I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 10 - Let’s make a bet!

Chapter 10: Let’s make a bet!

Ling Zhangyi who was full of confidence was shocked to receive a “No” by Su Ziyang. He thought that he was handsome, charming, young, promising and rich. In the past, many youths scrambled for him. Although he was not someone who acted recklessly, he also did not give those people a chance to take advantage of him. But now he himself stooped down and wanted to associate with a person who aroused his interest. He thought that the other party would agree. The result was good; the other party was not amazed, he gave him one word directly – no!

So President Ling felt very imbalanced and asked very unwilling, “Why?”

Su Ziyang’s eyes moved. Why? Of course, because you are very slag, you don’t take responsibility after eating the rod clean!

But that was Ling Zhanyi of the last life. There had been many things in this life that had changed with the butterfly effect of Su Ziyang’s rebirth. He was really uncertain about what kind of person Ling Zhanyi was.

After all, he had only seen Ling Zhanyi twice in his last life. One was rolling around in bed with him, the other was running to him after three months of pregnancy. The only two meetings were not enough for him to know the true face of Ling Zhanyi.

But now, it seemed that President Ling was vastly different from the previous life.

Cough, of course, even though he was different, Su Ziyang still firmly believed that the essence of slag must be the same. He just wanted to play with himself now, and when he got tired of playing, he might reveal his true form.

With this in mind, Su Ziyang carelessly explained, “No, I’m not interested in you!”

Ling Zhanyi once again received a blow, and he asked patiently, “Weren’t we doing well last night? We are all willing parties, everybody is happy!”

Su Ziyang nodded his head and said, “Yes, we were all very happy last night. Your skills are pretty decent and I am satisfied, but so what? We are just having a one-night stand. There’s no need to be so serious, is there?”

That was correct, but…

This kind of words had always been said by Ling Zhanyi to his former 419 partners but now it was said by Su Ziyang. His position had changed and he was becoming the person who was pestering others.

Regardless, this feeling was not very good.

Ling Zhanyi took a deep breath and tried to maintain his perfect expression: “You’re right. I admit that last night we were just having a good night and we should go our separate ways after playing. But there are always exceptions. I think you’re a good person that is worth keeping in contact with. Are you dissatisfied with me? That’s all right. You can tell me and I will change it, is that okay?”

Ling Zhanyi swore, this was absolutely the most humble he ever been in his life if this little bastard in front of him still refused to give him face, he, he absolutely… will not let him off!

Su Ziyang glanced at him. Well, his attitude was sincere, his eyes were earnest and his expression was impeccable. If Su Ziyang had was still in his previous life, he would have believed it foolishly. But there were always exceptions, not only in Ling Zhanyi’s expected first time humbling coaxing him but also in Su Ziyang’s car accident here—— He deliberately did not want to answer his feeling.

“Sorry, I don’t have any intention of dating anyone. You’d better find someone else.” Su Ziyang said word by word, “I, hope, you, stay, away, from, me, futher!”

Ling Zhanyi suddenly clasped his hands, his long and narrowed eyes slowly squirted and there was a burst of sharp glow from it. He stood up with his hands in his pockets. He looked down at the arrogant and domineering Su Ziyang, and spoke with the same arrogance: “How about we make a bet!”

Su Ziyang raised his eyebrows and did not reply.

Ling Zhangyi bent slightly. He was facing Su Ziyang head-on. Now he was very close, his nose tip almost hit Su Ziyang’s nose tip. He said with a smile, “I bet you will regret the decision you made today! You’re bound to fall in love with me!”

Su Ziyang blinked innocently: “What? Then try it!”

“You have a good rest first, I’ll come and find you tomorrow.” Ling Zhanyi straightened up and walked out gracefully. When he reached the door, he looked at Su Ziyang and laughed. “Ah, by the way, I forgot to tell you that I wanted to compensate five million dollars for causing harm to your health if you agreed to date me. After all, it was because of me that you had an accident, in case of any sequelae from your injured head in the future. It’s good to use the money for treatment if there is any after effect. Since you didn’t want to, then forget it. Looking at you like this, there should be no problem with your brain. Thank you for saving me money, Ziyang.”

After that, Ling Zhangyi waved smartly and gave Su Ziyang a flying kiss. Then the gentleman turned into the corridor, closed the door and left.

After listening to Ling’s words, Su Ziyang, who was firm and indignant in his hospital bed, petrified for a few seconds. When Ling Zhanyi left, he reacted, and some unfortunate man who had no chance with Ling once again grabbed his hair and became mad.

“Abhorrent slag! Bastard! Why don’t you say earlier about the five million dollars to Lao Zi! No sincerity at all! Ah Ah Ah—— Lost another five million ah——

At the corner of the door of the ward, Ling Zhanyi laid his arms leisurely against the wall and listened to Su Ziyang’s cries in the ward. He felt refreshed at once. He lifted his thin lips quietly and laughed proudly.

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