I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 7: Ways To Improve Providence

Chapter 7: Ways To Improve Providence

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Shen Tian had no idea what Qin Gao was thinking about.

He thought for a moment and said, “Uncle Gui, please make a copy of the Demon Book of Hyuga and pass it to Gao later.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Eunuch Gui was completely fine with it. From his perspective, the Demon Book of Hyuga belonged to the prince anyway. The reason he was cultivating it was so that he could be strong enough to protect the prince. Since the prince was willing to let Qin Gao learn this art too, Eunuch Gui would ask no questions.

“Also, prepare a room for Gao.”

Shen Tian turned around and prepared to leave.

The Demon Book of Hyuga was Qin Gao’s fortuitous opportunity anyway. Even if Shen Tian kept it away from Qin Gao, the latter would chance upon a new fortuitous encounter.

Shen Tian might as well give it to Qin Gao and do him a favor. In case Qin Gao became someone impressive in the future, he would have an additional friend.

Right after Shen Tian finished his sentence, something magical happened. Shen Tian felt that his body became lighter as though an invisible chain had been broken. It felt real and imaginary at the same time.

Shen Tian turned around and looked at Qin Gao. His halo had changed color again. All the green spots had disappeared, and it became red again, just like the first time Shen Tian had met him.

Shen Tian took out a mirror from his pocket and looked at his own halo. Although it was still black, it was not as dense as before.

Could it be that I returned the fortuitous opportunity back to Qin Gao? Or I’m sharing it with him?

Shen Tian decided to give it a test.

He stared at Qin Gao’s halo and said, “On second thought, forget it, Uncle Gui. There is no need to copy the Demon Book of Hyuga.”

When he said that, his body felt the weight again, while green spots appeared on Qin Gao’s halo.

Uncle Gui nodded and said, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Although he had no idea why the prince changed his mind so quickly, he trusted all the 13th Prince’s decisions. He had no doubts at all.

Then, Shen Tian spoke again. “Well, I changed my mind. Please make one copy!”

Then, Qin Gao’s halo became bright red again.

Shen Tian was extremely excited as his theory was verified!

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Uncle Gui felt a little helpless. In his mind, the prince was teasing the low-ranking eunuch.

That’s so mean!

Qin Gao finally spoke up. “Erm… I do not really need it…”

Truth be told, Qin Gao was frightened as the 13th Prince was too good to him. Shen Tian had already saved him and provided him with a place to stay. At the same time, he did not need to work!

Now the prince had even decided to allow him to study some Demon Book of Hyuga. Although Qin Gao had no idea what that was, seeing that even the 13th Prince was so indecisive, it must be something extraordinary.

It could even be something that was worth the entire palace!

Qin Gao was already indebted to the prince and didn’t know how to repay the prince’s kindness. If he accepted the Demon Book of Hyuga, there could be nothing he could do!

As Qin Gao spoke, green spots appeared on his halo again.

Shen Tian was unhappy about it as he had finally found a way to change his fate. There was no way he could allow Qin Gao to spoil his plan!

No way!

“Nope, you must learn!” Shen Tian said firmly, “Not only will you learn the basics of Qi Refinement, but you will also learn about the basics of Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, and Nascent Soul too!”

“Your Highness…”

“You owe me your life, you cannot refuse!”

When Shen Tian spoke those words, Qin Gao’s halo shone brightly, even brighter than before!

Not only were the green spots gone, but there were also slightly golden parts on the edge too.

To Shen Tian’s surprise, he noticed a change in Eunuch Gui’s halo too.

The light green became darker. It was like the color of a dense forest, full of liveliness. On the edge of it, there were red spots.

The halo evolved? Am I on the right track to change my fate?

If I share fortuitous opportunities with someone with high providence, will the overall providence of everyone involved be increased as well?

Shen Tian quickly took out his mirror and observed his halo. It was still black, but not as dark as before. At least, Shen Tian no longer felt that he would be struck by lightning if he stepped out of the palace.

Finally, after so many days, Shen Tian saw a glimpse of hope. He was very touched and started tearing up!

Upon seeing that, Qin Gao panicked.

“Please don’t cry. I will listen to whatever you say!”

The 13th Prince is a royal. How could I make him cry!?

It’s just some demon art!

The prince saved my life, and it belongs to him now. Cultivating some skill is nothing to be afraid of!

Qin Gao had already mentally prepared himself.

“Good, good. Also, I’m not crying. I’m just excited!” Shen Tian rolled his eyes and said, “Uncle Gui, you can bring him out now.”

Uncle Gui nodded. “Yes, Your Highness. I’m excited, just like you! I’ll bring him to his room and teach him the cultivation technique.”

Shen Tian started planning for his next move when they left. He did not dare to cultivate any skill yet unless his halo’s color was white. He still had the bad memory of his last Qi Deviation!

Since he had already found a way to improve his providence, he planned to meet more people with good providence and share their fortuitous encounters.

Shen Tian believed that he would be able to change his halo’s color to white in no time. In the end, he would become a normal person too.

Where should I find all these people?

Shen Tian started thinking. Normally, these people would be extremely successful. In the palace of Country of Fire, those with higher imperial status had higher providence too.

Shen Ao was a good example. Since he was so talented in cultivation and was halfway to the Grand White Grotto-Heaven, his providence must be good too.

Shen Tian was certain that Shen Ao’s halo was at least a green one with red spots. It could even be a red ring with a green spot!

If he could stare at Shen Ao for some time and shared the fortuitous opportunity with him, Shen Tian believed that his providence would definitely improve.

Unfortunately, there was a problem… Shen Ao was kind of avoiding him.

As a matter of fact, everyone with good providence in the palace avoided and hid from Shen Tian. They were not like eunuchs that needed to obey him. If Shen Tian was unable to meet them in person, it would be impossible for him to obtain their fortuitous opportunities.

What should I do now? That’s a vicious circle! So troublesome!

Where can I find people with good providence and at the same time not hiding from me!?

Shen Tian was deep in thoughts.

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