I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 175 - Violence against Violence (1)

Chapter 175: Violence against Violence (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

To cultivate their feelings for each other, they decided to start from the daily interaction, increasing their intimacy and time spent together.

The next day Rong Yi woke up in the morning, he gave a kiss to Yin Jinye, who was meditating to cultivate.

Yin Jinye cast an eye at him and then went on meditating.

When breakfast was served on the table, Rong Yi forced Yin Jinye to come over and eat with him and the kids.

If Yin Jinye refused to eat, Rong Yi would feed him and murmur the food he liked and disliked so that the man could know more about him.

After each breakfast, if Yin Jinye sat in meditation to cultivate, Rong Yi would accompany him and did that together. And if he read or played chess, Rong Yi would stay nearby to make enchanted runes and learn to refine magic weapons or equpment.

When they were both free, Rong Yi would ask Yin Jinye to tell him about this world.

Rong Yi had been to this world for more than two months before he realized that the cultivation world was divided into six prefectures: Dongtang, Nanbai, Xijing, and Beiba, located in the east, south, west, and north respectively. Zhonghai Prefecture and Zhonggu Prefecture were in the center of the other four. Those prefectures were separated from each other by a large ocean so the transportation depended on formation transfer or flying ships.

Among them, Dongtang Prefecture covered the largest area, which was ten times as large as Zhonghai Prefecture. This most prosperous place was home to the largest number of high-level cultivators among the six prefectures. Cultivators in Immortal Refining and Void Purifying could be seen everywhere in the streets. Therefore, it was a place that most cultivators yearned for.

If Nine Void Sect, which ranked No.1 in Zhonghai, was placed in the Dongtang, the cultivators there would not regard it at all because it was just a lousy sect.

Among the remaining four prefectures, Nanbai was the richest in resources and wealth. Many spiritual minerals, ingredients, and herbs came from here. Xijing was the most mysterious. There were various cultivators living there, such as puppet masters, Feng Shui masters, formation masters, Taoist masters, mages, etc. While Beiba, the place featured as the most remote and the poorest, and it was also the place where evil cultivators and ghost cultivators haunted most frequently. Since the evil air in there was extremely heavy, low-level cultivators generally dared not to take a visit.

Zhonggu was the most beautiful place among those six prefectures, and it was also the place where all kinds of beast cultivators lived. Cultivators often went there to capture beasts as their mounts or combat partners.

White Peacock’s return this time was to Zhonggu Prefecture.

Among them, Rong Yi was most curious about Dongtang where the Yin family located. But Yin Jinye always frowned when mentioning his hometown, and it seemed he hated that place.

Yin Jinye once said, “I go to Beiba the most frequently, but seldom return to Dongtang.”

Rong Yi wanted to ask more about the Yin family, but he felt his current relationship with Yin Jinye was not suitable for asking too much, so he could only restrain his curiosity.

In recent days, it was Rong Yi who tried to get close with Yin Jinye. In the eyes of Rong Yi and the servants, it was already a good start. At least Yin Jinye did not evade Rong Yi, nor did he get physical with Rong Yi.

In fact, he never expected Yin Jinye to accept him or like him. He just tried his best to increase the presence of himself and the kids in mind of the man.

On the 8th of October on the lunar calendar, Rong Yi received an invitation from Nine Void Sect, inviting him to attend a banquet celebrating Bai Yunchen to become the peak master, the date fell on the 10th of October.

In the beginning, Rong Yi didn’t want to attend. But the thought that Bai Yunchen could get Tianxu Peak was all his credit and the secret of the peak was still waiting for him to dig made him realize this banquet should be his best opportunity.

Early in the morning of that day, after breakfast, Rong Yi walked out of the gate with Bu Qi and a congratulatory gift.

Yan Qiushuang walked behind with Yin Sensen in her arms and talked about the matters needing attention.

Just as Rong Yi was about to get into the carriage, someone suddenly shouted, “Rong Yi.”

Rong Yi looked back and saw a young girl being held back by the servants of the Yin family. She cried anxiously, “Rong Yi, my mother is missing after living outside your mansion for a period of time. What have you done to her? Did you kill her?  Do you have a heart? She is your grandmother, how can you do that?”

Yan Qiushuang frowned, “Yi’er, who is this person?”

Rong Yi replied, “She is the daughter of my dad’s mother with some other man. I don’t know her name.”

Yan Qiushuang sneered, “Oh, so it was her. Her name was Sun Xiaohe. Her family is all badass. Her father was lecherous and ran into the brothel every now and then. Her mother was addicted to gambling and lost all the spiritual stones sent by your father. Her son was enrolled into a small sect. However, he was kicked out for stealing other people’s spiritual stones. As for her, she seduced men around to let other men raise her because she had no money and no ability to make. Once, her mother Xu Youlian was beaten for debt, she just turned a blind eye and hooked up with other men.”

Her voice was quite loud, so everyone around her could hear it clearly.

Sun Xiaohe looked green and white, “Who are you? Why do you talk nonsense to stain my innocence?”

“Innocence? Do you mean your innocence? Go and ask someone in your town, and you will know what kind of person you are in other’s eyes.” Yan Qiushuang turned to Rong Yi and asked,” Yi’er, what is she doing here?”

“My grandma heard that my dad left me a pile of top quality ingredients, so she came to me to make trouble and insisted that I share them with them…” Rong Yi said briefly what happened some time ago.

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