I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 732 - She Must Have Him

Chapter 732 She Must Have Him

Su Jiu replied, “No, I’ve said those words only to you!”

Is that so?

Rong Si expressed his satisfaction, not wanting to end the conversation so quickly. He said again, “I want to see yours too.”

Su Jiu froze.


Am I seeing things?

Did the little villain send that?

Seeing that she did not respond, Rong Si smiled. “Why? Are you shy?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

She drew in a sharp breath. What’s going on? I wanted to tease the little villain, but now he’s teasing me instead?

“I don’t have abs, only a fat belly. Do you want to see it too?” Su Jiu purposely said. He wouldn’t be interested in a fat belly, right?

Unexpectedly, Rong Si replied, “I don’t mind.”

Even if he didn’t mind, she did!

In Su Jiu’s eyes, girls could admire boys’ abs, but boys could not look at girls. Otherwise, they would be hooligans. It was such a double standard.

She decisively refused. “No, I can’t show you.”

Rong Si casually asked, “Then who will you show it to?”


Rong Si seemed to be able to see Su Jiu’s current embarrassed and cute appearance. A smile appeared in his usually cold eyes. He was genuinely happy.

Initially, he had thought that it would be tough for him to go to such a faraway place alone. But now, he was certain that as long as Su Jiu was around, he would be able to endure it even if his life was tough. “I’ve shown mine to you. Isn’t it unfair that you don’t show yours to me?”

“Definitely unfair! What are you going to do about it?” It was only now that Su Jiu dared to provoke him. When he became a big boss, she would not dare to say that. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to plucking fur from a tiger?

Rong Si raised his eyebrows. Does this girl really think that I won’t do anything to her?

She will know her mistake in the future.

The two of them sent messages for a while more, and before they knew it, the night had turned dark. Su Jiu thought about how Rong Si had been on the plane for so long and was probably exhausted, yet he still kept chatting with her late into the night.

She felt a little apologetic. “Big Brother, you must be tired today. Rest well.”

Thinking that it was nighttime on her side and she had classes tomorrow, Rong Si agreed. “Okay, you too.”

After they said goodnight to each other, Rong Si looked down at his phone screen and read through their conversation from beginning to end. The corners of his lips were still slightly curved.


The next day after school, Su Jiu rushed to the hospital in the capital. Sheng Tianci was already waiting for her at the entrance.


This was the best hospital in the capital. The little villain had told her that Auntie Song was hospitalized here. Upon seeing Sheng Tianci, Su Jiu immediately asked, “Uncle, how is Auntie Song now?”

Sheng Tianci sighed. “She’s not awake yet. The doctor can’t say for sure when she will wake up. Perhaps, she won’t wake up for the rest of her life.”

Su Jiu followed him to a ward. After entering the ward, she saw Song Wanqiu lying on the bed. Other than her pale face, Song Wanqiu looked no different from usual. It was as if she were asleep.

Who would have thought that she has been asleep for more than a year?

No wonder I hadn’t seen Auntie Song. I’m really stupid. I should’ve realized that something was wrong earlier.

It has been a long time since I have heard Auntie Song’s gentle voice…

Su Jiu’s heart felt heavy. She thought of something and asked Sheng Tianci, “Uncle, was that couple caught?”

Sheng Tianci nodded. “Yes, the outcome was already decided. The nature of the crime was too vile. The man was sentenced to death, and the woman to ten years in jail.”

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