I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 113 - Teasing his son, his son is a little fool…

Chapter 113: Teasing his son, his son is a little fool…

Ling Zhanyi had no such resistance against Su Ziyang’s intimate address directed at him at all. He sighed helplessly and nodded. “Ten minutes. If you can’t finish it in ten minutes, I’ll drag you to the bed.”

Su Ziyang kissed him again, and with a beam on his face, he nodded agreeably. “En!”

Ling Zhanyi poked him on his forehead powerlessly and turned around to make the bed, seemingly at the end of his wits dealing with him. After he was done sorting out their bed, Ling Zhanyi went to the nursery room and stared at their two babies. Watching as they grew up day by day, it had already been more than a month since they were born and they looked much better than when they were born. Their little faces had a rosy glow, their skin looked particularly tender, smooth, and plump, and their small mouth having an attractive lustre. When their lips pouted now and then, it was extremely adorable. They were truly a pair of twins; Zhan Huashan had even intentionally dressed them in identical clothes, making it almost impossible to differentiate who was who.

However, he seemed to have heard his mother mentioning that there’s a mole on his eldest son’s foot. Thus, Ling Zhanyi sat by the bed and held the two babies’ feet in his hands. He bent down to search for it but didn’t manage to see the so-called mole. Ling Zhanyi refused to admit defeat, and after looking for a long time, he finally found an almost transparent “mole” on the left baby’s right foot.

——Ling Zhanyi sweated, Mom, is that supposed to be a mole?

Ling Zhanyi held his eldest son’s foot, and the urge to play with him abruptly arose. He stretched out a finger and scratched the middle of his sole. The baby budged and Ling Zhanyi stared at his legs. The tender lotus-like leg was all meaty, and it was comfortable to touch.

In his jubilant mood, Ling Zhanyi accidentally woke him up. The baby opened his mouth and Ling Zhanyi thought that he was going to cry, so he Zhanyi hurriedly released his hold and made a comical face at his son. The baby yawned and when he saw Ling Zhanyi making a funny face, he blinked his big black eyes and smiled widely at him.

Ling Zhanyi covered his face with both hands only to suddenly remove his hands and reveal his face, making the baby grin and occasionally laugh. His voice was clear and crisp and sounded especially cheerful.

Ling Zhanyi stretched his tongue out and wiggled it back and forth, the baby also opened his small mouth and tried to follow his example. However, he was too young and couldn’t quite get it. He just mindlessly opened his mouth and pressed his little tongue against his lip, and then his drool began to uncontrollably drip.

Ling Zhanyi held back a smile and tapped the baby’s cheek. “Little fool… You’re a little fool, aren’t you? Hmm?” After saying that, he took a small towel from the side to wipe his son’s saliva.

The baby didn’t know what his father was talking about. Perceiving it as someone playing with him, he waved his little hand out and grasped Ling Zhanyi’s finger. When he caught the finger, he wanted to put it into his mouth and eat it immediately, but Ling Zhanyi deliberately didn’t let him do that, instead, he fought a playful tug of war with his son.

After all, a child’s energy level wasn’t very high. After playing for a while, the baby clenched both hands into small fists and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and his eyes began to droop.

Ling Zhanyi then gently patted him in the back to soothe him, and not long after, he managed to coax his little son back to sleep.

Taking a glance at his youngest son sleeping on the right side, he wasn’t affected by what was happening at this side at all. His small mouth was even slightly open as he continued to sleep soundly.

After Ling Zhanyi tucked the twin babies properly, he looked at Zhan Huashan who was sleeping aside. He bent his back and kissed each of them on their foreheads before leaving quietly.

When he went back to their bedroom and saw that Su Ziyang was still using the computer, he could not help frowning. “You aren’t done yet?”

“Almost done, I just need to save this.” Su Ziyang fiddled with the mouse, and after saving it, he stretched his arms out and asked. “You went to check on our sons?”

“En, they are sleeping soundly!” Ling Zhanyi stepped closer to Su Ziyang and kneaded his shoulder. “Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten that much at the party, right? Shall I go to the kitchen and cook some noodles for you?”

“No, I’m not very hungry right now. Don’t bother about it and go to bed instead!” Su Ziyang yawned and his tears made his vision hazy. “I’m sleepy.”

“Good.” Ling Zhanyi pushed Su Ziyang to the bedside and helped him remove his clothes. Su Ziyang yawned again and asked, “Tomorrow morning, please have Uncle Li deliver the video to the company and have it given to Lin Kai…”

“Alright.” Ling Zhanyi pushed Su Ziyang to the bed and covered him with the blanket. Remembering that Su Ziyang had not taken his medication, Ling Zhanyi poured a cup of water, took a packet of medicine and opened it. He held the pill in his palm and arched Su Ziyang with his elbow. “Wife, you haven’t taken your medicine yet. Take it before you sleep.”

“Hmm…” Su Ziyang got up and dumped the medicine into his mouth with Ling Zhanyi’s hands. He tilted his head to the side and drank two mouthfuls of water to swallow the medicine down before he lay down and swiftly slept.

