I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 8: My Ability Is Not Working Anymore?

Chapter 8: My Ability Is Not Working Anymore?

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Myriad Spirit Garden was the largest Spirit Ore market place. Its influence even reached the many kingdoms nearby, and there were many hidden talents within. That was the destination of Shen Tian, Eunuch Gui, and Qin Gao.

Three days ago, Shen Tian had discovered a way to increase his providence—that was to form good relationships with those blessed by providence.

Thus, he had decided to search for them in quantity and think of ways to freeload their fortuitous opportunities.

However, after three days of trying, Shen Tian had to admit that there really was no one that viewed him favorably in the whole Country of Fire Palace.

Be it Concubine Shu, Concubine Hua, Concubine De, the 7th Prince, 8th Prince, the 9th Princess, and so on, every time Shen Tian had wanted to go and find them, they would always use excuses, such as “feeling under the weather”, “had gone out”, or “it was inconvenient to meet”.

Shen Tian could not help but feel extremely dejected.

However, another discovery sparked a new hope in Shen Tian—not only those blessed by providence would have fortuitous opportunities.

Those with green or white halos also had chances for such encounters. Unfortunately, the probability was smaller, and the value was lower only.

Shen Tian had seen such a fortuitous opportunity on a certain palace maid’s halo the previous day.

The image had shown that the palace maid named Xia He would pick up a night-shining pearl, which cost thousands of silver taels, in the imperial garden.

Therefore, Shen Tian had picked up that pearl beforehand and gave it to that palace maid.

As expected, the halo on top of the palace maid’s head had glowed more brightly and even turned slightly greener. Meanwhile, the pitch-black halo on top of Shen Tian had also become paler.

Such a discovery had made Shen Tian so excited that he had even pushed away the palace maid, who had tried giving him a hug of gratitude.

Naturally, Shen Tian wanted to leave the palace badly, and he brought along Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao too.

Since Shen Tian had discovered that even normal people would have fortuitous opportunities, he would definitely choose to visit the place where fortuitous opportunities would appear most frequently to increase his providence!

Meanwhile, Myriad Spirit Garden was such a place as it was filled with infinite possibilities and encounters.

As everyone knew, the most important things in the cultivation world were “Mentor”, “Money”, “Partner”, and “Location”.

Money meant cultivation resources, including the most important one, which was Spirit Stones.

Spirit Stones contained an abundance of Spirit Qi. It was a consumable resource that cultivators used to cultivate as it could greatly increase their cultivation speed.

People with and without Spirit Stones could have an over ten times different cultivation speed even with the same talents and cultivation techniques. That was the reason that Spirit Stones were a resource most cultivators would seek for their whole lives.

The so-called Spirit Stone Mine was a mine that would produce Spirit Stones. Cultivators would dig out Spirit Ores from the mine, then they would cut out raw Spirit Stones from within and refine them, and thus form standard-sized Spirit Stones.

However, not every Spirit Ore would produce Spirit Stones after being cut open. Some Spirit Ores may seem to be overflowing with Spirit Qi, but only bits and pieces of Spirit Stones could be found inside after being sliced open. Their value was extremely low.

Meanwhile, some Spirit Ores may not look much from the outside, but they may produce middle-grade or even superior-grade Spirit Stones after cutting them open. Those were worth a fortune!

Legends had it that in some cultivation sects, people had discovered supreme-grade Dharmic treasures, exceptionally outstanding sutras, or even a peerlessly beautiful woman, sleeping within.

It was not impossible for those legends to be true. In the cultivation world, there was the dictum “Self-Hyper Treasures”.

Every powerful Dharmic treasure and sutra contained the laws of Dharma and could influence the Spirit Qi in the world. If they were left without a master for a long time, then these Dharmic treasures would start to absorb Spirit Qi, forming a protective layer of Spirit Qi on the surface. As long as enough time passed, these Spirit Qi protective layers would convert into Spirit Ores.

Although they would look no different from normal Spirit Ores, if someone were lucky enough to cut them open, they might be able to obtain a powerful Dharmic treasure that was in good condition or even ultimate cultivation techniques.

In the tens of thousands of years that had passed, many lucky individuals had benefited from such encounters!

Naturally, Myriad Spirit Garden, a Spirit Ore Market Place, had been formed for that reason.

