I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 116 - Going back home to get the books

Chapter 116: Going back home to get the books


Ling Zhanyi almost burst out laughing. This little thing really did not forget his origin! From the very beginning, he was already aware of this little money grubber’s nature.

But he liked it and found it loveable no matter how he looked at it.

Ling Zhanyi held out his hand to hold Su Ziyang who had suddenly become energized and had sat on his waist. His heart was also feeling tempted and thought that it would be wonderful if Su Ziyang could take the initiative when they were engaged in intimate acts because he liked this posture…

“Your husband I don’t have a payroll card and my assets are basically classified as immovable property. The majority of my capitals are used to pay wages to the employees or invest in new fields to open up new opportunities…” A pair of big hands wantonly groped Su Ziyang’s waist as Ling Zhanyi intentionally answered in this way.

However, Su Ziyang didn’t believe his words. How could he not have a payroll card? All right, even if he doesn’t call it a payroll card, he must have possessed a bank card to store his copious assets. Su Ziyang’s hands were already pressed on Ling Zhanyi’s chest, so when he heard his words, he felt disdained but still deliberately used both of his thumbs and index fingers to pinch someone’s two red points playfully. He questioned, “Are you giving it to me to safe keep or not?”

“Hiss–” Ling Zhanyi wasn’t afraid of Su Ziyang teasing him like this, but the point was that if you started a fire, you had to be responsible for putting out the fire. Yet, this person only cared about starting the fire, but not putting it out, which made Big President Ling very gloomy and he could only rush to beg for mercy. “Give, give, give. Isn’t this just a matter of a single word? I’ll surely give it to you! I will never keep any secret stash of money!”

“Hmph, that’s more like it!” Su Ziyang contentedly patted Ling Zhanyi’s chest before turning over and rolling down. He pulled the quilt and lay comfortably. “Let’s sleep! Remember to give me the card tomorrow!”

“…” Ling Zhanyi wanted to cry but had no tears. As expected, he didn’t bother to stop the fire burning within him!

May time pass swiftly! He wished for Christmas Eve to arrive immediately! Then he would surely be able to eat at much as he wanted!

The next morning, Ling Zhanyi got up routinely. He kissed Su Ziyang and placed his card beside Su Ziyang’s computer before having his breakfast. He then headed off to work after seeing his sons.

After waking up, Su Ziyang washed up, ate breakfast, and accompanied his sons to play for a while before he returned to the room to use the computer. Seeing the card beside the computer, he happily took it and logged in to the online bank to check the amount inside. When he saw a large amount of money in it, he instantly felt contented.

Taking the exam was just a fleeting matter! With so much money on hand, he wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t have anything to eat in the future…

Having said that, it was still necessary to prepare for the exam.

Thus, after keeping the card properly, Su Ziyang took his apartment’s key. He explained to Zhan Huashan that he wanted to go home to retrieve several books and would head back afterwards.

“Oh, unfortunately, your Uncle Li has sent your dad to buy the latest children’s comic books. He said the books are limited edition, so if he doesn’t go earlier, the books would all be gone. If you aren’t rushing for time, you can ask Uncle Li to drive you after they come back from getting the comics?”

Su Ziyang was speechless. Weren’t this grandfather spoiling his grandchildren too much? It wasn’t even two months yet, but he was already thinking about comic books.

However, he could understand it, after all, it was certain that grandparents would dote on their grandchildren and it was a good thing, otherwise the two elderly would have nothing to do at home. Now they could either play with their grandchildren or buy some toys and books for them when they have nothing else to do, which was pretty fulfilling too.

“It’s fine, Mom. I know how to drive. It’s not far and wouldn’t take more than an hour to go back and forth. I can go by myself.”

After hearing this, Zhan Huashan took out a small bunch of keys from her set of keys and handed it to him. “Alright. If you’re tired, take a rest at your apartment first before you come back. Here are the keys. There are several cars in the garage. You can drive whatever car you like.”

“En, thank you, Mom.”

“Drive slowly on the road.” Zhan Huashan reminded.

“Okay.” Su Ziyang took the keys and bid goodbye to Zhan Huashan, “I’ll leaving, see you later, Mom.”

“Go ahead…”

Su Ziyang went to the garage and chose a slightly low-profile silver-grey car. He got in the car, tried it, and felt that it was okay. He slowly drove out of the garage, passed through the courtyard, left the house through the gate, and drove to his residence.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t gone back for almost half a year…

Su Ziyang drove very steadily. It had been a year since he had driven and he was slightly nervous to get back on the road, hence he was going very slowly.

He wondered how his little abode had been renovated…

Oh… The floor had been refitted on a grand scale, but he didn’t go back to live in his house in the end. It’s not good to leave the apartment vacant all the time either. Should he continue to rent it to Luoyang? Er, forget it. Luoyang was being supported by someone now. Even if Luoyang agreed, Little Fellow Ye Shuo would not agree to let Luoyang move out.

What about renting it to someone else? But what if he wanted to come back to stay for a few nights with Ling Zhanyi on a whim?