Ling Zhanyi was left dumbfounded as he stared at Su Ziyang for a few seconds before he got up and put the cup down on the table. He then turned off the lights and left the bedside lamp switched on before undressing himself and worming himself into the bed. He hugged Su Ziyang into his arms, kissed his forehead, and ruffled his hair briefly before he closed his eyes.

Sleep… It’s too late now, he wasn’t going to eat any tofu. He would just go to sleep like this…

Su Ziyang also subconsciously snuggled into Ling Zhanyi’s chest. The weather was getting colder, so he would cuddle with him and feel the warmth…

The next morning, it was Ling Zhanyi who woke up first. He got out of bed quietly and got dressed. Seeing the cassette tape and flash drive on the table, he couldn’t help sighing. In fact, he wanted to inform Ziyang last night that he had planned to teach Kang Yujiao a lesson. Three months of intentionally restricting her schedule were already the lightest punishment, why would he still help her publicize herself?

However, it was a rare occasion for Ling Zhanyi to see Ziyang working so seriously, so Ling Zhanyi couldn’t bear to tell him. Forget it, anyway, the original idea was to use Kang Yujiao to bring attention to some new stars, and since Ziyang had already done the video, he would just send it over to his company!

Sometimes, suppressing someone before raising them was also considered a sort of means. If Kang Yujiao could learn something through this matter, then wouldn’t it cause a sensation if she appeared again three months later with improvements?

Ling Zhanyi left a note for Su Ziyang, and after breakfast, he went to see his sons and bid goodbye to his parents before he went to work with the cassette card and flash drive.

Of course, before leaving for work, he still had to go to Su Ziyang’s company first.

Ling Zhanyi had just driven out of the courtyard when he saw Su Yan waiting at the gate.

Su Yan was wrapped in a windbreaker and his face had turned slightly bluish from the cold. It was obvious that he had been waiting here early in the morning.

Ling Zhanyi stepped on the brake and rolled down the window. He stuck his head out, asking, “Uncle Su? When did you come here? Why didn’t you ring the doorbell?”

Su Yan rubbed his hands and laughed awkwardly. “I’m afraid you haven’t gotten up yet… It’s fine. I’m not cold. I was in the car all the while and only got out of the car when I saw you driving out…”

Ling Zhanyi nodded and a glint flashed in his eyes. How could he not know that Su Yan was looking for him due to the sharp fall in the Su Group’s shares? Last night, at the reception, he was too anxious caring for Su Ziyang, so he ignored Su Yan. Now it seemed that Su Yan was rather persistent, and had come early in the morning to wait for him. It would be really too unkind of him if he doesn’t spare some time for him.

Oh well, then he would just talk to him about it.

However, he was in a hurry to complete the task Ziyang had entrusted him, so Ling Zhanyi could only smile in apology and explain, “Sorry Uncle Su, I have something to do and have to go first. If you want to talk with me about Su Group’s shares, please go to the company and wait for me over there.”

Su Yan opened his mouth nervously. When Ling Zhanyi rolled up the window, he finally said the words he had been holding in since the morning, “Zhanyi, I’m not here because of the Su Group’s shares.”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned for a moment. He didn’t come here because of the Su Group’s shares? Then why did he even come here in the first place? Did he come here because of Su Ziqi and her pestering?

Su Yan subconsciously looked at the silver ring that was on Ling Zhanyi’s hand clutching the steering wheel. The ring had the same style as the ring he saw on Ziyang’s hand at the party yesterday. What he wanted to ask was…

“Uncle Su, I have something else to do and I really am in a rush. If you have any other matters, let’s talk about it on another day.” Ling Zhanyi lifted his wrist and looked at his watch. If he did not send the cassette tape and the flash drive to Fatty Lin, Ziyang would definitely not spare him.

As for Su Yan… Let’s ignore him for a few days first!

What else could Su Yan say? Could he stop Ling Zhanyi from leaving? He couldn’t, and he even had to send him off with a smile. “Okay, Zhanyi, go ahead and do your stuff. I’ll make an appointment with you in advance to some other day. Let’s find a coffee shop and have a good chat.”

Ling Zhanyi smiled gently and said, “Then, goodbye Uncle Su…”


After driving away, Ling Zhanyi could see from the rearview mirror that Su Yan had not left. Instead, he was standing at the gate of his house, tiptoeing and peering inside from time to time. His expression looked ardent, perhaps he was hoping for a chance to see Ziyang?

Ling Zhanyi’s line of sight swept over to the ring on his hand, and the corners of his mouth curled up, showing a disdainful smile.

Last night, he had anxiously carried Ziyang away. Besides, he was wearing the same set of rings as Ziyang, anyone who gave it a deeper thought would surely be able to make a comprehensive guess.

Ah… he had something to ask him…. Perhaps this Uncle Su didn’t have to ask because he already knew it clearly in his heart?

Hmph, if he had known earlier, why did he do it in the first place?

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