I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 994 - t’s Good That You’re Fine

Chapter 994: It’s Good That You’re Fine

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“I… I just wanted a brother! Was that wrong?” Rong Xi cried, indignant. “Mom, I’m already suffering, and you’re still scolding me!”

Qiao Man was so angry that her chest hurt. “You know very well why I’m scolding you! This was your own fault!”

Her daughter had suddenly contracted such an illness for no reason. The doctor had said that she had not contracted it by accident or had been infected by someone else. She had to have acquired a large amount of the virus from somewhere and gotten infected herself!

Qiao Man was not young anymore and had seen a lot in the business world. She had immediately concluded that the virus Rong Xi had gotten was definitely not for her own use.

Instead, she had probably wanted to use it on others!

In the end, she was the one suffering.

How could someone be so stupid?

“I admit… I wanted to do something to that wretched girl. It’s her fault for being such an eyesore! I just don’t like seeing her stay by Big Brother Rong Si’s side. I hate her!” Rong Xi said hoarsely. She still didn’t feel that she was wrong at all and even blamed others.

Qiao Man was so angry that her chest hurt again. “You keep calling him Big Brother Rong Si. Do you like that brat that much?”

“That’s right. I want a brother like that. He’s the kind of brother I’ve fantasized about countless times!” Rong Xi said righteously. “Mom, even if you hate him, it’s because of what happened between you and his mother. Don’t implicate him!”

Qiao Man was unusually angry now.

And she was disappointed. She hadn’t expected the wretched girl to like the brat so much. She kept calling him brother. It sounded incredibly grating to Qiao Man’s ears, and she really wanted to shut the girl up.

“Little Xi, I’ve always doted on you. I’ve always done my best to satisfy you with whatever you want. But when it comes to Rong Si, I won’t let him enter the Rong family and be your brother. Don’t even think about it! Of course, I’m doing this for your own good. You don’t want anyone to fight with you for the family assets in the future, right?”

“What about you? Mom, he’s alone. What can he use to compete with us for the family assets? What are you afraid of?” Rong Xi just couldn’t figure it out. When she got agitated, she started coughing violently again. Her throat hurt so much that she wanted to cry.

“Enough. Shut up! Just rest well. As for Rong Si, don’t even think about it. I made it clear. Don’t expect me to agree to let him come back!”

Rong Xi was indignant at this and bit her lip.


On the other hand, Su Jiu’s fever had subsided, and she could be discharged that day. As she sat on the hospital bed, she looked at Rong Si, who was putting on her shoes. She asked curiously, “Big Brother, how is Rong Xi now?”

Rong Si paused and narrowed his eyes. “She’s been hospitalized.”

This morning, the bodyguards had told Su Shengjing and An Yuan that Rong Xi had been hospitalized. After asking the doctor, they found out that she had suddenly contracted tuberculosis.

Why would she suddenly have this illness for no reason? Rong Si thought about it for a bit and realized that it had to be because of her bottle of medicine.

Maybe the medicine contained the tuberculosis virus?

Rong Si’s face darkened at the possibility.

It had to be said that Rong Xi had inherited Qiao Man’s sinister and vicious nature to come up with such a rotten idea. Fortunately, Little Jiu had not suffered. Instead, retribution was on Rong Xi herself.

“Hospitalized? Serves her right!” Su Jiu said indignantly.

Rong Si finished putting on her shoes and looked down at her. Suddenly, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

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