shen Tian was not aware of what happened in the 6th Prince’s palace.

He was not very sure how to settle Qin Gao.

Should he take him in as his servant?

That would be a bad decision as those with main lead characteristics often came with suffering for people around them. For most main characters, their masters, loved ones, and friends would get hurt often, sometimes even leading to death!

If none of these had happened before, they could hardly call themselves the main characters.

Given his unusual bad luck, Shen Tian felt that he should not take such a risk. It would most likely cost his life!

Should he have left him alone?

That was not suitable, either. Shen Ao’s eunuch had beaten him badly. Who knew what trouble might come after that?

Not only that, but Qin Gao was also the only person with extremely good providence that Shen Tian had found so far. Thus, he was a good investigating subject.

Besides Qin Gao, Shen Tian had yet to see anyone else whose halo revealed pictures with fortuitous encounters.

He was Shen Tian’s only chance to change his fate.

Qin Gao had already taken one healing pill and was more or less healed. He was very grateful that the 13th Prince had appeared and saved his life.

However, Shen Tian’s gaze was fixed on him, so Qin Gao panicked.

Could it be that the 13th Prince is really…’that’?

Qin Gao knew that the prince had saved his life and was grateful indeed. Thus, he would willingly serve under the prince and be his servant.

Nevertheless, Qin Gao really could not handle…’that’.

Although the 13th Prince was very handsome and his looks would charm millions of girls… Qin Gao was a boy!

A boy who was only interested in females!

That was his baseline!

What if… the prince forces it on me… What should I do…?

Qin Gao did not have an answer for that.

He hesitated for a while before asking, “Your Highness, why did you save me?”

Shen Tian snapped off his concern-filled thoughts and replied, “Why did I save you? Hmmm, because it is fate.”


Qin Gao was shocked by the answer. “Your Highness, are you making fun of me?”

“Of course not!” Shen Tian waved his hand. “From today onward, you will be staying in Lan’s Palace. You don’t have to bother doing chores. Just make sure I can find you when needed.”

Shen Tian decided to keep Qin Gao by his side for further observation. As long as Qin Gao was not doing any work, he would not be considered as a servant. Thus, his ‘main character aura’ should not affect Shen Tian too much.

At least, it would not cost his life.

Well, those were Shen Tian’s simple thoughts, but Qin Gao had interpreted them wrongly.

No chores and just be contactable?

That’s not how a eunuch should be treated!

Qin Gao was on the verge of crying. He had just escaped from violent torture, and now he needed to cast couch!?

Your Highness… I really cannot do it!

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