I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 115 - Husband, in the future, why don’t you hand me your payroll card!

Chapter 115: Husband, in the future, why don’t you hand me your payroll card!

Uhh… Hearing Ling Zhanyi using such a cloying tone to speak, Su Ziyang felt a wave of chills flowing over him. To think that this president who was pushing 30 years old had the cheek to refer to himself in third person pronouns…

However, since it was his husband’s birthday, his strong reaction was justifiable.

“The exam is scheduled in the morning. Wouldn’t it be fine if I come back to spend time with you after the exam?” Su Ziyang also rarely showed such great temper to coax this person with a wrongly connected nerve.

“But that afternoon is still my birthday and you wouldn’t be accompanying me, so what are you going to do about that?” Ling Zhanyi was still unhappy.

He had already made plans for his entire birthday. With Christmas Eve acting as a gimmick, he would be able to be as romantic and affectionate as he wanted, and when the night had fallen, he would be able to eat his wife again and again. How wonderful would that be…

However, he would be left all alone if his wife chooses to take the exam. Even if Ziyang hurried back on the afternoon of the 25th, it would still take him three hours to travel back, moreover, he would be tired from driving… How would he have the heart to tire him even more? How could he enjoy himself if he couldn’t bear making Ziyang tired?

He clearly wanted his lord wife to be under him as his birthday present!

“…” Su Ziyang wanted to slap him on the forehead. Was he addicted to acting coy? Which of the days and nights had he not spent with him? He had been haggling about his birthday for some time…

“Can’t I spend time with you the day after I come back?” Su Ziyang continued to compromise.

Ling Zhanyi still had his head down, he was obviously still dissatisfied. “How about you tell me what you want to do? It’s not like you can come with me to the exam, right?” Su Ziyang helplessly said.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes brightened immediately. “Right! Why didn’t I think of that! I can go to Liang Cheng with you! We can still have a romantic couple’s world! On Christmas Eve too!”

Both of them had gotten married first before they fell in love. Er, no, they hadn’t gotten married yet… They fell in love after having children. They hadn’t gone on a date before or see a movie together and definitely didn’t spend any month doing…

Su Ziyang’s mouth twitched. “Do I still need to take the exam?”

“Didn’t you say the exams are all arranged in the morning? Then you can accompany me in the afternoon and at night!” Ling Zhanyi had figured it out and was no longer angry. He hugged Su Ziyang and said with a smile, “It’s decided. Wife, you’re so amazing. You can certainly do well even without reviewing on that day!”

Su Ziyang: “…”

Why did it seem like he could already foresee the tragedy that was about to happen in those coming two days?

“What about our sons?” Su Ziyang rushed to find another excuse.

Ling Zhanyi already had a plan in mind. “Aren’t our parents around? And we have the nanny and babysitter too, so rest assured. We haven’t been taking care of our sons these days either? It’s only for two days. Don’t worry!”

“Well, I’ll study hard before the exam then. You aren’t allowed to disturb me at night. It’s less than two months before the exam, doing last-minute revisions should still be useful.” Su Ziyang took the opportunity to discuss all his conditions. Every night, Ling Zhanyi would hug him and eat his tofu, saying that he needed to satisfy some of his cravings. What kind of appetite did he have! Was there ever a time where he was fully satisfied?!

“Wife… Anyway, you don’t have to go to work, you can study at home during the day, I will certainly not disturb you as I also have to go to work during the day! The lighting isn’t good at night. It’s better not to read books and review at night as it is not good for your eyes. Reading and reviewing in the dead of the night will just dampen the mood, us newlywed husbands should do something normal!” Ling Zhanyi wasn’t someone easy to deal with, how could he be fooled by that few words from Su Ziyang?

After Ziyang’s pregnancy, his welfare was already reduced. He had been holding back for nearly a year before he finally had the chance to eat some bits of tofu. He pinched his fingers and counted that he would have to wait for another two months before he could eat him entirely. This little thing actually wanted to study at night and avoid him? Not possible! If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have dared to overindulge himself on his first night with Su Ziyang and created two sons, which ended up reducing his “blissful” happiness to almost zero!

Ling Zhanyi was firm on solving this matter regarding his normal needs!

Su Ziyang almost couldn’t find any other excuses, so he didn’t bother to look for one anymore. He directly shelved the matter off. “Let’s talk about it when the time comes! Go and play with your son for a little while more. Once you go to work, your sons will surely miss you…”

Ling Zhanyi smiled happily. If Su Ziyang didn’t object to it, then this matter would likely turn out well. Sometimes, his wife was really too thin-skinned, but it didn’t matter, he understood him.

He hugged his arm around Su Ziyang and gave him a deep kiss. Then he accompanied his wife to play with his sons and whispered some sweet nothings along the way. The whole family was in a joyous mood and looked very warm and harmonious.

“Wife, have you taken your medicine for today?” Ling Zhanyi thought about how he had taken Su Ziyang to the hospital yesterday and asked.

Su Ziyang was stunned, and stammered, “I forgot… Tonight… I’ll take them tonight…”

“You ah, you actually forgot about it if I have not reminded you. I’ll call you tomorrow to remind you.” Ling Zhanyi exasperatedly poked Su Ziyang’s forehead in a doting manner.

Su Ziyang snuggled into his arms. “En, then remind me tomorrow!”

When Zhan Huashan pushed the door open and came in, she saw the couple hugging as they played with the babies. The scene was very harmonious and she smiled before closing the door lightly and leaving.