Although it had been so comfortable to live in Bastard Ling’s house now that he had even never thought of coming back…

In the beginning, when Bastard Ling sweet-talked him into moving into the villa, he never thought that now he really lived with him and didn’t want to come back. At that time, he even said with righteous indignation that he would definitely come back… Hehe…. Fortunately, Bastard Ling didn’t remember about it, Otherwise, he would use this to make fun of himself…

Su Ziyang eventually turned a corner and arrived at the gate of his own neighbourhood. The security guard still remembered him and warmly exchanged greetings with him after looking at his face properly, “Young man, you haven’t appeared for a while. Where have you been?”

“Married and living in another place!” Su Ziyang replied briefly. When the crossbar had been raised, Su Ziyang waved his hand to say goodbye to the guard. He drove the car inside and stopped below his apartment.

As he was accustomed to the spacious villa, he was not very used to this narrow neighbourhood now that he was back here, nonetheless, he still felt a sense of familiarity.

After getting out of the car, closing the door, and locking it, Su Ziyang went up the flight of steps with the car key in his hands. He walked into the corridor towards the elevator and waited for the elevator of pressing the button.

The elevator arrived very quickly and reached the seventh floor where he lived very fast. Su Ziyang got out of the elevator and came to the door of his apartment. He took out his key to unlock the door and took a deep breath before he pushed open the door. He slowly breathed out; he really felt like a lifetime had passed since then!

The house wasn’t messy at all. This was truly the work of a famous renovation company; it was so clean and tidy.

Su Ziyang put on his shoes and socks properly before he stepped in. He closed the door and went straight to the master bedroom. The furnishings in the room remained unchanged. At this moment, it was 11 a.m. At this time of the season, the sunlight was just right, and it shone through the large french windows, making the atmosphere particularly warm.

The warmth of his house was different from the warmth felt in the Bastard Ling’s house. It was more down to earth here. Su Ziyang sat on the bed and leaned backwards. He rolled around twice and looked satisfied–comfortable!

When would he be able to come back to stay for a few days? It would be impossible before the new year. After all, the two babies were still young, likewise, he was also reluctant to leave the two babies in the villa for the elderly to take care of. They would definitely miss their sons if they come here.

He wondered if they could stay here for a few days next spring? However, he wasn’t sure if Bastard Ling would agree to it?

But who cared if Ling Zhanyi agreed or not, would he still dare not to obey if he decided to? Su Ziyang raised his head with pride and snorted. He immediately felt happy and turned over from the bed to look for the pile of books he had bought when he signed up for the class.

After rummaging through for a long time, he found that those books had been placed inside a box and left under the bed. Fortunately, there was a box covering it, otherwise, there would certainly be dust on them.

Su Ziyang kneeled on the floor and dragged the box out. Even if he didn’t want to say it, there were at least seven to eight books that were an almost an inch thick. He had plenty to work on for the next two months!

Just after he had placed the books and papers on the bed, his phone rang. He had specially set a ringtone for Ling Zhanyi’s calls and the corners of his mouth perked up when he heard the ringtone. After connecting the call, he sat on the bed and crossed his legs, saying with pride, “Missed me, Big President Ling?”

On the other side of the call, Ling Zhanyi leaned on the back of the chair and turned around. Facing the enormous glass window and looking at the bright sunshine outside, he softly said, “That’s right. What are you doing? Wife?”

“Me? I’m taking some books home…” Su Ziyang browsed through the book in his hand. There were two books with similar content as the other books, so he filtered them out and put them back. He decided to only take five books back. Anyway, the books were rather heavy, if he didn’t get to use them, then why should he bring them back…

“What do you mean by taking books?” Ling Zhanyi curiously asked.

“It’s the books I have to study for the exam…”

“Where did you go?” Ling Zhanyi straightened up, “Why didn’t you wait for the weekend and let me accompany you? Who went with you? Who went with you? Uncle Li? “

Su Ziyang lifted his head triumphantly. “No one accompanied me. I know how to drive and came here by myself. Mother has passed me a set of keys and I drove the silver-grey Mercedes out. Today is only Tuesday, I will have to wait for a few more days before the weekend arrives and this will waste several days of learning opportunities. The probability of me passing the exam will be much lesser, which means that I will spend a lot less time with you on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Will you be happy? If you are, I won’t take the book and will go home straight away.”

Ling Zhanyi was speechless and felt defeated by this small thing. He could only heave a sigh instead. “Then don’t rush when you head back home, and, have you taken your medicine this morning?”

“Er… I forgot about it again… ” Su Ziyang scratched his head and stuck his tongue out although Ling Zhanyi couldn’t see his actions.


“You didn’t remind me this morning…” Su Ziyang confidently refuted.

Look, it even became his fault.

“Alright, I’ll call you later. Take your books first and get the more important ones. I’ll accompany you to the bookstore to select better reference books at the weekend. I’ll call you after lunch to remind you to take your medicine. Is this fine?” Ling Zhanyi compromised.

“En, I’ll wait for your call. I’m hanging up…”

“Hold on!” Ling Zhanyi’s tone became gentle and he pleaded, “Wife, give me a kiss.”

Su Ziyang clicked his tongue but still succumbed to this guy’s bitter plea. Facing the phone, he kissed it, “Mua!~” before hanging up the call.

Ling Zhanyi happily held his phone with a contented smile plastered on his face.

Su Ziyang also smiled and uttered “Bastard Ling” at the phone…

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