I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 11 - You haven’t blackmailed anyone, have you?

Chapter 11: You haven’t blackmailed anyone, have you?

Su Ziyang was tired after his wails. He felt a dull pain in the place where his back brain was injured. He lay on the bed with the quilt on his side and began to worry about what to do next.

Originally, he wanted to buy the lottery which he remembered so he could be free of worries. In the end, a Ling Zhanyi came so suddenly halfway through and all his plans were disrupted… Otherwise, did he really have to sell the house?

No, no. The house was a place for him to settle down peacefully. It could not be sold.

Su Ziyang turned over feeling troubled, his eyes kept on moving around, and his eyes brightened all of a sudden. That Bastard Ling said something about five million, which he must had said deliberately because he wanted to make him angry so that he will regret not dating him. But what he said reminded Su Ziyang of something ——That you, this slag man hurt Lao Zi until he was hospitalized, no matter what he will extort him! Five million were too much, but fifty thousand should be okay right?

As long as he can survive the first three months of terrible vomiting, he still could continue to work for several months.

And then wait for the baby in his stomach to come out, and he will be happy. In terms of his current wages, it was not a problem to feed another small fellow.

Thinking about this point, Su Ziyang no longer worried. He reached out and rubbed his stomach, muttered a few words, and went to sleep.

After all, he was someone who lost blood. Now he was relaxed and slept soundly.

The next day.

When Ling Zhanyi came to see Su Ziyang with a pile of food, he only saw him hugging the quilt and sleeping soundly. Half of his body was revealed but he did not seem cold.

Ling Zhanyi helped him cover the quilt while finding it funny. His fingertips touched his small lips subconsciously. It was soft and his heart quivered uncontrollably.

Su Ziyang made an inaudible sound and mucked up his mouth a few times as if he had dreamed of something delicious. His expression was full of satisfaction.

Ling Zhanyi did not wake up this sleepy man, so he sat quietly and looked at Su Ziyang’s sleeping face for a long while.

Su Ziyang was awakened by hunger.

He sat up in confusion and then got out of the bed and walked towards the table by following the scent. He saw the delicious food inside and opened it without thinking.

Then he began glutting himself with the food.

“Is it delicious?” Ling Zhanyi’s voice came idly.

Su Ziyang almost dropped the spoon in his hand. He turned his head mechanically and saw Ling Zhangyi sitting beside him. Su Ziyang was shocked. “Why are you here?”

“Of course I’m here to see you!” Ling Zhanyi laughed wickedly and darkly.

Su Ziyang asked knowing the answer, “Did you buy this?”

“What do you think?” Ling Zhanyi answered with amusement.

Su Ziyang had the spoon in his mouth as he thought bitterly for a while and then said with great righteousness, “Since you are so eagerly attentive, I’ll give you a chance to atone for your sins! You see, you knocked onto me——”

“I didn’t knock onto you. You tripped over the little fence in the parterre.” Ling Zhangyi calmly corrected Su Ziyang’s idea of trying to change the situation.


Su Ziyang’s words paused, and then he continued to be thick-faced and said, “Yes, yes, you didn’t bump into me, but I was still frightened until I fall down and get hurt…”

“So I sent you to the hospital very conscientiously.” Ling Zhanyi ended his words. “Do you have anything to you aren’t satisfied with?” I paid for the medical expenses and nursing cost. Well, the meal you ate just now was also bought by me.”

Su Ziyang’s momentum was a little lower. He said weakly, “But my head is really painful. I don’t know if it will leave any sequelae…”

“Then observe in the hospital for two more days, and then leave the hospital after a complete recovery.” Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help laughing. “Oh, by the way, I can still drive you home, how is it? Am I the most benevolent and righteous perpetrator?”

Su Ziyang completely had nothing else to say. He pinched his finger for a long while before he slowly opened his mouth: “But you have to compensate me for my mental’s loss… And I haven’t been to work for three days, so the loss of labor service should be borne by you too.”

“Uh… It makes sense. Well… Ziyang… How much money do you want for compensation? Ling Zhanyi had an easy-to-talk-to face.

“Five…” Su Ziyang just spoke the word ‘five’, and then he looked at Ling Zhanyi’s smiling face appearance towards him. He instantly had a short of breath, the original pretext of fifty thousand eventually changed to five thousand.

Ling Zhanyi laughed and said, “Ziyang, you are so cute.”

Which blackmailer only asked for five thousand dollars?

Su Ziyang blushed and said, “Don’t talk nonsense… Are you going to give me or not?”

“Here, I thought you would ask for fifty thousand dollars!” Ling Zhanyi opened his wallet in a good mood and put the fifty thousand yuan cheque in Su Ziyang’s hand. “Well, this is fifty thousand yuan. You don’t have to worry about medical expenses. First, you should recover well. When you are well, I will send you out of the hospital. The money should be for your health.” Speaking of this, Ling Zhanyi raised his lips and pinched Su Ziyang’s red cheeks. “Ziyang, you have not extorted from anyone, have you? Really cute! I really want to give you a kiss!”

With that, Ling Zhanyi put what he wanted into action. He leaned over and took a nip on Su Ziyang’s cheek. Then he got up and said, “I’ll ask the doctor about your injury.”

Su Ziyang was relieved to see him disappear away in the ward. Of course, he was still a little upset. He knew that the bastard was so easy to talk to that he would have asked from fifty thousand!

He must have done it on purpose! He purposely let him felt sorrowful and regretful!

Fuck A slag man was a slag man! They will never forget to play with people! Hmph!

Lao Zi’s decision to stay away from him was right indeed!

Uh… His head didn’t seem to be dizzy anymore, rather than being bored in the hospital, it was better to sneak home and think about how to make money; That was the virtuous way!

Thinking until here, Su Ziyang jumped out of bed and changed his clothes. He took the cheque given by Ling Zhanyi and sneaked out of the ward…

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