I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 2093 "The Nemesis Of Charm Ability"

Ainsley had never tried to use the love virus to influence the demons, but since she thought about this, she dared to experiment.

Immediately after thinking about this absurd but bold plan, the baby activated her charm ability and carefully spread a little bit of her love virus to the nearest demons in front of their defensive barrier.

The demons here were on the verge of breaking through the defensive barrier, so they became Ainsley’s experimental subject almost immediately.

The invisible pink virus floated straight into the bodies of those demons and soon, the virus started to emit a pink light, wanting to influence the heart and mind of these demons.

However, Ainsley still had too little knowledge about the demons.

Monsters could still be influenced because even if their intelligence was low, that intelligence was there, and they still had feelings toward their birth mother.

Even if they might attack their own siblings, the power of bloodline made them obedient to their birth mother.

Even if they didn’t have a strong feeling of intimacy with their family members other than the birth mother, the feeling was this there, albeit weak.

As long as the feeling was still there and the instinct still made them cherish their family members, anyone could be influenced by the love virus.

Even spirits without tangible bodies could be influenced because they also had feelings.

The self-proclaimed emotionless war machine such as the celestial race and the valkyries still had feelings because no matter what, when they saw their companions die in front of their eyes, they also had this surge of anger and a sense of humiliation.

As long as there was a little bit of feeling, the love virus could exert its influence.

This was why, even the archangel’s avatars like the ones summoned to the battlefield months ago could also be influenced by the love virus because they still had their own thinking, emotions and feelings.

Unfortunately, low-level demons didn’t have this kind of ‘luxury’ and ‘privilege’ at all.

Low-level abyss demons were looked down upon by many dark creatures and even hell demons were ashamed to admit that abyss demons came from the same ‘big family tree’ as them hell demons.

Why? Because even a hell creature in hell still had a little bit of wisdom and feeling, such as ordinary animals in this world who also had feelings for their family members regardless whether they awakened their wisdom or not.

It was just that, low-level demons didn’t have even an ounce of feeling other than excitement from their own instinct.

They would not be angry, they would not feel sad or any affection for their family members.

Even the children could eat their parents if they were stronger and it was common for the parents to eat their children once they ran out of food.

This is why the abyss demons preferred a place full of resources to give birth so that they themselves would not eat their children out of hunger.

Such a monster that was even more disgusting than the monsters in this world, how could they be moved by the love virus?

They didn’t even feel the need to obey Ainsley or feel close to her.

The only thing that could move them was their own instinct such as the fear engraved in their blood towards a higher-level demon with a purer bloodline.

Mid-level and high-level demons might have feelings, but mid-level demons’ feelings were not enough to be detected by the love virus.

They had already opened their intelligence, so they could barely attract and summon low-level demons to achieve their goals.

However, they still could not command the battlefield and would only instinctively attack the weak spot of their prey.

Ainsley didn’t feel any response from the love virus, and there was no established connection between her and the low-level demons that she infected. ๐™—๐’†๐’…๐™ฃ๐’๐™ซ๐’†๐™ก.๐’๐™š๐™ฉ

The love virus was not polluted by the miasma inside the demons’ bodies, but similarly, the love virus also could not influence the demons!

This was the first time Ainsley met a creature that could not be influenced by the love virus or her charm ability other than those who purposely drank anti-charm potions or already had immunity toward charm-related abilities.

Still, Ainsley’s usual charm skills might be ineffective in certain situations, but the love virus was a notch higher than the other charm skills.

Even people who had already consumed anti-charm potions would still be influenced by the love virus without them knowing because that skill was essentially creating a virus.

It was strange how Ainsley could even make a virus when her main ability was a charm, but love, affection and admiration could be contagious.

A pity. It didn’t work for the abyss demons at all!

To a certain extent, the abyss demons might be Ainsley’s first nemesis in terms of charm ability.

Ainsley, who had dominated almost all battlefields relying on her charm ability, finally kicked an iron plate and was powerless in front of these demons.

The biggest weakness of a charm ability was just whether the target was immune to charm or not, and whether the target fulfilled the requirement to be influenced by the charm ability.

If Ainsley were facing an emotionless robot army, her charm ability would also fail.

If she faced an army of artificial intelligence without emotions or feelings, her charm would also fail.

However, as long as the AI could awaken feelings and emotions similar to humans, the love virus would always be able to affect them.

It was such an unfortunate thing that the abyss demons were still not given that function!

Ainsley was stumped hard, and now, she had to think of another solution!

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