Well, at this moment, as the grandmother, she had no role to play. Let the children’s parents accompany them for a while!

After dinner, Ling Zhanyi personally urged Su Ziyang to take the medicine and then went to make the bed.

Su Ziyang who was still wrapped in a bathrobe rummaged in the room. After searching for a long time, he finally remembered that his books were in his apartment. He didn’t bring them along when he moved out.

Well, it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to study tonight.

In this nearly one year when he was pregnant, had given birth and was in recuperation, he hadn’t studied. In fact, he had even forgotten about this matter for quite a long while. He didn’t know whether studying for the next 40 to 50 days would even be effective or not. If he failed, he would have to retake the exam next year…

“Wife, what are you looking for?” When Ling Zhanyi was done laying the bed, he saw Su Ziyang looking decadent as he sat on the luggage and sighed with his hands propped up on his cheek.

“What is it that you haven’t found? It’s okay. If you really can’t find it, we can buy a new one. Come and tell husband, what were you looking for?” Ling Zhanyi got closer, hugged Su Ziyang from the back and rubbed against his cheek affectionately.

Su Ziyang quickly moved away from him. “Don’t make a fuss. I’m annoyed!”

“What’s bothering you?” Ling Zhanyi activated his shamelessness and continued to scoot over. He hugged Su Ziyang and didn’t let him go, “Are you worried about your examination? My wife is so amazing, how could he fail the examination? At the age of 24, he has already been appointed as the Chief Photographer of a large media company. The senior photography certificate is just a certificate. In fact, you are already on the same caliber as a senior photographer all this while! But it doesn’t matter if you fail, it must be those peoples’ fault for having defective eyes. If other companies wouldn’t want to employ you anymore, can’t I employ you? Have you forgotten? Your husband is the president of a big group!”

“What’s the use of you being the president? Intimate friends don’t need a photographer…” Su Ziyang murmured and leaned back on Ling Zhanyi’s chest.

“Who said so?! Don’t you know what our group does? Then I really have to give you a good lesson!” Ling Zhanyi dragged Su Ziyang to their bed. The air outside was too cold, it’s still much better to stay nestled in the bed and feel warmed.

Ling Zhanyi covered themselves with the quilt and hugged Su Ziyang before he began to explain the various fields his group was involved in. There was even a trace of pride in his tone. “Here, wife, listen carefully. There are many companies under Ling Group, and they are a media company, film and television company, cultural company, advertising company, game company, real estate management company, hotel and other businesses. There is a general manager appointed to take charge of several companies, and above the general manager would be a board member who is responsible for supervising several general managers. And above the board members, it would be the vice president, Gu Feng. Well, although he is a vice president, he is in fact, the top boss already… You see, there are media, film and television, advertising, and other businesses under our group, so we will definitely need photographers. So you don’t have to feel any pressure about the exam. It would be great if you could pass, but it also doesn’t matter if you don’t pass the exam. I, your husband, have a lot of money for you and our sons to spend. What’s more, your ability is clearly not low. Although it’s good to seek improvement, it is also necessary to be content with what you already have. The most important thing here is to keep a calm mentality!”

Listening to Ling Zhanyi’s words, Su Ziyang was no longer as anxious as before. He nestled in Ling Zhanyi’s arms and snorted. “Don’t say it as if it was all because of your labour. If you didn’t have your father to lay down the foundation, could you even be as successful as you are now?”

“Don’t wrong me okay? I entered the company all by my own ability. Although the foundation was laid down by my father, I was the one who expanded and consolidated our foothold. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, ‘it is easier to fight than to defend’? It is hard for me too!” Ling Zhanyi took the opportunity to claim his credit.

“Yes, yes, it’s not easy for you. I’ll reward you with a big kiss okay?” Su Ziyang kissed Ling Zhanyi’s cheek so hard that there was a smacking sound. Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang and kissed him fiercely for a long time before releasing him. He then moved his hand downwards, “Wife, hurry make a complete recovery. I really want to enter your body and make lots of love to you! I feel like I am gonna get sick from restraining myself!”

Su Ziyang stopped his hand by holding onto it. “Stop touching me! If you start getting turned on, are you going to solve it in the bathroom by taking a cold shower? When I am done with my exam, I will definitely give myself to you as your birthday gift and let you eat until you’re satisfied! Now, get your hands off me!”

Ling Zhanyi was precisely waiting for this sentence and he secretly smiled. He pretended to put up a front of being particularly aggrieved and then moved his hand up again. He hugged Su Ziyang and gave him a deep kiss.

Su Ziyang tilted his head and eventually managed to avoid his shower of kisses. He gasped as he asked, “If your group really is involved in so many fields, can you tell me the total of assets that our family owns?”

“Make a guess.” Ling Zhanyi bit Su Ziyang’s earlobe and said indistinctly.

“Well… You are dabbling in so many fields, you should have at least a few hundred thousand dollars?”

“Make a guess again.”

“Hmm… Hundreds of millions?”

Ling Zhanyi continued to shake his head.

Su Ziyang’s eyes lit up. “A few billions… A few hundred billion?!”

Ling Zhanyi vaguely said, “About there…”

“So much!” Su Ziyang excitedly turned over and pressed himself on Ling Zhanyi’s body. With both of his hands pressing against Ling Zhanyi’s chest, Su Ziyang’s eyes were bright and his expression looked especially adorable. In his shining eyes, there were two big words written on it– money-grubber!

Accompanied with this little money grubber’s expression were these words that were uttered, “Husband! Why don’t you pass me your payroll card in the future!”

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