I Am the God of Games

Chapter 404: Emergency Rescue

Chapter 404: Emergency Rescue

It had been half an hour since Rangka volunteered to cover Laybit and the Curly Horns’ princess retreat.

Even so, they were unable to free themselves, and were once again in danger.

“This isn’t working. Those guys are catching up!”

Laybit’s ears had straightened and swiveled around to pick up on the unusual noises.

Even if the horned gazelle was adept at running and was not slow, it was just an ordinary wild animal without magical powers, just as it was not a divinely-blessed species. It could not run at top speed over long periods, and needed rest for a moment before continuing to run.

Moreover, it was carrying two people—even if Laybit and Woolsprout were less than fifty kilos combined, they were still almost two hundred catties together, and it was already a sign of this particular horned gazelle’s extraordinary nature for it to be able to run for so long. After all, a princess’s mount should definitely possess a rather excellent bloodline.

Naturally, they were a more than a little inferior compared to magical beasts.

Even though Grootslang, the Elephant Snake that inhabits the foot of Mount Vierlin was not a magical creature made to run over long distances, its mobility would still surpass most normal animals with the strengthening of magical energy—the burly Ryhorn warrior Sutan would never have chose it as his mount otherwise.

Indeed, the reason Laybit and Woolsprout were not captured for half-an-hour was because of Rangka’s beyond par performance (after becoming a member of the Church of Games).

“There’s no helping it,” Laybit sighed at the girl who was panicking in front of himself. “Keep running towards the Dark Tidal Coast. You’ll be fine as long as you could reach our village.”

“Hold on, does that mean you’re about to…”

The Curly-Horns’ little princess became even more panicked when she guessed what Laybit intended to do, and tried to dissuade him fervently. “M-maybe there is another way! Now is not the time to give up!”

“Now is already too late whatever else we try. This is all I can do now.” Laybit said, knowing full well about the current situation.

After all, the Ryhorns were not here to force a surrender, but to hunt and kill the envoys of the oppressed nonhuman tribes. So, since surrendering was meaningless, it would be better if Laybit make his death useful rather than dying without resistance.

“However, as long as you could reach our village, Swordtail Grayclaw’s conspiracy would be exposed earlier. So, don’t stop!”

With those words, Laybit ignored Woolsprout’s efforts to keep him and promptly leapt off the horned gazelle, rolling once to alleviate the inertia before standing staunchly in front of Grootslang.

As mentioned before, Sutan was able to catch up to Laybit entirely because of Grootslang, meaning that the other Ryhorns were unable to follow them here aside from Sutan. As such, Laybit only had to face him and his mount.

“More Long-Ears trash. I bashed the last one’s head in… how long would you last under my blade?” Sutan stared at Laybit, who was aiming his enmity at him. It was just like a rhino watching a rabbit baring its teeth at itself—he felt no threat at all.

So, Rangka was already dead.

Though he had guessed that earlier, Laybit still felt sad when Sutan told him the truth.

Nonetheless, he was not afforded the luxury of mourning—because his enemy was already coming.

However, when Sutan saw Laybit draw out a long, thin stick that looked like a teacher’s cane, his face showed even more disdain.

“So weak. You wouldn’t penetrate my defense even if I didn’t move!”

As if to prove that he was not lying, he even assumed a standard pose, mocking Laybit who did not dare to make a move even so. “Come at me if you dare!”

And yet, it was in that instant that a red flash streaked in the air, and a blood-red mark appeared instantly over Sutan’s chest. Blood thicker and redder than a human’s poured out, leaving the warrior of the Ryhorns bellowing in pain and anger.

Grootslang the Elephant Snake, which had been intent on hunting and devouring Woolsprout’s horned gazelle, Woolsprout, as well as Laybit who had been ready to die were all stunned by the dramatic turn of events.

Laybit was the first to recover, and he swung his bamboo whip at Sutan’s chest wound, only to be kicked over ten meters away by the Ryhorn. He dropped to the ground, vomiting blood which was mixed with parts of his organs, and looked terribly injured.

“Who ambushed me!” Sutan continued bellowing.

“Didn’t you allow me to attack?”

A rather flat but gruff masculine voice echoed.

Sutan looked towards the voice which came from his left, where a nonhuman had appeared without him knowing.

Thick mane was growing over his neck and his face resembled a lion’s, although he looked more human than a lion.

And right now, scarlet air razed around his body, and the sword in his hand flickered with a cold glint that seemed to cuts into the bone.

“A Grayclaw? Why would you come here? Are you observing our work or obstructing us!” Sutan asked hoarsely, just as he pressed his hand over his wound that bled profusely. “Don’t you know we are under Swordtail’s orders…”

“Whatever he is doing, I would eventually settle things with him and that day is soon.”

Zonyan Grayclaw, who finally sensed and unlocked Grateful Dead was staring at the little giant that was over half a head taller than himself, and spoke dispassionately, “But before that, I would need to teach you fellows who lost yourself in the slaughter.”

Behind Zonyan, his longtime partner Vulcan Cher was using a potion to treat the near-death Laybit.

The potion was extraordinary as usual, and soon, Laybit recovered after being just at death’s door a moment ago. While he was not lively enough to pounce around, his survival was at least assured.

The little Curly Horn princess did not run far after realizing how things had changed either. She simply nestled somewhere close and watched the confrontation, unsure if she should keep running or watch how events unfolded.

“Humph! So you’re that Grayclaw traitor? Fine, let me see what you’ve got, and teach you the reality that your measly strength would never hold up against Swordtail!” The Ryhorn warrior bellowed. “Fear my power!”

“Give me all you’ve got, then.”

Having been influenced by Mufasa to slowly switch from Berserker to Kengyoku, Zonyan Grayclaw brandished his sword and told Sutan, “However, you would be in resting pieces in an instant!”

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