The merchants within Myriad Spirit Garden would buy Spirit Ores from all places and place them on the shelves, listing different prices according to their quality. If the customers felt that the price was acceptable, they would buy the Spirit Ore and cut it open themselves or ask the shop to cut it for them.

However, regardless of whether the customer gained something or suffered a loss, neither the shop nor the customers could regret their decisions. The rules were similar to stone gambling in Shen Tian’s previous life.

After learning that even normal people could have fortuitous opportunities, the first thing that had popped into Shen Tian’s mind was the Myriad Spirit Garden.

Although the chances of finding people that were blessed by providence were low, the frequency of fortuitous opportunities was definitely the highest. That was because, in the whole Myriad Spirit Garden, tens of thousands of people would all be trying their luck there.

Given the numbers of the gathered people, even if there was only one out of ten that would make a profit, then this place should be filled with such fortuitous opportunities!

If that were the case, not only could Shen Tian get rid of the black halo on his head, but also the three of them would not need to worry about Spirit Stones needed for their cultivation in the future.

Once he thought of that, Shen Tian even felt that he was a genius!

Unfortunately, when Shen Tian actually arrived at Myriad Spirit Garden, he realized it was just all in his head. The stone gambling was not as simple as Shen Tian had imagined.

From what Shen Tian could see, even though the huge Myriad Spirit Garden was filled with people, only a few of them had images of fortuitous opportunities playing in their halos. Also, according to the images, even if they obtained Spirit Stones from the Spirit Ores, they would mostly be of low quality.

Those Spirit Ores basically cost tens of Spirit Stones, and after being cut open, the Spirit Stones inside would amount to 30–50.

Even the most common inferior-grade Spirit Stone in the cultivation world could be sold for 1,000 taels of silver, or even higher, in the secular world. If one could obtain 10 Spirit Stones, which was 10,000 taels of silver, it was enough for a normal person to live a luxurious life. However, such small gains could not satisfy Shen Tian’s original expectations.

Shouldn’t there be people blessed by providence in Myriad Spirit Garden? Shouldn’t they be able to cut open shockingly awesome items by spending only a few Spirit Stones per day and then head toward the peak of their lives?

So it’s all nonsense, isn’t it?

While Shen Tian was plagued by self-doubt, someone exclaimed from the east, “Little Spirit Fairy has arrived!”

As that voice echoed, the crowd was instantly stirred up.

“What!? Little Spirit Fairy is here to gamble Spirit Ores again? Brother, help me grab a good seat!”

“Wait for me. I’ll go there immediately after cutting this ore!”

“Who is Little Spirit Fairy?”

“You don’t even know who Little Spirit Fairy is? You’re too ignorant! She is the Spirit Ore Appraiser that is the best at ‘searching for Spirit Stones and assessing Spirit Ores’ in our Myriad Spirit Garden!”

“Not only so, but she’s also a stunning beauty!”

“The one who is able to marry Little Spirit Fairy would earn it big time. Not only would one have such a beauty as their wife, but they would also not need to worry about Spirit Stones anymore.”

As Shen Tian listened to the people’s conversations beside him, he could not help but be curious about this so-called Little Spirit Fairy.

He followed the crowd and quickly arrived in front of a Spirit Ore Shop named “Sky Spirit Pavilion” and saw her in person.

It was a girl wearing an azure green long dress. As she was back-facing Shen Tian, he could not see her face. However, just those tender and slender white fingers and thin waist were enough to trigger people’s endless imaginations, making their thoughts go wild.

It was not difficult to imagine that she was definitely a drop-dead gorgeous beauty.

Currently, what Shen Tian was observing was not her body and appearance, but the halo on her head.

Little Spirit Fairy was quite blessed by providence as the color of her halo was pure red. Although it was still mixed with a wisp of green light, it was already close to Qin Gao’s halo quality, much better than most nobles.

To Shen Tian’s surprise, he could see no image of a fortuitous opportunity in her halo. Naturally, Shen Tian was extremely puzzled.

Logically speaking, if she had any fortuitous opportunities, they would definitely appear in her halo.

Is it possible that Little Spirit Fairy will gain nothing good from cutting open ores?

Or is it possible that my ability does not work on her?

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